How to say fucked in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
Afrikaans mank genaaide bergbok disfiguredly fucked mountain goat
Afrikaans Poesis Jesus, that was fucked up
Afrikaans Jy sal wys raak! You'll get fucked up!
Albanian rrac qir fucked family
Alsatian schtufe die schobert fucked in the asshole
American military Snafu Situation normal ... all fucked up
Amharic tebeda ena mut get fucked and die
Amharic ye ahiya jela yigbabih get fucked by a donkey
Arabic Qusamak I fucked you're mother asshole.
Arabic (syrian) Ebn Al-manyooke Son of a fucked bitch
Arabic (syrian) Nayek Emmak Fucked your mom
Arabic (syrian) Nayek hareemek Fucked your women
Arabic (syrian) Nayek Ekhtak Fucked your sister
Arabic - palestinian Manek Your being fucked a lot
Arabic algerian ruh tqawwad go get fucked in the ass
Arabic egyptian metnaak fucked
Arabic palestine nikit immak I fucked your mother
Arabic syrian ya akho l mentakeh you brother of a fucked one
Argentine Que lo pario She/he fucked up/what a fuckup
Argentinian Culeao Fucked (from behind)
Assyrian sil'e yimokh i fucked your mom
Assyrian Silee Babookh I fucked your father
Assyrian Manuke ib safha fucked on the side
Azeri Sikilmish Fucked up (person)
Azeri Dalbayov Fucked up
Azeri Dalboyob Fucked up person
Bangla Gaand Maarano Getting fucked in Ass
Bangla pod marani a girl who is fucked by ass
Brit-military SNAFU Situation normal all fucked up.
Bulgarian Kon da te ebe Get fucked by a horse
Bulgarian Ciganin da te ebe Get fucked by a gipsy
Call of duty I fucked your mom I am a virgin
Chilean Culia Fucked (For girls)
Chinese wo cao ni ma de pi guo i fucked your moms ass
Chinese ‹ç“ú“I gou ri de Fucked by a dog, bustard/ deamed.
Creole (mauritian) Defalouté kaput / fucked up
Croatian jebote oh fuck! (literally: fucked you!)
Croatian sjebano fucked up
Croatian Jebo ti vrag mater Devil fucked your mother.
Croatian Jebo te patak. Duck fucked you.
Croatian Jebo ti pas mater. Dog fucked your mother.
Croatian jebo te ja I fucked you
Croatian jebo te dedo your grandaddy fucked you
Croatian jebo te očinski otac your fatherly father has fucked you
Croatian Jebo ti Bog mrtvu majku. God fucked your dead mother.
Cuban La resinga de tu madre Your fucked mother
Deusinese cock-eyed catty whompus completely fucked up
Deusinese mucked up fucked up
Deusinese marredup slightly fucked up
Dominican Me jodí I'm fucked up
Dutch verneukt fucked up
Dutch (haags) Grafbakkus Fucked up face
English mentak fucked in the ass (for boys )
English khareto gayidam I fucked your sister
Farsi bibito gaeidam i fucked your grandma
Finnish Ime äitis nussimaa kyrpää Suck the dick that fucked mother
Fortnite He has a SCAR We're fucked
French J'ai baisé ta mère I just fucked your mother
French Va te faire enculer chez les Grecs Go get fucked in the ass by Greeks
Galician Anda que che den pelo cu Go get fucked in the ass
Geometry dash Your mom gay I fucked your mum
Georgian dedasheni movtyane gushin! i fucked ur mom yesterday!
Georgian sheni dedis muteli momitgnia! I fucked your mom's pussy!
Georgian "Sheni deda movtkan, shen dedas shevetsi" I fucked your mother
Georgian dedaze adre motynulo fucked before mother
German Du arschgefickter Hurensohn! You ass-fucked son of a bitch!
Greek gamisa ti mana sou i fucked your mom
Gujarati Chod ami I fucked your mum last night
Hebrew Dafuk barosh fucked up in the head
Hindi teri ma bahar chud rahi he your mom's getting fucked outside
Hindi Teri ma ki chudaye bandar se hui Your mom got fucked by a monkey
Hokkien Ho Kao Kan Get fucked by a dog.
