How to say nut in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
Aave (african-american vernacular english) Nut Semen or vaginal ejaculation
Aave (african-american vernacular english) Bust a nut orgasm
American English Donut hole puncher Derogatory name for a homosexual
Arabic (aleppo) تنقربيضاتي click to my nuts
Australia My face leaves in 5 minutes, be on it! Let's have sex
Australian get on your knees and smile like a donut suck my dick
Australian up to my nuts in guts having sex
Austrian Nuttn Prostitute
Barbadian Nutecey Vagina
Cantonese Sawt sawt dei; fat fat dei Mental, a nutter
Dari (farsi) Khayem ma bochosh suck my nut sack
Disney princess Ah, coconuts suck them tits
Dominican lambe bolsa nut sack licker
English fudgenuts i messed up
English nuts testicles
Finnish sait minut itkemn narttu you made me cry you bitch
Firefly kwong-juh duh nuts
German steig auf diese Hoden! get on these nuts!
German Nutle Hooker, Die (the) Nutle (Hooker)
German Nuttensohn son of a whore
Italian Curnut! Your partner is cheating on you
Kashmiri Pael Nuts
Khmer Boung Kadaw Nutsack; Testicles;BALLS
Kurdish (kurmanci) dino nut
Malayalam THENGA MYRE coconut like pubic hair
Malayalam Ninte ammede thenga mairu your moms coconut pubes
Malayalam Thenga pooru Coconut pussy
Marine talk Hey there fuck nuts!!! Hey you idiot!!!
Mexican-spanish Lambe Huevos nut sucker
Mexican-spanish No me cages los huevos Don't shit on my nuts
Neapolitan Si cos e pazz! Your nuts/crazy
Northern irish nutter a mad person
Pig latin eatay ymay eftlay utnay eat my left nut
Pig latin Uchnutfay Fucknut
Pohnpeian ka-ra-ran busting a nut
Pohnpeian who sole mangaingai rough nuts
Portuguese Um pontap nos tomates. A kick in the nuts.
Portuguese Chupa-me o forro aos colhões! Suck my nuts insides!
Punjabi nuts ko suck kurrow suck my nuts
Punjabi choos mera badaam suck my nuts
Russian yebanutaya suka fucked whore
Samoan bolo nuts
Scottish Go take a running fuck at a rolling doughnut I'm not persuaded of your argument
Siciliano Connuto! horn head
Slovak jebnuty fucking crazy (extremely offensive)
Slovak jebe ti na gebulu? are you fucking nuts?
Slovak Co ti jebe? Are you fucking nuts?
Slovak jebnut niekomu to give somebody a blow (very rude)
Slovak zasunut, zasuvat to screw, to shag
Swiss German Nuttesohn Son of a bitch
Swiss german Schlampe, Nutte, Fotze bitch, whore, slut
Swiss german Itz git's e chnutsch a barre! Now you'll get slapped!
Swiss german Schliifts? Are you nuts?
Tagalog Inutil! Useless!
Tajik (persian cyrillic) kerm dar dahanut dick in your mouth
Tajik (persian cyrillic) kerum dar kunut my dick in your ass
Yemeni Mahnut Gay