How to say dit in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
Afrikaans steek dit in jou fokken vet hol jou moer stick it in your fucking ass
Australian bum bandit gay male
Canadian go fuck your hat. you are a cluster fuck of stupidity
Dominican tu maldita madre your fucking mother
Dominican Maldito cabron Fucking asshole
English arse bandit a homosexual
French maudite vache asshole/bitch/etc
Ilocano (philippines) Luk dit mo You dickhead
Indian teri pandit ke chut your priest's vagina
Japanese Notare jine [Go] die in a ditch.
Malayalam Santhosh Pandit Idiot
Marathi Gandit Ghuslo fucked you in the ass (doggy style)
Marathi tuzya aaichya gandit mungya ants in your mother's ass
Mexican maldita sea fuck it or dam it!
New zealand Bum bandit Homosexual male
Norwegian You fucking cockhead! Ditt jvla kukkhue!
Norwegian Ditt eple You fucking shithead
Pokemon Your a Grimer & ditto Trainer You sadistic sick fuck
Pokemon You ditto You shit face mother fucker ass bag
Quebecois maudit sans-dessein fucking idiot
Russian Peezdit' Steal
Russian Péezdit To steal ,rob also to beat smbody
Setswana dithala tsa ntatago your father's testicles
Slovak hodit si dlanovku to jack off
Spanish (puerto rico) Maldita Sea La Madre! Damn the Mother!
Swedish Jag knullar ditt bröd I fuck your bread
Tamil Kaai adithal caressing boobs
Turkish ossurturum böyle I left in poor condition
Turkish yedinmi yarraðý þimdi You left in poor condition now
United kingdom Arse Bandit Homosexual Gay Male
Vietnamese dit ass
Vietnamese lo dit ass hole
Vulcan Ditsla comal datsunan Go fuck yourself