How to say shithead in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
Assamese guu kha mokkel eat shit dumbass/dickhead/shithead
Bosnian seronja asshole / shithead
Bulgarian Lainar Shithead
Bulgarian lizhi ciganska sperma govnarche lick gypsy sperm you shithead
Bulgarian lainar shithead
Finnish Paskapää Shithead
Gaelic ceann cac shithead
German scheissekopf shithead
German Kackbratze Shithead (lit. Face full of Shit)
Japanese Kusot-tare Shithead, You shithead.
Latin Stercus Caput ShitHead
Norwegian Ditt eple You fucking shithead
Pig latin Hitheadsay Shithead
Red dwarf smeg head shithead
Swedish skitstövel shithead
Urdu tattee choad shithead

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