Human resources Not eligible for rehire (S)he fucked up BIG TIME on the job
Hungarian szetbaszott kurva fucked bitch
Hungarian Seggbekuki Get fucked by the ass
Ilonggo Namit gali Fucked in the alley
Indian Bhonsda Fucked and teared apart Pussy
Jedi I am your father I fucked your mum
Kesporene (kasperian) ITE JYEKNPYA FIHGIT PORANMNA I Fucked your mother
Konkani Tu Zovlo Khubyakarnicha chedvak You fucked fisher woman's daughter
Konkani Tu Zovlo Khubyakarnik You fucked fisherwoman
Korean Am Sang Fucked up life
Kurdish (bahdini) Min giye dayka te na I've fucked your mom's turd
Kurdish (sorani) Gandar You are fucked / Whore / gay
Laotian ma see mea mung a dog fucked your mom
Latin Matrem tuam pedicavi I fucked your mother in the ass
Latvian Dirsā rauts Fucked in the ass
Latvian Es pisu tavu māti I fucked your mother
Lebanese Manyookeh Fucked in the ass (Girl)
Lebanese Manyook Fucked in the ass (Guy)
Lithuanian Pyzdauskas Fucked beyond repair
Lithuanian Shakes Fucked up
Lithuanian Nuopisa Fucked up piece of shit
Macedonian ja ebav majkati cera i fucked your mum lastnight
Maltese Ja haga mgandra You fucked up thing
Marathi Tuzya aii zavneya tuzya baapla You mother fucked your father
Marathi tuzya aaila zavla kala kutra black dog fucked your mother
Marathi Gandit Ghuslo fucked you in the ass (doggy style)
Marathi Hepari Woman who gets fucked too much
Megrelian Skan dida fkhod! I fucked your mother
Ms-dos Bad command or file name You fucked up
Norwegian Sodomerte ludder Anal fucked slut
Norwegian Utpulte slappfitte outfucked lazycunt
Ojibwe Kah Just Fucked Up
Persian Kune babato gaidam Fucked your dads ass
Persian Nanato ta tah gaidam I fucked your mom deep
Persian (farsi) Kharet gayidam I fucked your sister
Polish Jebałem twoja matka I fucked your mother
Polish Jebałem twoja matke I fucked your mother
Polish Kurwa jebana Mać Whore fucked Mother
Portuguese Ta tudo fodido... Everything's fucked up...
Portuguese (brazil) fudeu caralho!! everything is fucked up
Punjabi tu vich leni daa. u fucked in womb.
Romanian Futa-te cangurii You be fucked by kangoroos
Romanian ti sa copacii sa ta futu your trees have fucked you
Russian Polnyi pizdets FUBAR (Fucked Up Beyond All Repair)
Russian sooka ebnataya fucked whore
Russian yebanutaya suka fucked whore
Russian ma'mkoo tvoyu' yeba'l i've fucked your mother
Serbian Najebo si ! You're fucked ! (threat)
Serbian jebo si jeza u ledja you fucked a hamster into his back
Serbian Jebem ti detetovo dete! I fucked your child's child.
Serbian Grob te jebo! Grave fucked you!
Serbian Jebo si jeza u ledja! You fucked hedgehod in his back!
Slovak Jebal ta pes ! A dog fucked you !
Slovak Jebal ti pes mater ! A dog fucked your mother
Slovak Jebal potkan tvoju mater A rat fucked your mother
Slovak Jebal to pes ! A dog fucked it (strong oath)
Slovak Jebal ta potkan ! A rat fucked you ! (insult)
Slovak Ty suka vyjebana! You fucked bitch!
Slovenian Jebo ti pas mater A dog fucked your mother
Slovenian Jebena Pièka Fucked pussy
Somalian Maskaxdaa ka wassantahay You're fucked in the mind
Spanish Anda que te coja un burro Go get fucked by a donkey
Spanish Yo chingé a tu madre I fucked your mother
Spanish Que te den por el culo! May you be fucked up the ass!
Spanish la cage I fucked up
St.lucian Fockup Fucked Up
Swahili kafirwe salama get ass fucked peacefully
Swahili unatombwa na farasi you are been fucked by a horse
Swedish Jag hoppas att du knullas av Satan. I hope you get fucked by Satan.
Swiss german type wie dich hani im gfängniss gfiggt guys like you i fucked in prison
Taiwanese li ho gao gan (§A¥Gª¯·F) you got fucked by a dog
Tajik (persian cyrillic) kyrym dar khalyat fucked in head
Telugu Poi voungu ra Go and get fucked
Tongan Kefe mata usi get fucked bitch
Turkish sikem chichen chech ha i fucked your mouth
Turkish sikik hayvan fucked animal
Turkish Sikilmis Eksisozluk you fucked asshole
Turkmen Ejen amyna sikeyin I fucked your mama's pussy
Urdu bosard chodi kay bad fucked child
Urdu dari moni pudi mari I fucked your mother
Us marine corps swearwords FUBAR Fucked Up Beyond All Repair
Venezuelan lo cogieron hasta por la cédula one who was fucked by all the holes
Western lombard va a ciapala in d'ul cu go get fucked up the arse
Yoda Your mother, I had sexy time I FUCKED YOUR MOTHER!!!