How to say Fuck off! in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
Aussie slang G'day! Fuck off!
Aussie slang Take a day off! Fuck off!
Aussie slang Up Yours! Fuck off!
Aussie slang Go get ya guts fucked! Fuck off!
Aussie slang Get a big black dog up ya! Fuck off!
Australian Fuck off! go away/ you're kidding/ wow!
Austrian Geh in Oarsch! Fuck off! (lit. enter ass)
Austrian Geh scheissn! Fuck off! (lit. go take a dump)
Canarian sarpica! get the fuck off!!
Canarian tira milla get the fuck off!!
Cantonese Sei hoi! Fuck off!
Chilean Andate a la Chucha!! Fuck off!
Chilean andate a las rechucha! fuck off! (x2)
Croatian Odjebi! Fuck off!
Danish Skrid med dig! Fuck off!
Dutch (holland/belgium) Rot op! Fuck off!
Fag-tok a Bezhal ! Go to Hell! Fuck off!
Finnish Painu vittuun! Fuck off!
French Putain de merde! Fuck off! / Ah Fuck!
German Varpiss dich! Fuck off!
Italian vaffan culo! fuck off!
Japanese zakennayo! fuck off!
Japanese fuzakeruna (ふざけるな) fuck off!
Korean Kuh-juh Piss off!/Fuck off!
Latin efutue Fuck off! (literally fuck away)
Lithuanian atsipisk! fuck off!
Mandarin Gun Kai (goon kai) Fuck off! (lit roll open)
Moroccan Kahwoud! Fuck off!
Northern irish Lick the sweat! Fuck off!
Northern irish bite my balls fuck off!
Northern italy V a d via el cu! fuck off!
Peruvian ¡Ándate a la mierda! Fuck off! (Go away)
Portuguese Vai pa puta! Fuck off! (Lit.: Go to the whore)
Pushto Kona Ka Dzha Fuck off!!
Russian Poshol Na Hui Fuck off! (Go to the dick!)
Samoan ufa alu fuck off!
Samoan kefe alu ese! (kefe ese) fuck off!
Spanish - all Pudrete Fuck off!!
Thai suud FUCK OFF!!!
United kingdom Bugger off! Leave! or Fuck Off!