How to say Fart in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
American English queef pussy fart
Arabic Wald Dhroot (used in oman) Son of a fart
Arabic egyptian Ommak Fasya Your mom farted
Arabic syrian drat fart
Arabic syrian darat farter
Asturian Farton Fat ass who can't stop eating
Australian Tongue punch me fart box. Fuck my arsehole with your tongue
Australian You can suck a fart out my arse. Your request is denied.
Austrian Futschas a fart from the cunt
Azeri Osturmag To fart
Azeri agzuva osturum fart in you moth
Bavarian Schas Fart
Cantonese lau fom pei you old fart
Creole (Mauritian) trou du pete fart hole
Creole (Mauritian) Peter Fart
Creole (mauritian) Lavra fart+hole
Cypriot Villo portia Dick fart
Czech prt! fart!
Estonian sittur someone who farts/shits alot
Farsi Goozoo Fart head
Georgian Gaakwe Fart
Gilaki ker gooz Dick Fart (Stubborn, thug)
Greek Na mou klaseis ta'rxidia May you fart on my balls
Gujarati poom poom big fart
Gujarati pim pim little fart
Hebrew nod fart
Hebrew Fal-tzan fart (fartist)
Icelandic "Prump, Fret" Fart
Icelandic sonur prumps son of a fart
Italian vai a farti fottere go fuck yourself
Italian Vai a farti fottere, puttana! Go fuck yourself, whore!
Kazakh Ausinga osyraiyin fart into your mouth
Konkani paadu fart
Korean bonggu fart
Kyrgyz Osurak Farter
Latvian bezdt to fart with no sound
Latvian pirst to fart
Lebanese foss gas fart
Lithuanian Bezdalu maishas Fart bag
Lithuanian Pirdalius Farter
Lithuanian Bezdalius Farter
Malayalam kushukk fart
Malayalam vali fart
Malayalam kuch fart
Marathi tuzi aai padli tuzya tondat your mother farted in your mouth
Marathi tuzi aai padli madkyat your mother farted in a bowl
Marathi Paadar Gandichya Farty Assed
Mexican Boca de pedo Fart mouth
Montenegrin Ne prdi Dont fart
Neapolitan Loffa Fart
Nicaragua Cara de pedo Fart face
Pilipino utot fart
Pokemon I'll thundershock you with my Raichu I'll fart in your face
Portuguese Peido Fart
Portuguese (brazil) vai peidar! go fart!
Preppy bitches F Mayor Smelly Fart
Punjabi pad mar do a fart
Punjabi Pud Fart
Pushto puskie silent fart
Pushto goezaka a person who farts alot
Pushto goez fart
Quebecois Mange mon pet eat my fart
Russian Perdet' Fart
Samoa ai kaepu eat fart
Samoan kaepu elo stinky fart
Serbian prdneš mi na kurac (prdneh-sh me nah koorac) you fart on my cock
Serbian Dabogda ti majka prdnula na roditeljskom I hope your mother fart on parental
Slovak prdiet to fart
Spanish un pedo viejo an old fart
Spanish tiraste un pedo you farted
Spanish un pedo a fart
Tamil kusu koodhi Farting cunt
Theri vali vaasu farting man
Turkish Annenin osurugunu sikerim fuck your mom's fart
Turkish amina osuray?m fart to your pussy
Ukrainian Perdyee Fart ( as in old fart)
Urdu peasah nah mahr dont fart
Uzbek o'siroq Farter
West-vlams eje e ruf geloatn? did you fart?
Yiddish Ku Fartzer cunt eater
Zombie *Zombie Fart* Your mom was good last night

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