How to say F in any language!

Language Phrase Meaning
(pashto) Lewanai stupid/crazy - female
70s black you jive turkey on a coldfront Fake ass bitch
80s twinkie a tight fannty
80s Mother chode Faggot
Aave (african-american vernacular english) Mufuca i aint know iss you I did not know it was/is you
Aave (african-american vernacular english) Hoe get on the D and suck! Fuck me
Aave (african-american vernacular english) fuckboy A boy that isn't tough
Aave (african-american vernacular english) Fix it make me orgasm through your mouth
Aboriginal yolungu boii your mums fat ass
Aboriginal Whoom Ba Ba Hoya I will never support myself
Aboriginal Frik Fuck
Adi jiving on a coldfront nik is a alligator
Afghan kus modar mother fucker
Afghan fashia whore
Afghan Pathar Nalat Curse Your Father
Afghan Koss Shaftal Hairy Grass Looking Vagina
Afghan Kushad Faggot
Afghan Shakhh Shakhh Kosset mekonam Ill fuck ur pussy hard hard
Afghan Kerim da Basta Khanadanet Ill fuck your whole family
Afghan Awlad e knalek Son of a idiot
Afrikaans Jy's 'n hondenaaier You're a dog fucker
Afrikaans Gaan naai 'n koei Go fuck a cow
Afrikaans gaan fok 'n bok go fuck a buck
Afrikaans Moffie Gay
Afrikaans voetsek (pronounced footsak) get lost, fuck off
Afrikaans Gaan Pluk jou riem! Go and jerk off!
Afrikaans Gaan naai jou Ma Go fuck your mother
Afrikaans Jou dom stuk kak! You stupid piece of shit!
Afrikaans Fok jou! Fuck you!
Afrikaans Fokof Fuck off
Afrikaans Jou teef! You bitch!
Afrikaans "Naaiers" Fuckers / Whores
Afrikaans Hol naier! Ass fucker!
Afrikaans Jou skeel teef! You squint slut.
Afrikaans Hoender naaiers Chicken fuckers!
Afrikaans Gaan naai jou hand Go fuck your hand
Afrikaans nigger kaffir
Afrikaans Ek will jou naai I want to fuck you
Afrikaans Gaan vat 'n skommel Go jerk off
Afrikaans Loop naai Go fuck yourself
Afrikaans Looi n plooi Fuck a granny
Afrikaans mank genaaide bergbok disfiguredly fucked mountain goat
Afrikaans poes gesig cunt face
Afrikaans steek dit in jou fokken vet hol jou moer stick it in your fucking ass
Afrikaans Fok my soos n porn stere Fuck me like a porn star
Afrikaans wie de fok dink jy is jy who the fuck do you think you are
Afrikaans Jou Foken Poes You Fucken Cunt
Afrikaans Mal Fok Mad Fuck
Afrikaans you are a uncle fucker jy is n oom naaier
Afrikaans kom ons stoot come we fuck
Afrikaans boudkapper ass fucker
Afrikaans Lap naai Go fuck yourself
Afrikaans Jou fokken poes kakker naipoes You fucking cunt shitter cunt fuck
Afrikaans Jou fokken holnaaier poes You fucking ass fucking cunt
Afrikaans ma-naaier mother fucker
Afrikaans rioolboor ass fucker
Afrikaans jou vokken stuk geaborteerde fetus you fucken peace aborted fetus
Afrikaans Voetsek jou naai Fuck off you cunt
Afrikaans Hol naier Ass Fucker
Afrikaans gaan naai 'n boom Go fuck a tree
Afrikaans Fok die kak , Ek loop Fuck this shit, im leaving
Afrikaans Vok jou Fuck you
Afrikaans Jou nat naai You wet fuck
Afrikaans Fok julle naaiers! Fuck y'all/all you whores/fuckers!
Afrikaans Ek gee nie 'n fok nie I dont give a fuck
Afrikaans Jou Kafferkont You Black Vagina
Afrikaans Jou Poeslike Kanker you fucking Cancer
Afrikaans jy is n moeraspadda you are a swamp frog.
Afrikaans fok fuck
Afrikaans jou pa se perd your fathers penis
Afrikaans poes you ma en pa doos fuck you you ass fuck
Afrikaans Loop naai! Go fuck! (yourself is implied)
Afrikaans Vet fokker! Fat fucker!
