Irish gaelic Language

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Brísfaídh mé do magairlí I will break your balls (51%)      (49%)
Chomh tiubh le balla bríce! Stupid (Thick as a brick wall) (61%)      (39%)
Damnú aír! Shit! (81%)      (19%)
Dun do Bheal shut your mouth (66%)      (34%)
Díul mó bhad Suck my dick (52%)      (48%)
Focáil leat Fuck off (67%)      (33%)
Go h-ifreann leat (singular; to more than one person: Go h-ifreann libh) Go to hell (78%)      (22%)
Go hIfreann leat! Go to hell! (75%)      (25%)
Ifreann na Fola bloody hell (68%)      (33%)
Madra Dog (73%)      (27%)
Phis Pussy (69%)      (31%)
Póg Mo Thón Kiss my Ass (Pronounced Pog Ma hone (65%)      (35%)
Póg mo thóin. Kiss my ass. (73%)      (27%)
Soith Bitch (75%)      (25%)
Tá tú glan as do mheabhair You're crazy! (53%)      (47%)
Téigh trasna ort féin Go fuck yourself (43%)      (57%)
amadán idiot (71%)      (29%)
cnapán asal you lump of a donkey (45%)      (55%)
gligín idiot (female/little girl) (31%)      (69%)
ith cac eat shit (71%)      (29%)
mac soith son of a bitch (61%)      (39%)
pog ma hole kiss my arse (27%)      (73%)
óinseach idiot (female) (75%)      (25%)

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