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Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Babbay choos ne hai I want to suck your milk (43%)      (57%)
Behanchood Sister Fucker (76%)      (24%)
Dalla Pimp (70%)      (30%)
Gaand tere maran I'll fuck your ass (60%)      (40%)
Kuss Marani Ka One Who gets his ass fucked (63%)      (37%)
Kuti Bitch/Dog (68%)      (32%)
Maa ka lora Mother Dick (71%)      (29%)
Maa ki Chut Mother Pussy (65%)      (35%)
Maa nu kuss mar Hit your mom with dick (67%)      (33%)
Tatti kaa Eat shut (47%)      (53%)
Their Lei Ma Ge Puddi Fuck your mom (57%)      (43%)
luli Chupse Suck my dick (62%)      (38%)
maayawnda suck your family (50%)      (50%)
puddy pussy (77%)      (23%)
tutti (tattie) shit (68%)      (32%)
udinia suck your mother (35%)      (65%)

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