How to say Fuck up in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
Albanian dshtoj fuck up
Ape Ouu Aaah Haaa Aaaaaa! Shut the fuck up
Azerbaijani sokh ichive shut the fuck up.
Creole bouss liki shut the fuck up
Creole (Mauritian) Bousse impe to gran liki shut the fuck up
Creole (mauritian) bousse to liki shut the fuck up
Creole haitian mafu to dayo shut the fuck up
Creole mauritian bouss to liki shut the fuck up!
Danish Hold din kæft , din fucking hund! Shut the fuck up , you fucking dog!
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) Hou je fokking bek! Shut the fuck up
Feral cat MAOOWWRRRRR REEERRRRRRR Back the fuck up, you prick.
Flemish (belgium) Uw bakkes shut the fuck up
Fortnite We will win this Just shut the fuck up
French ferme ta putain de gueule, connard shut the fuck up, bitch
German Halt die Fresse Shut the fuck up
German Halt de fick klappe Shut the fuck up
Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Shut the Fuck Up!!!
Hokkien Kan ni nar Fuck up
Indian , kannada Saak thika muchappa Shut the fuck up
Indian , kannada Mukli muchkondu kutko Cover your ass and shut the fuck up
Irish Gaelic Crab suas Fuck Up!!!
Kesporene (kasperian) Y' PIUTGIH / FRAIT Y' PIUTGIH Shut up! Shut the fuck up!
Kreole (seychelles) bous ou fes shut the fuck up
Latgalian Izpisine't To fuck up
Latvian Aizpis muti! Shut the Fuck Up!
Norwegian Hold for faen kjeft! Shut the fuck up!
Octor who english Allons-y! Hurry the fuck up, bitch!
Police You have the right to remain silent Shut the fuck up!
Porn Shut the fuck up thomas Fuck me harder
Portuguese Cala-te, cabrao do caralho! Shut the fuck up you bastard!
Portuguese (brazil) Cale a porra da boca Shut the fuck up
Quebecois Ta Gueule (or Ta 'Yeule) Shut the fuck up
Rocket league Up Down Yours, don't fuck up.
Russian Zatknis' na hui Shut the fuck up
Russian Zavali yebalo Shut the fuck up!
Scottish Fuck up I didn't find that very funny
Slovak Drz picu ! Shut the fuck up !
Slovak dojebat to fuck up
Slovak skurvit to fuck up
Somali nigga amos shut the fuck up
Spanish (guatemala) sho pizado shut the fuck up
Spanish (mexico) Cllate a tu pinch madre Shut the fuck up motherfucker
Spanish (spain) vete a l'infierno shut the fuck up
Spanish (spain) Cllate la boca (kayate la boka) Shut the fuck up
Yoda up the shut fuck you must shut the fuck up
Zou SU ki chai loose pussy, fuck up pussy