How to say Fuck you! in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
Afrikaans Fok jou! Fuck you!
Arabic palestine Rouh Entak Fuck you!
Caddle Faduk yuu! (fah-dook yu) Fuck you!
Call of duty FUCK YOU! Hello
Cantonese ding nei gaw fye fuck you!
Chinese wo cao Fuck! or Fuck you!
Chinese wo kao Fuck! or Fuck you!
Chinese wo ri Fuck! or Fuck you!
Danish Knep dig selv! Fuck you!
Disney princess mirror mirror on the wall fuck you! im the fucking hore
Finnish Haista vittu! Fuck you! (Lit. Smell cunt!)
Finnish Haista paska! Fuck you! (lit. smell shit!)
French Je t'encule! Fuck you!
German Du kannst mich mal! Fuck you! (lit. You can do me.)
German fick dich! fuck you!
German Ich will dich ficken!!!! I want to fuck you!!!!
Guaraní Terehó na ejapiró túnare. Fuck you!
Hawaiian mai'a! fuck you!
Ilonggo (hiligaynon) Iyota mo da! Fuck you!
Irish Rafter Fuck you!
Japanese Kutabare Fuck you! Shove it! Go
Javanese Jancok kon! (for males) Fuck you!
Kampampangan (pampanga) Animal ka! Fuck you!
Kapampangan (pampanga) Buyset ka! Fuck you!
Korean Ci Bal Nom Fuck You!
Lithuanian eik nachui! fuck you!
Macedonian Ebi se! Fuck you!
Mandarin Cao Ni Fuck you!
Moldavian Du-te nahui! Fuck you!
Moldavian Du-te-n pulă! Fuck you!
Papiamento (aruba/ curacao/ bonaire) Bai den koño Fuck you!!
Portuguese Vai se fuder! Fuck you!
Portuguese (brazil) Vai se foder! Fuck you!
Russian Ee-dee nah hooy Fuck you!
Samoan Ufa Fuck You!!
Serbian Bog te jebo! May God fuck you!
Serbian Yebie se! Fuck You!
Serbian romani (gipsy) Jando kar Fuck you!
Spanish chingate! fuck you!
Spanish (spain) Que te den! Fuck you!
Spanish (spain) Que te jodan! Fuck you!
Tagalog hindot ka! fuck you!
Tahitian Titoi! Fuck you!
Texting FU Fuck you!

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