How to say fuck off in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
Afrikaans voetsek (pronounced footsak) get lost, fuck off
Afrikaans Fokof Fuck off
Afrikaans Voetsek jou naai Fuck off you cunt
American sign language hold out your left hand away from your chest and skid your right hand over the left fuck off
Arabic qalab wighek fuck off
Arabic Airy Fic Fuck Off
Arabic (moroccan) kawed Fuck off !
Arabic (syrian) Rooh entak Fuck off
Arabic (tunisian) Ya Kahba Fuck off Whore!
Arabic (tunisian) Ya Miboun Fuck off Gay!
Arabic - jordanian Khosh fi Teizi Fuck off (lit. Enter my Arse)
Arabic libyan Barra Nayiek Fuck off
Arabic libyan Nayik zeb Fuck off
Argentine jam ding! Fuck off
Asian accent Fak offu Fuck off
Assyrian Eri Fik Fuck off
Australian Get stuffed fuck off
Australian Fuck off! go away/ you're kidding/ wow!
Austrian kannst du dich bitte schleichen could you please fuck off
Austrian hau di übad heisa fuck off (or: leave me alone)
Austrian Geh in Oarsch! Fuck off! (lit. enter ass)
Austrian Geh scheissn! Fuck off! (lit. go take a dump)
Azeri Sikdir fuck off
Bacon sizzle sizzle Fuck off you bitch
Bird twit twit fuck off you fucking son of a bitch
British bugger off fuck off
Canarian sarpica! get the fuck off!!
Canarian tira milla get the fuck off!!
Cantonese Sei hoi! Fuck off!
Cantonese Laan Hooi ! Fuck off !
Cat Meow Fuck off
Cat Rrrrrawwwwwwrrrrrrrr Hssssssssh Fuck off
Catalan fot el camp fuck off
Chilean Andate a la Chucha!! Fuck off!
Chilean andate a las rechucha! fuck off! (x2)
Cornish Kidge dhe vez fuck off
Cow moo fuck off
Creole (Mauritian) risser aller fuck off
Creole haitian Al fè rout ou Fuck off
Croatian Odjebi! Fuck off!
Croatian Odjebi budaletino Fuck Off you Fool
Cuban Vete pa casa de la pinga Fuck off
Danish Skrid med dig! Fuck off!
Duck Quack Fuck off you shitty cunt
Dutch flikker op! Fuck off
Dutch rot op fuck off
Dutch Opzouten ! Fuck off !
Dutch ga naar je moer! Fuck off (lit. Go to your mother)
Dutch (holland/belgium) Rot op! Fuck off!
Dutch (holland/belgium) Opkankeren Fuck off
English Fuck off Go away (vulgar)
English blow me fuck off
English feck you're a cunt, fuck off
Farci kile hyte fuck off
Faroese fær av helviti til Fuck off
Finnish Painu vittuun! Fuck off!
French "Va te faire foutre, trouduc" Fuck off, asshole
French Fous le camp fuck off
French Casse-toi Fuck off
French Fous le camps Fuck off
French Va te faire enculer Fuck off
French bachie coupe fuck off
French Encule Fuck Off
French Putain de merde! Fuck off! / Ah Fuck!
French Va te faire voir ! Fuck off !
Georgian cadi shen kuchis kalo fuck off you street whore!
German verpiss dich fuck off
German Verpiss dich! Piss off / Fuck off
German Varpiss dich! Fuck off!
Goat (deep) Mmaaaaaeeaaaaaa Fuck off bitch before I kill you
Grass Swishhh Fuck off you stanky ass hoe
Greek Ay gamisou go fuck off
Gypsy adja poo kar Fuck off
Hebrew lech lehizdayen fuck off
Horse ney! fuck off
Horse Neigh Fuck off
Hungarian tûnj el fuck off
Indian Bun marra fuck off
Irish feis ort Fuck off
Irish Gaelic Foc il leat Fuck off
Irish gaelic Focáil leat Fuck off
Italian Vaffanculo fuck off
Italian vaffanculo fuck off
Italian vaffan culo! fuck off!
