Australian Swear Words

A face like a bucket of smashed crabs A face like a dropped pie A face like a kicked-in shitcan A face like fifty miles of bad road A few roos loose in the top paddock About as useful as an arsehole on your elbow As boring as batshit As full as a boot As useless as tits on a bull Bangs like a dunny door Bangs like a dunny door in a Force 9 Gale Bangs like a dunny door on a prawn trawler Basket Case Blind Mullet Bludger Bowling from the pavilion end Bugger (n) Bugger that! Bury the bishop Chocolate driller Crikey Cum Junkie Cum dumpster DADS disease Dingaling Dipshit Donga Dumb as a box of rocks Dumb as a door knob Dumb as dog shit Face like a busted arsehole Flamin' Galah Freeze the balls off a brass monkey Fuck Muppet Fuck Tard Fuck Wit Fuck a duck! Fuck it! Fuck me dead! Fuck me running Fuck me side ways Fuck off! Fuck tard Fucknuckle Fuckstick Fuckwit G'day Cock Features! Get stuffed Get your hand off it Get your rat out Gronk Having a slash How about a root? How are ya, ya cunt! I am pulling your leg I could eat the arse end out of a low flying duck. I don't give a rat's arse I'd rather drag my balls through broken glass than..... I'm buggered ! I'm dryer than a dead dingo's donger It gives me the shits JJ Vagg Jizz Junky Knob Jockie Letting the Aboriginals swim in the pool. Lick my salty piss Lickerty split Long Black Meataxe Moooo Norks Pig's arse! Pissed Poo-pusher Pushing shit uphill with a rubber fork on a hot day Ratbag (n) Root Scratching your arse with a bowl full of spaghetti Seppo or Septic Tank Shit hot! Shitting like a big black dog Toeier than a Roman sandal Tongue punch me fart box. Under the fuckin' thumb aye! Up the duff Vagina Decliner Ya Tosser Ya Wanker Ya fuckin' poofter! Ya soft cock! You can suck a fart out my arse. You fuckin' little ripper! You're a fuckin' knob mate! a few sangas short of a picnic arse monkey arse rag as good as a hatfull of arseholes barrack for the other team bash bogan bum bandit bumtoucher cactus, as in "we're/you're cactus!" carpet muncher dickhead dill dumb as dog shit eat my hairy onions feed the snake fuck nuckle fuck off fugly get on your knees and smile like a donut get ya cunt out get ya end wet gunna shake hands with me best mate have a bat he's a walking head job he/she fell out the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down heavy rocks jonas knock the top off it map of Tassie map of tassie mut oxy moron polecat poo jabber poofter put the dick on the barbie root the bitch roots like watt on holidays rowl shagger she's a grenade show us ya jugs show us ya tits slager slit eyed fuck the family jewels tool tosser up to my nuts in guts well bugger me! ya bluming bafoon! ya dopey bastard! ya wanker

English Translations

Unattractive person Unattractive person Unattractive person Unattractive person crazy Not very useful dull Drunk it's no good, won't work Someone extremely sexual Very sexually active Sheila who likes to root a lot. Crazy, useless A floating turd Lazy person Homosexual man one who causes mischief forget it have sex. Homosexual Man Oh my gosh/wow! Slut Prostitute or promiscuous female Dumb as dog shit Male's cock. Idiot Cock really stupid Retard Stupid Ugly Moron Bloody cold complete idiot Stupid Person stupid nasty idiot An exclamation mild surprise don't worry about it Oh my! ( exclamation) Exhausted Oh shit go away/ you're kidding/ wow! Stupid cunt Dickhead Dick, stupid An idiot Hello there unattractive person! fuck off Stop talking such nonsense Show me your vagina Asshole urinating Lets have sex Hello, dear friend! I am only joking I'm hungry. I don't care I am hesitant to do so I am tired. I'm thirsty It annoys me Person with a freckled cock Poofter Slut Having a shit. Vagina and cock head Lesbian Coffee (wtf you think?) Useless Fuck right off breasts I don't care/ I don't believe you Drunk homosexual man getting nowhere fast one who causes mischief To have sex Useless Yank or American person Very good Panicking extremely horney Fuck my arsehole with your tongue Under a wife's control. Pregnant (derogatory) Homosexual Man You idiot You idiot You fucking homosexual. Whimp. Your request is denied. I am pleased You're a penis! brainless / moron a passive gay man ass wipe/suck up useless be a homosexual. beat up redneck/white trash gay male a man who touches rectums (gayman) fucked lesbian someone who is stupid idiot a stupid person eat my testicals blowjob minor dickhead piss off/fuck off fucking ugly suck my dick I would like to see your vagina have sex take a piss masturbate he's short he/she's fucking ugly heavy cocks fucking junkie wank pussy vagina pussy major dickhead realy ugly female homosexual a gay person have a barbecque to have sex with a female has a lot of sex incestuous gang whore fucker chick is so fat she bout to explode show me your breasts. I want to see your breasts slut a china man male genitals/scrotum really useless person you masturbate having sex well I'll be damned! you stupid idiot! you silly idiot you masturbate