Spanish(spain) Language

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Bastardo de mierda Bastard of shit (54%)      (46%)
Chocho Peludo Hairy Pussy (26%)      (74%)
Eres una puta You are a bitch/whore (92%)      (8%)
Hijo de la gran Puta Son of the big Bitch (89%)      (11%)
Me cago en tu Puta Madre I Shit on your Bitch Mother (94%)      (6%)
Me cago en tus Muertos I Shit on your died Members (87%)      (13%)
Me cago en tus muelas I shit in your teeth (83%)      (17%)
Me la trae floja I don't give a damn (57%)      (43%)
Que te den por culo Get your ass fucked (50%)      (50%)
Que te den por culo! Go get your ass fucked! (85%)      (15%)
Que te follen Get fucked (67%)      (33%)
Que te jodan Get fucked (67%)      (33%)
Qu coo te pasa What the fuck is wrong with you (80%)      (20%)
Rajoy Corrupt (76%)      (24%)
capullo (kapuyo) asshole (80%)      (20%)
cmeme el cipote, cabrn eat my dick, fucker (64%)      (36%)

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