How to say small in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
Arabic egyptian metfarswaa' / metfarswa3 has a small dick and no balls
Armenian bizdeg glir unice you have a small dick
Baluchi Zebulund small dick
Bengali Tur booga sooto Your dick is small.
Bihari chhota chetan small penis
Creole (Mauritian) Coq Sinois/ Coq malbar Small asian dick
Creole (mauritian) Gogot malbar/ Gogot laskar small asian dick
Creole (mauritian) gogote laskar/malbar small dick
Creole (mauritian) cock malbar/ cock laskar small dick
Creole (mauritian) Cock nation smallest dick
Creole (mauritian) Gogot nation Small foul smelling dick
Creole haitian Ti zozo Small dick
Disney princess you are a toy your dick is small
Dutch zakslak small penis ( 'ball-bag snail')
Dutch mierepiet small penis ( 'ant dick' )
Dutch muizefluit small penis ( 'mouse dick')
Dutch micropik small penis ( 'micro dick')
Dutch muggelul small penis ( 'mosquito dick')
English My Richard is small My dick is small
English Small Richard Small dick
Estonian Sul on väike munn You have a small cock
Finnish pieni kyrpä Small penis
Francais (quebec) grosse corvette, p'tite quequette big corvette(car), small dick
French Petite bite small dick
Gujarati mandi susee small willy
Haitian creole tio tou small hole
Hawaiian Li'ili'i kou laho Your dick is small
Hawaiian li'ili'i kena ule your dick is small
Hebrew zayin katan Small dick
Indonesian zakar kecil small penis
Irish english Wee pecker Small dick
Italian ce l'hai piccolo You got a small (dick)
Italian Ce un cibirut You have a small dick
Japanese Tan-Sho Your "tool" is small!
Kashmiri fis small dick
Kashmiri seous good with small penis
Khmer Ah Kadow Tout you have a small dick
Laotian Buk hum noy Small penis
Laotian Hum noy Small dick
Laotian Coi noi Small penis
League of legends teemo small fucking annoying cunt
Malayalam eli kunna small dick
Malayalam kunji kunnan man with small pennise
Malayalam johninte andi small shrivelled black balls
Malaysia Kote keci small dick
Maori small dick iti uri
Maori Ure iti Small dick
Mien chyea fai small penis
Mien Jom Bing chyea Jai Suck Monkeys Small Dick
Mirpuri/pahari kashmiri Nikki lan Small dick
Mongolian Chi chi bo Small penis
Pokemon You pikachu You have a small dick
Portuguese (brazil) Piru pequeno small cock
Portuguese (brazil) Pau pequeno Small dick
Pushto kushnai bullolai small penis
Quebecois P'tite queue Small dick
Romanian Pulaman small dick
Setswana chechela small dried fiecie piece
Shona (zimbabwe) tsete small piece of shit
Sinhala Kari kota small fucker
Somalian gus yarre small dick
Spanish pequeno pito small dick
Spanish (mexico) tienes un pito chiquito you have a small dick
Tagalog (Philippine) maliit ang titi mo you got a small dick
Thai hum noi small dick
Turkish Bamya A guy who has small penis
Ukrainian uvas melankie Pisune You have a small Penis/Dick
Urdu choti se luli small penis
Uzbek Bulbulcha` Small dick
Welsh pen bach small head/stupid idiot
West-vlams e kleintje small dick
White girl Look at my iphone 6+ You have small tits
Zou zang neu pa small dick guy

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