Argentinian Language

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Andá a hacerte coger Go get fucked (76%)      (24%)
Chupame la mierda Suck my shit (14%)      (86%)
Chupame un huevo Suck one of my eggs (86%)      (14%)
Chupámela Suck it (88%)      (12%)
Culeao Fucked (from behind) (40%)      (60%)
Hijo de remil puta Son of thousands of whores (69%)      (31%)
La concha de la lora! A parrot's pussy (82%)      (18%)
La concha de tu hermana your sister's pussy (93%)      (7%)
La re concha de tu madre Your (very) mother's cunt (94%)      (6%)
Tragaleche Cum Swallower (81%)      (19%)
estupido de mierda! idiot of shit!! (43%)      (57%)
suge mangile spunking all over there boobs (6%)      (94%)

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