Francais (Quebec) Language

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Criss de fif Damn homo (91%)      (9%)
Enfant de chienne Son of a Bitch (81%)      (19%)
Mange ma bitte Suck my Dick (35%)      (65%)
Sacrament Damn (89%)      (11%)
Tabernac Sacriligious word "tabernacle" (72%)      (28%)
câlisse (cow-liss) Damn! (71%)      (29%)
osti d'kalisse de pourris rotten peice of fucking shit (56%)      (44%)
osti de tapette fucking gay (75%)      (25%)
pute a cinq cennes 5 cent whore (74%)      (26%)
tabarnak damn (63%)      (37%)

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