Belgian-dutch Language

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
K'geef u koek oep uw bakkes! I'll smash your face! (38%)      (63%)
Kust na m'n kloten! Kiss my balls! (31%)      (69%)
Truttemie stupid woman (38%)      (63%)
bospoeper bushfucker (71%)      (29%)
foef vagina (83%)      (17%)
fret mijne kak oep! eat my shit! (50%)      (50%)
houd uwe muil! shut your mouth! (83%)      (17%)
kleine petotter little kid (43%)      (57%)
loemperik dumbass (91%)      (9%)
masjoeffel vagina (22%)      (78%)
muil toe! shut up! (60%)      (40%)
preut vagina (67%)      (33%)
uw moeder! your mom! (69%)      (31%)

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