How to say hore in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
Afghan fashia whore
Afghan Morda Gaow Pimp/whore
Afrikaans jou ou naai you old hore
Afrikaans "Naaiers" Fuckers / Whores
Afrikaans Fok julle naaiers! Fuck y'all/all you whores/fuckers!
Afrikaans Jou tief You whore
Albanian kurvar manwhore
Albanian Lavire Whore
Algerian kaboul son of a whore
American English Whore Prostitute or promiscuous women
American English daddy's whore daddy's girl
American english MANWHORE A man who uses women only for sex
American sign language Waving an open hand on the side of your chin front to back (fingers cupped in a C form but your thum Whore, slut or prostitute
Amharic Shermuta whore
Anish Dumme luder ko Stupid whore cow
Ape Nancy mother fucking whore
Arabic wald qahbat qureesh son of whore
Arabic shlokeh a low life dirty whore
Arabic sharmuta whore
Arabic Ya Bint El-Haram! O thy daughter of whore!
Arabic (aleppo) air b emmak el mfanda'a my dick in your hore mother
Arabic (lebanese) shlekke slang way of saying whore
Arabic (moroccan) kahba di omo Your mother is a whore
Arabic (moroccan) Gahba d yemak your mother is a whore
Arabic (syrian) Ebn Al-gahbe Son of a whore
Arabic (syrian) horia heaven whore
Arabic (syrian) dai'sh ia cheap whore
Arabic (tunisian) Ya Kahba Fuck off Whore!
Arabic - jordanian shalaga whore
Arabic - palestinian Manyoke Whore
Arabic algerian A'tay whore
Arabic bahraini Qahabah whore
Arabic egyptian Ybn El-Mitneka Son of a Whore
Arabic iraqi ibn il sharmota son of a whore
Arabic iraqi Barbooqa! Whore!
Arabic kuwait da' ara (da3ara) whore house
Arabic kuwait Bin gahba Son of a whore
Arabic palestine akhu shlukeh brother of a whore
Arabic palestine ibin shlukeh son of a whore
Arabic syrian beit sharamit whore house
Arabic syrian karakhaneh whore house
Arabic syrian hajia a female whore and a dancer
Arabic syrian masasa whore offer blowjobs only
Argentine trola whore/slut
Argentine Trola a Whore
Argentine conchuda big vagina (whore)
Argentine hijo de mil putas son of a thousand whores
Argentinian Hijo de remil puta Son of thousands of whores
Armenian Agarka whore
Armenian boz bitch/whore
Armenian Agarki Cnunt Son of a Whore
Armenian poz whore, slut
Armenian bornig prostitute; whore, slut
Armenian pozavak pimp, whore master
Assamese Rendir Beta Son of a whore
Assamese Rendy Suda Whore Fucker
Assamise baissha whore
Assyrian Qakhba Slut/Whore
Australian rowl incestuous gang whore
Avatar: the legends of aang and korra Ginga Gunga Ginga Gung Im out fucking hore
Azeri peyser who's mother/sister/wife is whore
Azeri Gehbe balasi Son of a whore
Bahamian You is Nassau mattress your a whore
Bahasa indonesia Lonte Whore
Balkanish-russian Drolyetina propala! A falling whore!
Bangali Khankir pola Son of a whore
Bangali Magi Whore/Slut
Bangali randi magi whore
Belarusan Bliadz' Whore, slut, bitch
Belarusan Kurva piardolanaja Fucking whore
Bengali khanki whore
Bengali Maagi Whore/Slut
Bengali Khankir Pola Son of a whore
Bengali thore astha gao eh sudeh whole village fucks you
Bengali bhuski maagi whore with a used & loose pussy
Bengali Chudir Pola Son of a whore
Bengali SUDAURY Whore/Slut
Bengali SUTHH-MAROUNY Whore/Slut
Bengali khanki/maggi whore
Bengali chudir bhai brother of a whore
Bengali khanki chudi magir gude poka insect on the pussy of whore
Bengali Bessha Whore
Betawinese Emak loe pelacur Your mother is a whore
Betawinese Entot tuh pelacur! Fuck that whore!
