English Swear Words

Ai sat (directed at a man) Arrogant, Gum-chewing fat cunt As much use as a chocolate teapot Bent Richard Big Richard Blow my Richard Bok Naai Breeder Butt pirate Carpet muncher Choking your chicken Cock eyed Cunt. Cock muncher Cocklump Colder than a witches titty in a brass bra Creampie Cretinous cunting fuckhead Cum Cum Dumpster Cum on your face Cuntface Derby County Fan Dick juggling thunder cunt Dickhead Dirty Wanker Don't be a Richard Doublelift Dumbcunt Dutch bus Dute-n sloboz Dutty bus Eat Richard Eat a Richard Ee sat (directed at a woman) Fairy Finger Yourself Froggy cunt Fuck it Fuck me in the ass you motherfucking pussy. Suck my dick asshole. Fuck off Fuck! Fuckwit Fudge packer Gaan skommel jou hond Grab my Richard HTF? Hairy armed Froggy cunt Hard Richard He is a Richard He likes Richard He loves Richard He's a Richard Hell I need Richard I want Richard I want to fuck you all day Incest Jack Off Jij vuile garnaal Jizz Jizz pigeon Ko ti drma kavez? Let your ding dong dangle deep down in my dookie dugout Lettuce Licker Lick my Richard Long Richard Magasika Mimbo Mohan lal Multa muie My Richard is big My Richard is hard My Richard is small Na gudda lo modda pettu Na modda chapparinchu Ne godha balishindi Ne godha lo kovu othu Nmadid No shit sherlock Oh, fuck cunt. One-eyed yoghurt lobber Pandi Okka Pandi unn kunji la addi Pillow Bighter Poopuncher Pull a Richard Purple-headed womb ferret Raging Cunt Reach Around Richard cranium Richard face Richard fucker Richard head Richard in a box Richard juice Richard sucker Rm Job Rug Eater Rump ranger S.W.A.G Sandler Shag She is a Richard She's a Richard Shirt Lifter Shit faced Shit flick Shitfaced Shove a stick up your ass Shut your cunt! Sit on my Richard Small Richard Spank the Monkey Stinkhoer Suck my Richard Takes a walk down chocolate boulevard Tate Gehipur Teabagger Tetek Thada make a Pekingese break a log n' chain! The bullshit cluber Tos (Pronounced : Toss) Tramp Up Hill Gardener Up ya Ronson! Veiny Bang stick WTF-What the fuck WTF??? Wack Off Wank Wanker When are we going to fuck? Willie the one Eyed PurpleHeaded Monster Ya Me'Onen You Richard You aren't even dank You knobcheese (pronounced nob cheese) You look like a Richard You wonkerfuckerprickhead Zho bayek a-hole arse bandit arvind kejriwal ask me bollix balls slapping against her chin beating the meat bish ka don blow me booger sugar bopping the bologna bouncing bozos bovine feces bumfucka butt pirate chimney sweeper chutney ferret cockeye coral stomper crotte cum dumpster cuntlapper cus dildo munching gutter slut dipshit dirty whore douchebag dumb cunt dumf dumpster cunt faggot feck flamer foah frocio fruitcake fuck me gently with a chainsaw fuck you fuck your asshole fuck your mom's asshole fucktwat fuckwit fudgenuts gobble the helmet spit grup seks henwa de cockna hoer (pronounce: hoor -> "oo" as in "door" ) hooyadda wahaa waye hayewaan huj zesrany i want you to fuck me hard i will shag yo ass iri memeli, iri goguslu jaggi je encule ta mere jebem ti mater jebi me jebi to kaka liqui khareto gayidam kinikeron kir baba kit fit knob gobbler koal khara ( kh as J in Spanish ) kunja kurijode kusa lint licker mamas grande manwhore mentak meth skank mor di gow muff muff diver na modda meda kurcho nakku podu nob rot nosh me off nuts orgazm orospu palming the pearl pare to peos mou peach fish pearl necklace penis breath piizda pipele pissprat playing hide the bologna poesnaaier poesprop poesteef puku vachindhi punk pusi mi kurac pussy pust raging Johnson rahul gandhi randi ko chak rusty bullethole sa pud sanger schmups / schmupies scribble face seks senti shaatdapne shahveer shattya / zattya shit shitfar sik sikimi yala sikis sikmek skank slag sloshing the bedpost sluttenous harlet snapping the carrot sonia gandhi spiceny spin one off her chin srivastava suck my dick sumbitch sweater puppies tarey ami ney puddy telhas tizi teri behan ki bur mein aandhi teringteef thagari titties toki dudha total tool turd burgular turtle scuttler vedi puku victoria vijay mallya vymrdany wankbox wanker ya blasted bugga you fucking pisstaker you wanna party you weedle your heads lit zubb/zibbi

