How to say cocksucker in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
American English Cocksucker Derogatory name for a homosexual
Arabic iraqi Ballaa' el air cocksucker
Brazil chupa pau cocksucker
Cuban Mama pinga Cocksucker
Cypriot Farmakas Gay Cocksucker
English knob gobbler cocksucker
English penis breath cocksucker
Filipino Manonopa Cocksucker
Filipino Chupaero Cocksucker
German Schwanzlutscher Cocksucker
Hungarian szopos kurva cocksucker bitch
Hungarian Faszszopo geci! Cocksucker scumbag!
Hungarian fasz szopo cocksucker
Latgalian Pipalyz'ga Cocksucker
Latin fellatrix cocksucker
Mexican mamon cocksucker
Mexican-spanish Mama vergas cocksucker
Norwegian Kuksuger Cocksucker
Perto rico Chuppa Verga cocksucker
Russian Huesos cocksucker
Russian Idi na xuy husesos fuck off cocksucker
Sindhi Lun khao cocksucker / dick eater
Sinhalese mage adare my cocksucker
Spanish Mamon Cocksucker
Spanish (puerto rico) Mama Bicho Cocksucker
Spanish (puerto rico) Mamabicho Cocksucker
Swedish kuksugare cocksucker
Swedish Din inavlade kuksugare You inbred cocksucker
Thai I-Mok-Quay Cocksucker

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