Betawinese Entot tuh bool pelacur! Sodomize the whore!
Bihari chhinar whore
Bisaya Borikat Whore
Bosnian Spermuša Whore full of sperm
Bosnian Kurvo Whore
Brazil Piranha Whore
Brazilian portuguese Puta, Vadia, Piranha, Vagabunda, Cachorra, Cadela Bitch, whore, slut
Breoon Jeca-Jeca Stupid whore mother fucker
Bulgarian Grozna kurva Ugly bitch/whore
Bulgarian Mrusna kurventiq Dirty whore
Bulgarian Dulgo probna kurva Long trial whore
Bulgarian Na kolene kurvo On your knees bitch/whore
Burmese Par Tal Ma Whore
Cambodian Mee sa-pungh You (female) whore
Chakma Hangi chodi Whore/ slut
Chakma begiye chodi/begiye bani Whore/ slut
Chaldean Kahpe Whore/slut
Chinese Dl whore
Colombian visajoso/a attention whore
Comorian (swahili dialect) susu whore, lay, easy girl
Cow Moo moo moo Fuck you bitch monkey whore
Creole (mauritian) Pascal Whore
Creole (mauritian) bour sa pitin la fuck that bitch/whore
Creole (mauritian) Grand pitin Whore, bitch, slut
Croatian Mama ti je kurva Your mother is a whore
Croatian kurvin sine you son of whore
Cuban Puta sucia Dirty whore
Cuban Hijo de puta Son of a whore
Cypriot gamw tin poutana sou i fuck your whore
Danish Ludertæve Bitch Whore
Danish klamme luderso disgusting bitchwhore
Danish Din mor er en luder! Your mother is a whore!
Dari (Farsi) Kussi Whore (female)
Dari (Farsi) madar jende your mom is a whore
Dari (farsi) Fahesha Whore
Deusing Cock-eyed Caty Whompus Slanderous whore
Disney princess mirror mirror on the wall fuck you! im the fucking hore
Disney princess let it go leave me the fuck alone whore
Disney princess You will never bring your family honour You are such a disgusting whore
Dominican cuero malo! whore
Dutch Hoerenjong Son of a whore
Dutch Kanker hoer Cancer whore
Dutch Kuthoer Fucking whore
Dutch Goedkope hoer Cheap whore
Dutch kankerhoer cancer whore
Dutch Stoephoer! Porch whore!
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) hoerenzoon son of a whore
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) snol, del, hoer, prostituee hoe/whore
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) hoer whore
Dutch (holland/belgium) Kankerhoer Cancer whore
Dutch (street slang) Sloeri Slut/whore
Dutch(limburgs) vieze hoereneuker desse bis dirty whorefucker you are
Dutch, belgian dialect Oerepoeper Whore fucker
English skank whore
English cum dumpster whore
English Ho Whore
English shit on my chest you filthy fucking whore!
English hoer (pronounce: hoor -> "oo" as in "door" ) whore
English orospu prostitute, whore, harlot.
English mor di gow mother is a whore
English randi ko chak whore's ass
English sluttenous harlet whore
English Stinkhoer Stank whore
English manwhore promiscuous guy; man slut
English dirty whore slut, promiscuous woman
English Tramp Whore
English sonia gandhi daughterof a whore
English nagino son of nude whore
Esperanto putino whore
Estonian Hoor Whore
Estonian libu whore
Faroese Mamma tín er ein helvitis hora Your mom is a fucking whore
Faroese Helvitis horubarn You damn child of a whore
Farscape Trel'ik Slut/Whore
Farsi kunde whore
Farsi Madar Gjende or Madar Ghende your mother is a bitch/hore
Farsi khahar kosse (your) sister (is a) whore
Farsi Jendeh Slut, whore, bitch
Farsi Khar Kos seh your sister is a whore
Farsi maadar jendeh mother whore
Filipino 'tang ina mo you're mother's a whore
Filipino Putang Ina Mo! Your mother's a whore!
