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A collection of Papiamentu profanity submitted by you!
Please think about voting for the accuracy of Papiamentu swear words below or even add a Papiamentu cuss or Papiamentu slang phrase.

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Bai den conjo di bo mama Go inside the cunt of your mother (52%)      (48%)
Bo ta papia kens. You're talking shit. (10%)      (90%)
Chupa mi dolo Suck my dick (91%)      (9%)
Konjo bo mama Get back in your moms cunt (35%)      (65%)
Koño Pussy / Cunt (30%)      (70%)
dolo cock/dick (84%)      (16%)
lolo idiot (67%)      (33%)
marico gay (51%)      (49%)
pendew dumb ass (61%)      (39%)
pindew whimp (36%)      (64%)
sanka ass (74%)      (26%)

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