Tedim Language

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Hem ham! You ugly dog[man]! (100%)      (0%)
Kalapa! You fucking Indian! [male] (100%)      (0%)
Lemlam!! What the fuck!! [used by women] (100%)      (0%)
Mang hai! Stupid English! (100%)      (0%)
Mat khai! Idiot! Moron! (100%)      (0%)
Mi songbong! Never do well! You useless cunt! (100%)      (0%)
Namsia cei! You are so smelly! (0%)      (0%)
Tawn zang duh maw? wanna suck my long dick!? (100%)      (0%)
meng mang you dump!! (100%)      (0%)
vok su! pig's vulva (100%)      (0%)

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