Filipino Putang ina Your mother is a whore,bitch,slut
Filipino puta ang nanay mo your mother is a whore
Finnish Huora Whore
Finnish Perseraiskattu pirihuora Assraped crackwhore
Firefly Tah-shr suo-yo dee-yure duh biao-tze duh mah! Whores in hell!
Fish Hog An attention whore
Flemish (Belgium) u moeder is een hoer your mother is a whore
Francais (Quebec) pute a cinq cennes 5 cent whore
French Putain Whore
French Meurs, pute! Die, whore!
French La putain de ta race Whore of your race
French Ta mere la pute Your mum's a whore
French Petite pute Little whore
French putain, pute whore
French (sex) Suce ma bite sale pute Suck my dick you whore
French-acadian(chiac) Pute or Putin Whore
Gaelic Slore slut whore
Georgian cadi shen kuchis kalo fuck off you street whore!
Georgian kuchis bozo (kutsjis bozo) street whore
Georgian bozis shvilo son of a whore
Georgian Dedamotkhnulis'shvilo Son of a whore
German die Hure Whore
German Dreckige Hure. Dirty whore.
German mudblut hure mudblood whore
German Huhrensohn Son of a whore
German Nuttensohn son of a whore
Greek Poutana Whore
Greek i mana sou ine putana Your mother is a whore
Greek bourdelo whore house
Greek Zlena - Ζλένα (Pontian dialect - Ποντιακ Slut/Whore
Greek Poutanas Gios Son of a whore
Greenlandic Arna palaaq Whore/slut
Greenlandic Arnapalaaq Bitch / Whore
Gujarati Maa ne ghat bhosdina Son of a prostitute/whore
Haitian Creole bouzen whore
Hawaiian pua'a laho man whore (lit. boar)
Hebrew Ben Zona Son of a Whore
Hebrew Ya ben shel kah-ba You son of a whore
Hebrew zona Whore
Hebrew Sharmuta Whore
Hebrew Ben Zonah Son of a bitch/whore
Hebrew Ben zona Son of a whore
Hebrew achotcha zona your sister a hore
Hebrew Sharlila Whore
Hebrew Zonah whore
Hebrew Zona Whore, bitch
Hebrew Ya ben elef You son of a thousand (whores)
Hiligaynon kaplog whore
Hindi randi ke bacche whore's son
Hindi Chopre he randi Shut up whore!
Hindi bhosdee kay son of a whore
Hindi miye ki khala whore / prostitute
Hindi Randi Ka Choda Son of a whore
Hindi Randi Whore
Hokkien keh whore
Hungarian A kurva anyad. Your mom is a whore.
Hungarian a mocskos kurva életbe fuck the dirty whore life
Hungarian másnapos kurva crapulent whore
Hungarian Lókurva Horse whore
Icelandic H'oru drullan thin You shitty whore
Icelandic Mella Whore
Icelandic H'ora Whore
Icelandic hruungi baby-whore
Ilong ggo (hiligayon) Ang nanay mo dambuhala nga biga-on Your mother is an obese whore!
India miyan rand whore from birth
Indian , kannada shraddha whore
Indian , kannada Soole Maga Son of a whore
Indian , kannada Randi magane Son of a whore
Indonesian Emak loe perek! Your mother is a whore!
Indonesian Terpujilah pelacur! Praise to whore!
Indonesian perek murahan cheap whore
Indonesian Juan Cipta Gay Whore
Indonesian Pelacur Whore
Irish striapach Whore
Italian zoccola whore
Italian troia whore (feminine)
Italian Figlio di puttanta Son of a whore
Italian Troia Whore
Italian puttana whore
Italian Vai a farti fottere, puttana! Go fuck yourself, whore!
Italian ir budello di tu ma' your mother's a whore
Japanese Baita Whore
Japanese Saseko Whore
Japanese Aba-Zure Whore
Javanese Jancok tenan! You are really whore!
