Pohnpeian Language

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
kang yea eat me (50%)      (50%)
hoolo mat stingky dick (23%)      (77%)
ka-ra-ran busting a nut (40%)      (60%)
neah tikitik skinny legs (33%)      (67%)
pasa key num fuck your motha (40%)      (60%)
pasu mat stingky vagina (57%)      (43%)
pese key reom ol fuck yo brotha (71%)      (29%)
pien nomw your mothers vagina (75%)      (25%)
pwisikihnomw (pwi see ki nohm) fuck you (55%)      (45%)
solenge mat stinky ear (32%)      (68%)
who sole mangaingai rough nuts (50%)      (50%)

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