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Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
1337 awesome (58%)      (42%)
1v1 IRL Brah Fight me in real life, Brah. (92%)      (8%)
Epic awesome (80%)      (20%)
GG Good Game (85%)      (15%)
GL HF Good Luck Have Fun (75%)      (25%)
L2P learn to play (100%)      (0%)
Nerd Rage Bitch fit (38%)      (63%)
PWNED Raped (56%)      (44%)
Rekt You got your ass beat..hard (86%)      (14%)
UB3R 1337 Super Leet (67%)      (33%)
Your mom could only afford to buy you a core 2 duo You poor fuckin bastard (88%)      (13%)

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