Jersey shore Thot whore
Kaeshir gaan godkiyaa son of whore
Kannada Dagar Whore
Kannada Neenu Namitha You are bitch, slut, or whore
Kapampangan (pampanga) puta nayda mo you're mother is a whore
Kapampangan (pampanga) anac puta son of a bitch/ whore
Kaqchikel tz'i' whore
Kashmiri ghain whore
Kazakh Zhalep or Zhalap Whore, Bitch, Prostitute,
Kazakh Khanshykh Bithch, Whore
Kesporene (kasperian) VNHE Whore
Konkani rande puth son of a whore
Konkani Colwont Whore
Konkani zov rangyak fuck a whore
Korean um chang sae kki stupid whore
Kreole (seychelles) tolo whore
Kurdish (bahdini) Kahba kicha kahba Whore daughter of a whore
Kurdish (feyli) Daleg khiz Son of a whore
Kurdish (kurmanci) Ataturk Whore house
Kurdish (kurmanci) Errza kerekh Whore
Kurdish (sorani) Kahba Whore
Kurdish (sorani) qahpa bitch , slut , whore
Kurdish (sorani) Gandar You are fucked / Whore / gay
Kurdish (sorani) Bizhu Son of whore
Kurdish (sorani) Zhn hiz Wife Whore
Kurdish (sorani) Kori qahba Son of a whore
Kutchi Randh Whore/prostitute
Latin Mater tua lupa est Your mother is a whore
Latin Catamitus Boy Whore
Latin Tu scronium es You are a whore
Latvian palaistuve bitch, whore
Latvian Mauka Whore
Latvian Maukurs man-whore
Latvian Maukas gabals piece of whore
Latvian Maukas dēls son of whore
Lebanese Ahbeh Slut - bitch - whore
Lebanese Charmouta whore
Lithuanian Kurva Whore
Lithuanian kekse (keaksheae) whore
Lithuanian chiulpedra whore
Lombard Loegia Whore
Louisiana creole salop whore
Macedonian kurva whore
Malay chikaro or karo whore
Malayalam pambara kutichi whore
Malayalam Para kutichi whore
Malayalam pela vedi kandaroli huge whore
Malayalam Pulayadi monae Son of a whoremonger
Malayalam Kolekkeri Whore
Malayalam kandara oli whore
Malayalam aan-vedi man whore
Malaysian puki thiam whore house
Maltese Foxx dik il-qahba li ghandkom tal-laqxija! Fuck your whore birkirkara!
Maltese qahba f'xalata feasting whore
Mandarin shi san dian whore
Manipuri Kashubi macha Son/Daughter of a whore
Manipuri Kashubi Whore
Marathi Telkat Randi Oily whore
Marathi Raandichya You son of a whore
Marathi Chinaal maichya Son of whore
Marathi Chhinal Whore
Mazandarani kes kash your wife is whore
Mexican Singa la puta fuck a whore
Mexican Hijo (H is silent) de tu puta madre Son of your whore mother
Mirpuri/pahari kashmiri Randi na puthar Son of a whore
Mizo zawng hur whore
Mongolian Altsaisan gichii ready whore
Mongolian boovni ohin whore
Mongolian Yanhan Slut, whore
Moroccan Roh t'koed Go fuck with whores
Myanmar Ngar lo ma daa Son of a whore
Myanmar Phar Goung Whore
Myanmar Saut shat ma shi tae kwe ma thar Shameless son of a whore
Navajo Kiiya' sizini Whore
Nederlands (dutch) hoerejong son of a whore/bitch
Nederlands (dutch) stronthoer (lit: shit whore) slut / worthless female person
Nederlands (dutch) pothoer lesbian whore
Nederlands (dutch) Kanker Hoer Cancer Whore
Nepali radi ko puti whore's pussy
Nepali Bhalu whore
Nepali bhalu ko poi husband of a whore
Nepali Maa Rondi! Mother's a whore
Nepali maobadi born from a whore's ass
Nepali Bhalu lai chik muji fuck that whore motherfucker
Nicaragua puta barata cheap whore
North norwegain Fett hore Cunt Whore
Norwegian jævla hora fucking whore
Norwegian Helvetes hore Fucking bitch (lit. hells bitch)
Norwegian Hælvetes hore! Damn whore!
