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Mexican-spanish Language

A collection of Mexican-spanish profanity submitted by you!
Please think about voting for the accuracy of Mexican-spanish swear words below or even add a Mexican-spanish cuss or Mexican-spanish slang phrase.

Phrase Meaning Is This Accurate?
Chupamelos suck my balls (58%)      (42%)
Lambe Huevos nut sucker (21%)      (79%)
Mama vergas cocksucker (75%)      (25%)
No me cages los huevos Don't shit on my nuts (47%)      (53%)
Pendejo (a) asshole (68%)      (32%)
bendehol (ben dea hole) dumb ass (7%)      (93%)
chinga tu madre, pendejo!!! fuck your mother, asshole!! (81%)      (19%)
culero ass fucker (62%)      (38%)
eres una zorra!! you are a slut! (63%)      (37%)
hijo/a de tu puta madre!! son/daughter of a bitch (51%)      (49%)
metemelo put it in! (48%)      (52%)

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