Kreole (seychelles) Language

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
pet ou liki beat the hell out you (48%)      (52%)
Langet ou Manman Mother fucker (67%)      (33%)
aret donn grenn cut the bullshit!!! (96%)      (4%)
bous ou fes shut the fuck up (68%)      (32%)
bous ou trou frwe fuck your mother (5%)      (95%)
kaka shit (89%)      (11%)
kaple dan fes fuck in the ass (67%)      (33%)
kouyon dumbass (94%)      (6%)
langet ou maman fuck ur mom (26%)      (74%)
liki fuck (30%)      (70%)
liki ou maman (pronounced liki u mama) your mother's pussy (89%)      (11%)
pilon (pronounced "pilo" with a nasal effect at the end) homosexual (gay) (78%)      (22%)
ti kwiyer ou manmanm fuck your mother (29%)      (71%)
tolo whore (75%)      (25%)

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