How to say take in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
Alternative curse words Shiitake Mushrooms Shit
American english Drain the main vein Take a piss (male)
Arabic (aleppo) Iben El Mentakeh mother fucker
Arabic egyptian khood take
Arabic iraqi Mennuke Faggot who takes it up the ass
Arabic iraqi koom bee take my dick up your ass
Arabic palestine Rouh Wa Sittin Erd Ma'ak Go and take with you 60 demons!
Arabic palestine Kod ras aerri Take the head of my dick
Arabic syrian ya ebn l mintakeh you son of cunt
Arabic syrian ya akho l mentakeh you brother of a fucked one
Assamese Tur maraok rastat kukur logi sudam.. I will take dog to fuck your mom
Aussie slang Take a day off! Fuck off!
Australian gunna shake hands with me best mate take a piss
Australian nynex Imma take you chocolates Im going to eat you alive
Austrian Geh scheissn! Fuck off! (lit. go take a dump)
Baseball I Gotta Take A Time Out I Gotta Go Take A Piss
Baseball I Need To Take A Time Out I Need To Go Take A Piss
Bihari gaar me daal le take (something) in your ass
Canadian take off eh! go fuck yourself
Chinese Mok Sarm!!! Take off your cloths i wanna fuc
Costa rican Mal parido Your birth was a mistake
Croatian Vrag ti sriću odnija! May the Devil take away your luck!
Croatian Vrag ti sriću nosija! May the devil take away your luck!
Croatian Djava te odnija! May the devil takes you!
Croatian Vrag ti sriću gunja! May the devil take your luck
Cypriot N a se pari o thkiaolos may the devil take you
Cypriot ton pernis you take it
Danish Tag min pik i din fisse nu Take my dick in your pussy now
English Takes a walk down chocolate boulevard Homesexual Male
English you fucking pisstaker your annoying
Finnish Pasko kahvikuppiin Take a shit in a coffee cup
French prends moi par derrière take me from behind
German Geh' kacken! Go take a dump!
German Du Fickfehler You Retard (lit. You Fuckmistake)
Greek pare mou pipa (take my 'pipe')= suck my dick
Gypsy lav chea dah ando car i take your mother on my dick
Hebrew noshech kariot bites pillows( takes it up the ass)
Hebrew o'chel batachat takes it in the ass
Hebrew ochel batachat takes it up the ass
Hebrew She Elohim Yikach Otcha Kvar!! That god will take you already!
Indonesian pepsi take leak
Kannada kundyag hako take it in your ass
Kesporene (kasperian) NJAM YIHAV PAKTEIATMET IKNFRA Please take my virginity
Kimberly Va chier sur ta plotte sale Go take a shit on your dirty vagina
League of legends Push the tower Take raptors
Malta fòxx iz zbub li taqla fuck all the dicks you take.
Maltese hudu f'sormok take it in your ass
Massachusettian Go take a good soft shit for yourself. Go away stop bothering me
Neapolitan piglio 'n culo take it up the ass
Pamirian ze mu jush take my dick
Polish Niech ciê diabli wezm± May the devil take you
Portuguese Vai comer no cu! Take it up the ass!
Portuguese (brazil) Vá tomar na buceta!! Go take (a penis) in the cunt!!
Portuguese (brazil) Vai tomar no c! Take it up your ass!
Posh english. Take your leave you ninny-hammer. Fuck off you simpleton.
Quebecois Va chier Go take a crap
Romanian Sa-ti iau mortii la baieram I'll take your dead to a party
Romanian Poponar one who takes it in the ass
Romanian Luati-as neamu-n pula ! Take your family in my dick !
Samoan Alu Ki'o Take a shit
Scottish Go take a running fuck at a rolling doughnut I'm not persuaded of your argument
Sinhala Pettiya kadanawa Take a girl's virginity
Slovak srat To take a shit, to shite
Spanish (spain) Vete a tomar por el culo! Go take it up your ass!
Swiss german Dini Schwöster nimmt en in Arsch. Your sister takes it in the ass.
Swiss german gaggle to take a shit
Swiss german schiisse to take a shit
Toisanese (Taishan) Or See Take a shit
Turkish Al babayı u take nothing (with a hand move)
Urdu lora le kay nach mera take my penis and dance
Yiddish Kacken zee ahf deh levanah Go take a shit on the moon
Yoda Take a shit, i must I GOTTA FUCKING SHIT