English Translations

Lesbian Guy masturbating. Stupid Ugly Person Sucking cocks Someone of no use or ornament. its freezing Ejaculate into a vagina A very bad person Semen Say it to the slut of the group . Ejaculate on your face An unattractive person perpetual loser Nasty Masturbator Don't be a dick Trash An idiot Dirty like a bus Go into sperm Dirty like a bus Eat dick Eat a dick Fucking animal A homosexual male Masturbate French (man) Sod it. Forget it. Stuff it. Go away (vulgar) Fuck! A fucking idiot Homosexual (male) Go masturbate your dog Grab my dick HOW THE FUCK? French (woman) Hard dick He is a dick He likes dick; homosexual He loves dick; homosexual He's a dick Heck I need dick I want dick Redneck intercourse Masturbate Kiss Semen Idiot fuck me in the ass Lesbian Lick my dick Long dick big vagina Man-Bimbo Fat man My dick is big My dick is hard My dick is small fuck my back suck my dick your buttocks have fattened candle in your asshole Damn This is self evident Totally useless Penis Tamil fucker Tamilan who fuck his mother Homesexual Male gay guy Pull a dick Penis Someone who is rude Masturbate from behind Dick head Dick face Dick fucker Dick head Dick in a box dick juice; cum; jizz cock sucker Lick ones asshole Homosexual Female Another name for a gay persom "Single White And Gay" shabby person To have sexual intercourse She is a dick She's a dick Homesexual Male Completely drunk aka any chick flick movie Getting drunk Stop talking immediately! Sit on my dick Small dick To masturbate Stank whore Suck my dick Homesexual Male fucking village Ball Licker Boobs/Tits Thats a hot bitch! You are bullshit Wank off Whore Homosexual Male Bugger off! Penis I donno WHAT THE FUCK??? Masturbate Masturbate Jack off Penis you wanker ! You dick You kinda suck at life You are the cheese on someones cock You look like a dick You dirty prickwonker Fuck a lady ass hole a homosexual son of a prostitute please ask my testacles hard oral sex male masturbation big old dick fuck off cocaine male masturbation big shaking breasts bull shit a homosexual man homosexual male a gay man that ass fucks a homosexual man a person much disliked pacific islander turd whore one who performs fellatio bitch its an insult to a cursing battle idiot, moron, douchebag slut, promiscuous woman bitch idiot dumb fuck slutty unclean woman..... homosexual male you're a cunt, fuck off super gay man ball faggot homosexual male exclamation of surprise fuck you fuck you fuck you Douchebag egotistical moron an obnoxoius person i messed up eats ejaculation group sex, gang bang you are a cock face whore your mum is an animal Dick Head english big tits rape with eyes i bummed your mum i fuck your mother fuck me fuck that ass shit I fucked your sister eseyin siki you father is a dickhead ass face cocksucker eat shit , as shut up bitch daughter fucker pussy heiry pussy licker Big tits promiscuous guy; man slut fucked in the ass (for boys ) a slutty girl who does meth mother is a whore vagina lesbian sit on my dick lick my pussy sexually transmitted disease blow job testicles orgasm prostitute, whore, harlot. female masturbation grab my dick a smelly pussy. to ejaculate on a womans breast cocksucker cunt dick bullshit having sex cunt fucker tampon cunt bitch swelling cunt a person lacking in good judgement suck my dick wimp scoundrel an extreme erection; hard-on sister's pussy whore's ass a redheads anus Pussy sauage breasts gang member with facial tattoos sex cunt father of pubic hair son of a loose dick pubical hair feces wow; i'll be damned fuck lick my cock screwing, fucking to screw, to fuck whore bitch female masturbation whore male masturbation daughterof a whore fucking (adjective) ejaculate in a girls face bastard spanish son of a bitch breasts your mums vagina lick my ass tornedo in sisters pussy tuberculosis bitch lesbian boobs girls breast absolutely 100% stupid homosexual male dirty bitch hot cunt rough pussy dumbfuck fucking (adjective) mastubater jerkoff you damned idiot your annoying YOU wanna fuck you weak piece of shit!!! you have lost your mind dick