Romulan Language

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Amton’wi-kha nvaihr promiscuous woman (83%)      (17%)
Faelirh ch'susse-thrai S.O.B (67%)      (33%)
dha'rudh Idiot, moron. A severe insult. (60%)      (40%)
faelirh ih'wort nnea mogain bastard son of a mogai (67%)      (33%)
fvadt Damn (interjection) (95%)      (5%)
fvai worm (92%)      (8%)
hnaev offal, crap (94%)      (6%)
khoi-udt Drop dead (100%)      (0%)
ryak'na garbage, trash (67%)      (33%)
urru Areinnye Go to hell (50%)      (50%)
wort bastard (not literal) (67%)      (33%)

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