How to say i fuck your mother in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
Albanian Ta qifsha fëfërdakin e nonës May I fuck your mother's rim
Bihari tori maiyaa ke chodu i fuck your mother
Bosnian Jebem ti punicu I fuck your mother in law
Bosnian Jebem ti mamu na bananu I fuck your mother with banana
Bulgarian Az moa li ti eba putkata maichina? Can I fuck your mother's pussy?
Croatian Jebem ti mater u usta I fuck your mother in her mouth
Croatian Jebem ti mater! I fuck your mother!
Croatian Jebem ti mliko materino! I fuck your mother's milk!
Croatian Jebem ti cicu materinu! I fuck your mother's tit!
Croatian, serbian Jebem li ti mamicu I fuck your mother
Cypriot GAMO TIN MANA SU I fuck your mother
English jebem ti mater i fuck your mother
French-acadian(chiac) J'foure ta mere I fuck your mother
Geek Γαμώ τη μάνα σου I fuck your mother
German Ich ficke deine Mutter I fuck your mother
Greek Su gamo ti mana I fuck your mother
Gronings/grunns (dutch/groningen, netherlands) 'k kees dien mamme. I fuck your mother.
Macedonian Da ti ja ebam majkata! I fuck your mother!
Serbian Jebem ti majku I fuck your mother
Serbian Jebo ti ja pas mater! I fuck your mother as a dog!
Serbian Krv ti majcinu jebem I fuck your mother's blood
Serbian jebem ti majku pizdalizec i fuck your mother pussy licker
Serbian Jebem ti majku kurvu prostitutku I fuck your mother bitch prostitute
Slovak Jebem ti mater ! I fuck your mother!
Slovak Jebem ti picu materinu ! I fuck your mother´s cunt
Slovak Jebem picu tvojej matere ! I fuck your mothers cunt !
Slovenian jebem ti mamu I fuck your mother