Norwegian Morra di er hore Yo mother's a whore
Norwegian ludder hore
Norwegian J'vla hore Fucking bitch
Norwegian J'vla hore Fucking whore
Norwegian Skamsltte ludder! hardbeaten whore!
Norwegian Breiddjame Son of a whore
Norwegian Jævla hore kuk Fucking whore dick
Norwegian Det stinker hore i motvind It stinks whore in headwind
Oriya Randa ku banda dhamakani a penis threatening to a whore
Oromo Shallee whore
Palestinian slang Ya akho el sharmouta! you brother of a whore/bitch!
Persian Jende whore
Persian (farsi) koskesh whore dealer
Persian (Farsi) Madar jendeh Your mother is a whore
Persian (Farsi) Khaar kosdeh Your sister is a whore
Persian (Farsi) jendeh, keer bokhor whore, eat a dick
Persian (Farsi) jendeh whore
Pirate Arr, landwhore! yo momma
Polish burdel whore house
Polish kurwa whore
Polish dziwka whore (light)
Polish Kurwa jebana Mać Whore fucked Mother
Portuguese Puta de merda! You shitty whore!
Portuguese A puta da tua tia! Your aunt is a whore!
Portuguese Vai pa puta! Fuck off! (Lit.: Go to the whore)
Portuguese Filho de mil putas Son of a thousand whores
Portuguese Filho de trinta putas Son of thirty whores
Portuguese A Puta de mae Your mom is a whore
Portuguese (brazil) Sua puta! You whore!
Portuguese (brazil) Vai pra puta que te pariu! Go see your whore mother!
Portuguese (brazil) piriguete whore
Puerto rican Hijo e puta Son of a bitch (whore)
Punjabi Gashti Whore
Punjabi randi slut/whore
Punjabi Kanjari Female Whore
Punjabi Kanjar Male Whore
Pushto randi zoe SON OF WHORE
Randi ki oulad Khankir Chele Son of A Whore
Romanian panarama stupid obnoxious whore
Romanian Tarfa whore
Romanian Curva whore
Russian sosi ebanataya suka! suck it you fucking whore
Russian sooka ebnataya fucked whore
Russian golubaya bl'yad gay whore
Russian Blyadischa Whore
Russian Shluha vokzal'naja Train station whore
Russian Bliad' Whore
Russian yebanutaya suka fucked whore
Russian bliad' whore
Russian Sooka Bitch/traitor/whore
Russian Tupa shmara Stupid whore
Russian Cyka blyat fucking whore
Samoan paumumuku whore
Scottish Hoore Whore
Scottish glaikit hoore stupid whore
Serbian kurvo jedna! you bitch/whore!
Serbian Kurva! Whore! Slut! Bitch!
Shona (zimbabwe) amai wako ihure your mother's a whore
Sindhi Ranayadha Son of a whore
Sindhi Randi jo putr sone of a whore
Sindhi Chutoon male whore
Sinhala huththige putha son of a whore
Sinhala Vesige putha son of a whore
Sinhala Wesige Putha Son of a whore.
Sinhala hutigay putha son of a whore
Sinhala Badda whore
Sinhalese huti whore
Slovak zajebana kurva fucking whore
Slovak kurva pica blesk ! whore cunt lightning ! (oath)
Slovak cundra slut, whore
Slovak flandra whore, slut
Slovak tvoja matka je kurva your mother is a whore
Slovak Jebem ti kurvu ! I fuck your whore ( strong curse)
Slovak Shlapka Whore
Slovak kurva! 1. whore 2. Fuck ! (strong oath)
Slovak Jebem ti (svatu) Mariu Kurvu ! I fuck your (holy) Mary, the whore
Slovak Tvoja skurvena mater je prostitutka Your fucking mother is whore
Slovak Mater ti je kurva ! your mother is a whore
Slovak Maria kurva ! Mary the whore ! (oath)
Slovak Krista Boha Maria kurva ! Christ God Mary the whore ! (oath)
Slovenian Crkn kurba Die whore
Slovenian cipa whore
Slovenian kurba whore
Somali waa sharmuuto is nacday she is a dirty whore!
