League of legends Language

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Bank Noob fool asshole (21%)      (79%)
Doombots Fucking irritating Bots (30%)      (70%)
Fiora, Master Yi, Noob Unskilled bitch motherfucker. (77%)      (23%)
Fucking noob jungler I'm a bronze player. (87%)      (13%)
Master Yi Super Noob Champion (76%)      (24%)
Push the tower Take raptors (83%)      (17%)
Report [Insert Summoner Name] He/She is being a nuisance to you (78%)      (22%)
Shitty Team! Im a shit player (88%)      (12%)
Tryndamere Master Yi on Drugs (88%)      (13%)
huam bitch (29%)      (71%)
teemo small fucking annoying cunt (91%)      (9%)

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