How to say Culo in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
Argentine culo roto broken anal sphincter
Argentine culorroto your ass is broken
Argentinian andá a hacerte ver el culo go fuck yourself
Calabrese va piglalo in culo go fuck yourself
Colombian careculo Lit. assface
Costa rican Vaya lavese el culo Go and wash your ass
Dominican Mama culo Ass Sucker
Dominican Bajo a culo Smelly ass
Dominican Come Culo Ass eater
English teringteef tuberculosis bitch
Italian Vaffanculo fuck off
Italian Va fan Culo Go fuck yourself
Italian leccami il culo lick my ass
Italian vaffanculo fuck off
Italian vaffan culo! fuck off!
Italian Ma' va te ne a fanculo Go fuck yourself
Italian ti corro in culo forget it ("I run into your ass")
Italian Faccia a culo Assface
Italian Intro culo di mammata Up your mother's ass
Italian bacha ma culo Kiss my ass
Italian rottinculo gay
Maracuchan chupame er culo suck my ass
Mexican culo ass
Mexican Que te den por el culo May you get it in the ass
Neapolitan piglio 'n culo take it up the ass
Nicaragua culo aguado loose ass
Nicaragua culo sucio dirty ass
Nicaragua culo de tentacion y cara de pena butterface bitch
Puerto rican Cara de culo Butt face
Spanish beso mi culo kiss my ass
Spanish cara de culo ass face
Spanish te mamo el culo i suck your ass (MEX)
Spanish Culo Ass
Spanish grande culo de panda big ass panda
Spanish Que te den por el culo! May you be fucked up the ass!
Spanish Besa mi culo, puto Kiss my ass, Bitch
Spanish Besame el culo Kiss my ass
Spanish Me encanta tu culo I love your ass
Spanish Métetelo por el culo Stick it up your ass
Spanish pon lo en tu culo put it in your ass
Spanish Lavate ese culo Go wash your ass
Spanish Que culo! That ass!
Spanish Comeme el puto culo Eat my fucking ass
Spanish Pinche iriota culo bastardo chinga tu Fuckin idiot ass bastared fuck you
Spanish (mexico) beso mi culo! kiss my ass!
Spanish (puerto rico) dame culo give me ass
Spanish (spain) De culo contra el viento From bad to worse
Spanish (spain) besa me culo kiss my ass
Spanish (spain) lambe culo ass kisser
Spanish (spain) Vete a tomar por el culo! Go take it up your ass!
Spanish (spain) Vete a tomar por culo Fuck off
Spanish (uruguay) Lame culo Ass sucker
Spanish (uruguay) Metételo en el culo/orto Slide it in your ass
Spanish (uruguay) Culo roto Broken ass (bad person)
Spanish(spain) Que te den por culo! Go get your ass fucked!
Spanish(spain) Que te den por culo Get your ass fucked
Venezuelan pario por el culo one who was born from an ass
Venician italian Anticap nato pal culo Retarded born from the ass