Sotho Language

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Likoena Lesotho Prostitute (69%)      (31%)
Maret' ahau your balls (43%)      (57%)
Marete Balls (67%)      (33%)
Masende kababa wako Your fathers balls (48%)      (52%)
Masipa Shit (79%)      (21%)
Mmaho ke sefebe!! your mother is a bitch (60%)      (40%)
Nngwana mmao ya nkga. Your mama's vigina stinks (100%)      (0%)
Nnywana ya mmao Your mother's cunt (86%)      (14%)
Nyam Maw Your mothers Cunt (64%)      (36%)
Nyoana mmao your mothers cunt (67%)      (33%)
e goga e marhete Pulling your balls (64%)      (36%)
oe patla patla screwing (71%)      (29%)

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