How to say Get fucked in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
Afrikaans Jy sal wys raak! You'll get fucked up!
Algerian roh tnayyek go get fucked
Algerian roh taati Go get fucked
Amharic tebeda ena mut get fucked and die
Amharic ye ahiya jela yigbabih get fucked by a donkey
Arabic sir tkaoud go get fucked
Arabic ntak get fucked
Arabic algerian ruh tqawwad go get fucked in the ass
Arabic palestine Bedak Tentak? Do you want to get fucked?
Argentinian Andá a hacerte coger Go get fucked
Bulgarian Kon da te ebe Get fucked by a horse
Bulgarian Ciganin da te ebe Get fucked by a gipsy
Christian kid (Forgive me, lord) Get the heck away from me you sinner! Get fucked, you cum stain.
Creole al fair bour toi!!! go get fucked!!!
Fortnite Drop Tilted bois Get ready to get fucked
French Va te faire enculer chez les Grecs Go get fucked in the ass by Greeks
Galician Anda que che den pelo cu Go get fucked in the ass
Hindi Ja gand mara Go get fucked
Hokkien Ho Kao Kan Get fucked by a dog.
Hokkien khee hor lang kan go get fucked
Hokkien hor lang kan get fucked
Hokkien Tioh kan Get fucked
Hungarian Seggbekuki Get fucked by the ass
Mexican vete ala verga go get fucked
Polish Pierdol sie Fuck off / Get fucked
Spanish Anda que te coja un burro Go get fucked by a donkey
Spanish hacete cojer go and get fucked
Spanish(spain) Que te jodan Get fucked
Spanish(spain) Que te follen Get fucked
Swedish Jag hoppas att du knullas av Satan. I hope you get fucked by Satan.
Telugu Poi voungu ra Go and get fucked
Tetum ba het Get Fucked
Turkish Siktir lan get fucked
Western lombard va a ciapala in d'ul cu go get fucked up the arse