How to say pula in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
Finnish Vittu Saatana! Fuck, Satan (a popular combo)
Fudd Swut Sexually Popular Woman
Malayalam Pulayadi monae Son of a whoremonger
Mexican Coger to copulate
Mexican Tirar to copulate
Moldavian Dute-n Pula Fuck Off
Moldavian Suge-mi Pula suck my dick
Moldavian Sa-mi bag curu-n pula ta! I wish to put my dick on your ass!
Moldovian Am o Pula de Cal Horse Cock
Pikachu ka copulate
Romana pula penis
Romana Bagami-as pula in mortii matii Fuck your mother's dead relatives
Romana bagami-as pula in capul tau i stick my dick in your head
Romana Pulalau stupid guy
Romana Sa mori infipt in pula de cal sculata Die impaled by an erect horse dick
Romana Such Pula cock sucker
Romana Sa-mi sugi pula Suck my dick
Romana du-te-n pula mea go in my dick
Romanian Sugi Pula Suck my dick
Romanian Manca-mi-ai pula! Eat my dick!
Romanian duten pula calului go to the horse dick
Romanian Baga-mi-ash Pula in tine stick my dick in you
Romanian Baga-mi-as pula in ma-ta Fuck your mother
Romanian Bagami-as pula in mata fuck your mother
Romanian Sa-ti scot ochii cu pula Poke your eyes out with my dick
Romanian Mancami-ai pula! Eat me cock!
Romanian Neacha-te pe o pula! Choke on a cock!
Romanian Bagami-as pula in fata ta! I stick my cock in your face!
Romanian propti-ti-as pula-n gaoz i will stick my dick in your hole
Romanian te trag in pula i impale you with my cock
Romanian Bag pula-n gatu tau! stick my dick in your throat!
Romanian Pula calului in virful dealului Horse's dick on top of the hill
Romanian Luati-as mortii in pula I'll stick my dick in your dead
Romanian Borati-as pula-n gat I'll throw up my dick in your neck
Romanian Mars in pula mea Fuck off
Romanian Pulaman small dick
Romanian sa sugi pula lu' ma-ta go suck your mom's cock
Romanian Sugi pula ! Suck my dick !
Romanian Sugi pula! Suck a dick!
Romanian Dute-n pula mea Go to my cock
Romanian Luati-as neamu-n pula ! Take your family in my dick !
Romanian Sugi pula Suck dick
Romanian Belimiai pula Raw my dick