How to say crazy in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
(pashto) Lewanai stupid/crazy - female
(pashto) Lewanaya stupid/crazy - Male
Afrikaans Mal vark! You crazy pig!
Afrikaans jy is mal you are crazy
Amazigh - riffan Abouhari (Male) - Tabouharcht (Female) Crazy / Retard
Arabic (moroccan) Maabol Crazy man
Asian accent kei si boi crazy man
Aussie slang g'day ya mad cunt hello my crazy mate
Australian A few roos loose in the top paddock crazy
Australian Basket Case Crazy, useless
Azeri Gicdillag Crazy cunt
Bahasa melayu Gila Crazy
Bangali makhal crazy
Bengali pagol sagol crazy sheep
Bengali Pagul Crazy
Bruneian gila pakah crazy maybe
Cantonese ngong hai crazy cunt
Cantonese Chee lun seen Your fucking crazy
Cantonese mung hai crazy cunt = stupid bitch
Chamorro Kaduka (f) / Kaduku (m) Crazy
Chamorro kuksika! Cock Sucker/Crazy!
Chinese Ni shi shen jiing bing you are crazy
Chinese Tian Po Crazy Bitch
Cypriot Hambis crazy bastards
Filipino sira ulo crazy
French-acadian(chiac) Mon calisse de chavirer You crazy fucker
German Hat jemand dir ins Gehirn geschissen Are you crazy?
Gujarati gando crazy
Gujarati Ghel Chodyo Crazy
Gujarati Gando salo Crazy son
Hawaiian Pa hula wa hini Crazy white woman
Indonesian Sinting lu! You crazy!
Irish gaelic Tá tú glan as do mheabhair You're crazy!
Javanese Wong edan! Crazy man!
Javanese wong gendeng crazy man
Kazakh "Kugan, suka" Crazy bitch
Korean Michin Crazy
Laotian Muk pee bah Crazy boy
Laotian E Pee Bah Crazy girl
Laotian Pee Bah Crazy
Malaysian sot crazy
Malaysian bodoh sial stupid crazy
Marathi Phodree Pisat Pussy Crazy
Marathi Yeda lavdya Crazy dick
Minangnese Gilo! Mad/Crazy!
Neapolitan Si cos e pazz! Your nuts/crazy
Persian divooneh mad , crazy , insane
Persian (farsi) Dewane Sag Crazy dog
Pokemon Your a crazy Jigglypuff You cunt
Portuguese Parvo Stupid, crazy.
Portuguese (brazil) Porra Loca Crazy Person
Punjabi Bagul butcha Crazy boy
Serbian jebo te otac ludi may your crazy father fuck you
Serbian Jebem ti mater nenormalnu Fuck your crazy mother
Sindhi Charyo Crazy/Mad
Sinhala pissu paka crazy fucker
Slovak jebnuty fucking crazy (extremely offensive)
Slovak prijebany fucking crazy (extremely offensive)
Slovak pripiceny fucking crazy (extremely offensive)
Slovak Jebe ti ? are you fucking crazy?
Slovak jeblina crazy person (very offensive)
Slovak prijebanec crazy person (very offensive)
Spanish Alocate Get Crazy
Sudanese Looti Majnoon Crazy gay
Tagalog Sira - Ulo Crazy !
Tausug Dupang crazy / stupid
Telugu Pichi Pukoda Guy with Crazy Vagina
Telugu Pichi Pukudaana Girl with Crazy Vagina
Turkmen Däli Crazy
Urdu lalchi kutte kaa bacha son of a crazy dog
Yiddish meshugana crazy
Zomi Hai tun maw? Are you crazy?

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