Jamaican gwey fuck off/go away
Japanese Kuso kurae Fuck off (lit. "eat shit")
Japanese zakennayo! fuck off!
Japanese fuzakeruna (ふざけるな) fuck off!
Japanese chan ba fuck off bitch
Japanese Usero yo Fuck off
Kazakh Kotagimdy zhe Suck my dick! Fuck off
Kazakh(center) Ket shei kotakka fuck off you slut
Kazakh(center) Zaybal Fuck off
Korean Kuh-juh Piss off!/Fuck off!
Latin efutue Fuck off! (literally fuck away)
Latvian Pisies dirst Fuck off
Latvian ej pist fuck off
Latvian Atpisies Fuck off
Libyan Arabic naik fuck off
Lithuanian atsipisk fuck off
Lithuanian smauk nachui fuck off (stroke the fuck off)
Lithuanian eik nachui fuck off
Lithuanian atsipisk! fuck off!
Lithuanian Atstok Fuck off
Lithuanian eik pist fuck off (lit. go fuck something)
Louisiana creole Kass Twa Fuck Off
Louisiana creole va lamèd fuck off
Macedonian Idi ebi se go fuck off
Mandarin Gun Kai (goon kai) Fuck off! (lit roll open)
Mizo Kal mai teh fuck off
Moldavian Dute-n Pula Fuck Off
Mongolian huts fuck off
Mongolian зайл zailth fuck off
Northern irish Lick the sweat! Fuck off!
Northern irish bite my balls fuck off!
Northern italy Và a dà via el cu! fuck off!
Norwegian Dra til helvete Fuck off
Oriya Gayee de Fuck off
Persian (farsi) Irani kosforosh Fuck off
Peruvian ¡Ándate a la mierda! Fuck off! (Go away)
Polish Pierdol sie Fuck off / Get fucked
Polish Wypierdalaj Fuck off
Polish Spierdalaj Fuck off
Polish odpierdol sie fuck off
Portuguese Vai pa puta! Fuck off! (Lit.: Go to the whore)
Posh english. Take your leave you ninny-hammer. Fuck off you simpleton.
Pushto Kona Ka Dzha Fuck off!!
Quebecois Va jouer dans le traffic Fo play in traffic (fuck off)
Robot beep fuck off
Romanian Mars in pula mea Fuck off
Russian Otebis' Fuck off
Russian Idi na xuy husesos fuck off cocksucker
Russian Poshol Na Hui Fuck off! (Go to the dick!)
Samoan ufa alu fuck off!
Samoan kefe alu ese! (kefe ese) fuck off!
Scottish get tae fuck fuck off
Scottish Away an Boil yer heed Fuck off
Scottish Get it up ye Fuck off
Serbian Odjebi Fuck Off
Shona (zimbabwe) futseke fuck off
Sinhala hukanne nathuwa palayan Fuck OFF
Skyrim FUS RO DAH Fuck off
Slovak idz/chod materi do pice ! fuck off !
Slovak idz/chod do matere ! fuck off !
Slovenian odjebi Fuck off
Spanish vete para la verga fuck off
Spanish (chile) Anda a la chucha Fuck Off
Spanish (spain) Vete a tomar por culo Fuck off
Spanish - all Pudrete Fuck off!!
Swedish Fan ta dig Fuck off
Texting FOAD Fuck Off And Die
Thai suud FUCK OFF!!!
Tongan Fule'i Fuck off
Trailer park boys frig off go a way,get lost,fuck off,shut up
Turkish siktir. fuck off
Turkish Siktir git Fuck off
United kingdom Sod off Fuck off
United kingdom Bugger off! Leave! or Fuck Off!
Vietnamese Biến đi Fuck Off
Welsh Cachau bant Fuck off
Welsh Fwcia Bant Fuck off