Paripi4 Language

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
4okai si vrata Fuck your brother (0%)      (0%)
6to si bobar? Why are you so baaad? (0%)      (0%)
Bobar si You suck (0%)      (0%)
Dah6 ma You are so bad (0%)      (0%)
Ebola be gruk mu Ebola for you (0%)      (0%)
Kor Penis (0%)      (0%)
Madga Vagina (0%)      (0%)
Nema6 apri You have no money (0%)      (0%)
da mi go jlqmburka6 suck my dick (0%)      (0%)
eva fuck (0%)      (0%)
gere4 sperma (0%)      (0%)

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