Somali Dhillo Whore
Somali Shilinglay Whore
Somoan pu masae ripped vagina (whores)
Spanish Tu puta madre! your whore of a mother
Spanish Hijo de las gran mil putas Son of the 1000 great whores
Spanish Yo cago en la leche de tu puta madre I shit in your whore mother's milk
Spanish Tu madre es una puta Your mom is a whore
Spanish Aduana Whorehouse
Spanish Aduana Whorehouse
Spanish Aduana Whorehouse
Spanish puta whore
Spanish piruja whore,slut.
Spanish pinche puta Fuckin whore
Spanish zorra whore
Spanish Peeson Ku mar pleas Swallow my cum you whore!
Spanish cuero whore
Spanish Tu madre es un puta. Your mom's a whore/bitch.
Spanish (chile) Tu madre es una puta edionda Your mother is a stinking whore
Spanish (cuban) hijo de la gran puta son of a whore/bitch
Spanish (mexico) Pinche Puta Fucking whore
Spanish(spain) Eres una puta You are a bitch/whore
Sundanese jablay whore
Sundanese Wed al-sharmouta Son of a whore
Suriname(sranang) Sakka Sakka Motjo ! Dirty whore !
Suriname(sranang) saka saka motjo! disgrace dirty whore/slut
Swahili malaya whore
Swedish Tratthora! Funnel whore!
Swedish Pissluder Pisswhore
Swedish hor unge son of a whore
Swedish Pappas smutsiga lilla hora Daddys dirty little whore
Swedish Hora Whore
Swedish Din kuksugar hora You cock sucking whore
Swedish slyna whore/slut
Swedish Trskluder Swamp whore
Swedish höra whore
Swiss german Huäräsohn Son of a whore
Swiss german Schlampe, Nutte, Fotze bitch, whore, slut
Swiss german huere notte fucking whore
Syriac Kahpo Whore
Syriac Qahbe Whore
Tagalog putang ina whore mother
Tagalog Putang Ina Mo Your mother is a whore
Tagalog (philippine) putang ina mo your mums a whore/slut
Tagalog (Philippine) Putangina mo! Your mom's a whore!
Tajik (persian cyrillic) Koon-teeh slut, whore,
Tamil Vesai slut/whore
Tamil patcha thevidiya wholly whore
Tamil thevdiya prostitute; whore
Tamil kandaara oli whore
Tamil Thatuvani punda Whore's cunt
Tamil Thevdiya kuthiya nakku da Lick the whore's pussy
Tamil palavattara thevidiya whore that fuck many
Telugu doola lanja horny whore
Telugu golli chekutha lanja suck your clit whore
Telugu modda cheeku lanja suck my dick whore
Thai e - dawg bitch/whore
Thai dok! whore!
The schwarzenegger Ass whore! Asshole!
Trinidadian Jamet whore
Turkish fenerbahçe whore house
Turkish Orosp whore
Ukrainian iebana shlooha fucking whore
Ukrainian na koliny, suka on your knees, whore
Ukrainian Koorva Whore
Ukrainian Kurvee Whore Monger
Urdu eik dolla raande 1 dollar whore
Urdu doe dolla raandee 2 dollar whore
Urdu Randee ka bacha Son of a whore
Urdu rundi ka bacha son of a whore
Urdu Randi ki nasal Generation of whore
Uyghur Kanjuk Whore
Uyghur Paskina Whore
Uzbek Jalap Whore
Vietnamese con di whore
Welsh Hwrgi whore
West-vlams oere whore
Western lombard logia Whore
Zomi Suzuak Whore!