How to say Crap in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
Afrikaans Gaan kak in die kaap Go crap in the cape
American English crap Manure / feces
American English Don't give a crap I don't care / I could care less
Azerbaijani pox yeme Stop crapping
British poxy crappy, bad quality
Ewok beecha wawa wow, holy crap, damn, oh shit
Farscape Dren Crap
Firefly jung chi duh go-se dway steaming crap pile
Firefly Tzao gao Crap
Firefly gos se Crap
Firefly tsway-niou bullcrap
French (ca fait)chier! (its)crap
German Scheiße shit/crap
Ghost Mmmmm uuuuu~ Crap your pants, human!
Greek skatá crap / shit
Hawaiian ahu ka 'ala'ala (you're) full of crap
Hungarian másnapos kurva crapulent whore
Japanese chinkasu dick crap (refers to smegma)
Japanese Shimatta Oh crap! (Or: Oh Damn!)
Kazakh Auzinga tyshaying I crap into your mouth
Mine craft What is this Minecrap? A ugly building in Minecraft.
Pig latin Rapcay Crap
Polish gówno shit , crap
Quebecois Va chier Go take a crap
Romulan hnaev offal, crap
Scottish cludgie shitter, crapper, toilet
Sims 3 cralp crap
Sophian selandir salamei! eat my ass's crap in a burrito!
Welsh Malu cachu Mincing shit = talking crap
Zulu masimba crap

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