How to say pic in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
Albanian picka vagina
American English Durfee A person who is prone to epic fails
Arabic bahraini Haqeer despicable
Arabic syrian khalil aire wa kloo pickle my dick and eat it
Assamese Naliya Despicable
Australian a few sangas short of a picnic brainless / moron
Balkanish-russian Koya mala pichkitsa! What a little pussy!
Bosnian i di u picku maternu Go back in you moms pussy
Bosnian Slovenska picka Slovenian pussy
Bosnian Picka ti materina Your mother is a kilt
Bulgarian Pichka ti lelina! Your aunt's pussy!
Canarian sarpica! get the fuck off!!
Chilean Pico Conchetumadre! Dick Motherfucker!
Chilean pico con la wea fuck it
Chilean Chupa pico Cock Sucker!
Chilean Pico Dick
Costa rican Car'e picha Dick face
Creole (cape verdean) pichoti penis
Croatian Jebo sliku svoju! Fuck your own picture!
Croatian dobra picka good pussy
Croatian Mars u picku materinu March to your mother's c**t
Croatian, serbian smrdljiva picka smelly cunt
Croatian, serbian Picka cunt
English spiceny fucking (adjective)
Gamer Epic awesome
Gorani ti jebem dada vo picka fuck your mother's pussy
Hawaiian pikanini runt (from eng. "pickaninny")
Hungarian Ici pici fasz Itty bitty dick
Hungarian Picsába Damn
Hungarian Picsa Cunt
Hungarian Anyád picsája! Your mother's cunt!
Hungarian Te geci szurospicsju kurva You fucking haired-pussy bitch
Iraqi haker Despicable
Italian ce l'hai piccolo You got a small (dick)
Japanese nampa suru To hit on, pick up a girl [or boy]
Latvian Ej bekot! Literally: "Go pick mushrooms"
Macedonia U PICKU MATER! fuck the mother in the pussy
Macedonian pickino vlakno pussy hair
Macedonian up your mums cunt picka ti mater
Macedonian Pichka ti majchina Your Mums Pussy
Macedonian lizhi pichka lick a vagina
Macedonian Vunasti pichkojed Ron Jeremy (wooly cunt-eater)
Macedonian Odi u picku mater! Go in your mother's pussy!
Macedonian majku picku ur mums pussy
Macedonian Idi u picku majcinu go to mothers pussy
Macedonian Picka ti Majcina Your mother pussy
Macedonian Muggeray epice Donkey fuck
Macedonian picka ti mater fuck your mother
Mine craft Can I put my pickaxe in your diamond ore? Can I shove my dick up yo' ass?
Minecraft I will put my pickaxe in your diamond I will shove my dick up yo' ass
Montenegrin Lick my pussy Polizi mi picku
Montenegrin Jebi Ciganka picka Fuck a gypsy's pussy
Piemontese Piciu dick
Piemontese Picia Bitch
Pokemon Picachu I choose you!!! Fuck you, you muther
Portuguese pica, piroca, caralho cock
Portuguese Pichota dick, cock
Portuguese Picha Cock, dick
Portuguese (brazil) Pica Dick
Rick and morty I'M PICKLE RIIIIIICK!!!!!!!! Fuck therapy
Salsadala Salad Dressing It's when you mix your cum with spices and Japanese leaf salad then give it to someone as a joke and say "Happy Salsadala Day" and their face is priceless as they eat your cum
Serbian Picko jedna You pussy,coward!
Serbian Mrsh u pichku materinu go to your mothers pussy
Serbian picko jedna you are a pussyy!!!!
Serbian pickin dim smoke of the pussy
Serbian majku picku,picku majku yours mums pussy,your pussy's mum
Serbian Picku ti mater! (pich-ku te ma-ter) fuck u/ motha fucka
Serbian Jebem ti sestru u picku Fuck your sister in a pussy
Serbian Picko rutava You cunt with hairy pussy
Serbian Picka ti se ogadila Pussy becames ugly to you
Serbian Idi u picku materinu Go back to your mother's pussy
Sexting JLWITP Just Looks Weird In That Picture
Sexting JLWITP Just Looks Weird In That Picture
Slovak picovat to express anger verbally (rude)
Slovak zapiceny fucking (adjective)
Slovak Ty pica vyjebana ! You fucking cunt !
Slovak pica cunt
Slovak ritopich faggot
Slovak Jebem ti picu ! I fuck your cunt !
Slovak do pice ! into the cunt ! (strong oath)
Slovak ani pica fuck-all (nothing)
Slovak po pici fucking brilliant
Slovak na picu on the cunt (very bad, very poor)
Slovak pripiceny fucking crazy (extremely offensive)
Slovak picovina bullshit (extremely vulgar)
Slovak Jebem ti picu materinu ! I fuck your mother´s cunt
Slovak do pice vyjebanej skurvenej ! into the cunting fucking cunt !
Slovak Drz picu ! Shut the fuck up !
Slovak drz picu Hold your cunt ! (stop talking)
Slovak robit picoviny to fuck around (act foolishly)
Slovak plna pica a lot of (literally full cunt)
Slovak picovsky stupid ( very vulgar and offensive)
Slovak kurva pica blesk ! whore cunt lightning ! (oath)
Slovak o picny chlp by a cunt-hair, a little, not much
Slovak mat popici to have a fucking problem
Slovak picifuz cunthair (strong insult of a man)
Slovak pichat to fuck, to screw
Slovak popicovka fucking kickass thing
Slovak byt v pici to be fucked
Slovak idz/chod materi do pice ! fuck off !
Slovak podpicnik sanitary napkin (vulgar)
Slovak Jebem picu tvojej matere ! I fuck your mothers cunt !
Slovak Osral som ti picu ! I shit over your cunt !
Slovak popici front fucking awesome
Spanish (chile) Chupame el pico suck my dick
Spanish (chile) La zorra edionda a pico Pussy smelling dick
Spanish (chile) Chupa el pico, maricn culiao Suck my dick, fucking faggot
Telugu Pichi Pukoda Guy with Crazy Vagina
Telugu Pichi Pukudaana Girl with Crazy Vagina
Telugu Gaadida Pichaloda You are a Donkey Dick
Toisanese (Taishan) lui slung gwee spic
Turkish pic bastard