Iraqi Language

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Adabsez a really baad person (76%)      (24%)
Awlad il kara Sons of shit (83%)      (17%)
Balboul Dick/Penis (55%)      (45%)
Barboog Bitch (64%)      (36%)
Gahba (Gah ba) Prostitue (50%)      (50%)
Kelb a swag dog with swagg (18%)      (82%)
Kus Omak your mom's pussy (89%)      (11%)
ayre b tezik dick in your ass (77%)      (23%)
bala'aa al eyre dick sucker (50%)      (50%)
haker Despicable (47%)      (53%)
hmar donkey (80%)      (20%)
ibn gahba son of a bitch (82%)      (18%)
ibnl kondara son of a shoe (85%)      (15%)
mosss ereee suck my dick (72%)      (28%)
okul khara ya ibn el kalb eat shit son of a bitch (90%)      (10%)

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