How to say ugly in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
Afrikaans jou fokken goffel you fucking ugly bitch
Arabic kolaveri didi ugly
Arabic (lebanese) Eyre b Wejjak chou meref Fuck your face , it s so ugly
Australia A face only a mother could love Ugly person
Australian polecat realy ugly female
Australian fugly fucking ugly
Australian he/she fell out the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down he/she's fucking ugly
Australian Face like a busted arsehole Ugly
Austrian du bist schiach wia di nocht you are fuckugly
Bagri Kozo/Kozi Ugly
Baseball Umpire Large ugly person
Biohazerd * punch someone based on his minecraft skin* Yo ugly, come at me!
British munter an ugly woman
Bruneian kau bida you're ugly
Bulgarian Grozna kurva Ugly bitch/whore
Bulgarian Ta iba v gaza grozen! I'll fuck you in your ugly ass!
Cantonese Jue pa Ugly girl
Cypriot tanjisa ugly fat girl
Danish Grimme k'lling Ugly bitch
Danish kran very ugly fat girl
Dick language Flop That bitch is ugly
Dutch Lelijke dikke oma Ugly fat granny
Dutch (holland/belgium) Je kanker lelijk hoere moeder Your fucking ugly slutty mom
English Cock eyed Cunt. Stupid Ugly Person
Francais (quebec) Esti d'laid Fucking ugly
Francais (quebec) Esti que t'es laid. You're fucking ugly.
French Putain t'es moche ! You're fucking ugly !
Georgian ushno ylis mwovelo ugly cock licker!
German Du alte Kackbratze! old ugly women
German Du hässliger Ziegenficker You ugly goatfucker
Greek savura ugly woman
Greek Savra Ugly woman (literally a lizard)
Greek Patsavoura Ugly woman (literally a rag)
Hokkien goo thau beh bin cow head horse face (fugly)
Italian Brutto figlio di puttana bastardo ugly son of a bitch bastard
Japanese Busu super ugly girl
Jersey shore Atomic Bomb Really Ugly Fat Girl
Jersey shore Gernade an ugly girl.
Jersey shore land mine skinny ugly girl
Kampampangan (pampanga) matsura you are ugly!
Kesporene (kasperian) YIHGITAN Ugly ass
Laotian Key Lie Ugly
Lowland Scots Houk Ugly female
Mine craft What is this Minecrap? A ugly building in Minecraft.
Mizo Hmelchhe phak you are fugly
New zealand Butter Hot Body, BUT HER face is ugly
New zealand Grenade Ugly Woman / Girl
Nicaragua cara de mis huevos ugly motherfucker
Pig latin Ywhay ouyay osay uglyway!? Why you so ugly!?
Pokemon You Mr. Mime You ugly mother fucker (to males)
Pokemon Your a Jynx Trainer Ugly ass bitch
Preppy bitches Like, Ew! Ugly
Pushto Tha khu dirr badrang yih you're really ugly.
Quebec (sex) T'es laite comme mon cul You're as ugly as my ass.
Quebec (sex) Grosse charrogne. Big ugly bitch.
Serbian pičko ziljava you ugly cunt
Serbian Picka ti se ogadila Pussy becames ugly to you
Slang shut it ya minger be quiet you smelly or ugly person
Somali Aamus nacasyahow foosha xun shut up you foolish and ugly
Somali daanyeer foosha xun Ugly monkey
Spanish Tu madre es muy gorda y fea Your mother is very fat and ugly
Spanish Tu madre es una puta fea Your mother is an ugly bitch
Spanish fea/o pendeja/o Ugly asshole/jerk
Spanish (cuban) Conyo Carajo Damn Hell (ugly version)
St.lucian Macak led Ugly monkey
Suriname(sranang) takroe fe-si ! ugly face !
Suriname(sranang) takroe fé-si ! ugly face !
Swedish Din fula fan You ugly devil
Swiss german Zum chotze Ugly / Disgusting
Swiss german Du bisch leid You're ugly
Tagalog (Philippine) bruha ugly(female)
Tedim Hem ham! You ugly dog[man]!
Tongan mata palaku ugly face
Traveller cant (scottish) Shan deeking Ugly looking
Urdu madarugly your mother is ugly

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