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Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
مادر جنده mother fucker (75%)      (25%)
gaiedamet fuck you (100%)      (0%)
gou bokhor eat shit (100%)      (0%)
harom zade son of a bitch (100%)      (0%)
Haroom zaadeh Son of the bitch (100%)      (0%)
Kir mano bekhor Suck my dick (100%)      (0%)
kir to kos nanat fuck your mom (100%)      (0%)
Kose naneh Mother fucker (100%)      (0%)
nanato sag gaiid dog fuck your mother (100%)      (0%)
sikaram ARVAD OOSHAGHIVE I will fuck your mother and son (0%)      (100%)
tokhmam dahanet suck my balls (100%)      (0%)