Philipino Language

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Anak ng pi Stupid. (17%)      (83%)
Anak ng puta Son of a bitch. (91%)      (9%)
Gago (male)/ gaga (female) Moron/ stupid (71%)      (29%)
Hayop ka! you are an animal! (78%)      (22%)
Hoon dat mob Fuck you (11%)      (89%)
Puke ng ina mo Pussy of your mother (67%)      (33%)
Puke ng nanay mo Pussy of your mother (40%)      (60%)
Putang Ina mo Son of a bitch (equivalent) (88%)      (13%)
bakla ka/ bading you're a gay/ homosexual (67%)      (33%)
hudas! / hudas ka! traitor!/ you're a traitor! (100%)      (0%)
peh peh vagina (100%)      (0%)
tee tee dick (57%)      (43%)

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