Afrikaans spaiker you self screw your self
Afrikaans onosel fokken etter stupid fucking cunt
Afrikaans fokenwil for fuck sake
Afrikaans jou fokken goffel you fucking ugly bitch
Afrikaans Poesis Jesus, that was fucked up
Afrikaans Jou ma se Poes Your mothers fannie
Afrikaans jou pa se stink vuil poes your father smelly dirty puss
Afrikaans Jy sal wys raak! You'll get fucked up!
Afrikaans Jou tief You whore
Albanian te qifsha motren i will fuck your sister
Albanian "Te qifsha, kurve" Fuck you, bitch
Albanian Ti qifsha byth Fuck Your Ass, or to fuck ones ass.
Albanian Ta qifsha nanen Fuck Your Mother
Albanian Të qifsha robt fuck your family
Albanian te dhjefsha racën fuck your kind
Albanian ta qifsha nanen ne pidh kari fuck your mother you dick
Albanian ta qifsha pythin e nans fuck ur mothers vagina
Albanian Shko n'kar Go fuck you
Albanian Ta qifsha fëfërdakin e nonës May I fuck your mother's rim
Albanian dshtoj fuck up
Albanian ta qifsha pidhin To fuck your pussy
Albanian Ma qifsh karin! (Albanian-Kosovo) May you fuck my dick!
Albanian Guxha e karit Glans of penis
Albanian Ti qij rrobt! I will fuck everyone you have!
Albanian M'qifsh Karin! Fuck my dick!
Albanian Ubi zakolji da siptar ne postoji You are a goat fucker
Albanian Ta Qifsha Qeni Nanen Dog Fuck Your Mum
Algerian tahhann you give your wife to others
Algerian roh tnayyek go get fucked
Algerian roh tqawwed go give your wife
Algerian nik ommouk fuck your mother
Algerian nik ymak fuck your mother
Algerian Kerfa Passive gay man
Algerian Nikmok Fuck your mom
Algerian nik ymack fuck you mother
Algerian spontchi jerk off
Algerian nahwik fuck you
Algerian nbanyat jerk off
Algerian roh taati Go get fucked
Algerian wjah zebi Face of my dick
Algerian Nik souwet mok Go fuck your mom's pussy
Algerian kaboul son of a whore
Algerian Yedek fi zebi Your hands in my dick
Algerian Hatchoun yemak The pussy of your mother
Alien @#$@#( fuck you human!!
Alien u zurd this is too harsh to be defined
Alien ayy lmao Fuck
Alsatian schtufe die schobert fucked in the asshole
Amazigh - riffan Azedjif oumnyar Dickhead
Amazigh - riffan Abouhari (Male) - Tabouharcht (Female) Crazy / Retard
Amazigh - riffan Achkor I Will Fuck You
Amazigh - riffan Khsagh Achmakor I Wanna Fuck You
Amazigh - riffan A Mis N Tkahbacht You Son Of Bitch
Amazigh - riffan Ko Ymach Fuck Your Mother
Ambonesse Anjing cuki e! Fucking dog!
America english Freaking express to anger or annoyance
America english Blue waffles cunt A bitch with a bad std
American Mysteron An unpleasant or wrongful person
American (louisiana creole) Being a shitful of jackass Assdick
American English Shit licker Derogatory name for a homosexual
American English Ass ranger Derogatory name for a homosexual
American English Donut hole puncher Derogatory name for a homosexual
American English Rump rider Derogatory name for a homosexual
American English Ass rover Derogatory name for a homosexual
American English Flogging the meat Male masturbation
American English Cocksucker Derogatory name for a homosexual
American English Taking a piss Male or female urination
American English I'll be fucked To be amazed
American English Totally fucked To be in a bad situation
American English Apples from the Earth Fuck you
American English Taking a whiz Male or female urination
American English Lady of the evening Prostitute
American English Fucked To be in a bad situation
American English Stiffy Erect Penis
American English Doo doo Manure / feces
American English Poo poo Manure / feces
American English crap Manure / feces
American English Shaking the dew off the lilly Male urination
American English Eating out Performing oral sex on a woman
American English Pissing Male or female urination
American English Whizzing Male or female urination
American English Whiz Male or female urination
American English calm yo titties calm the fuck down
American English Peeing Male or female urination
American English Frotch/ Fire crotch Red head... (offensive)
American English Riding the baloney pony Getting fucked
American English Motherfucker suck on my hairy balls suck balls
American English Fuck you asshole, Go lick a dick. Fuck you asshole, Go lick a dick.
American English Piss fenders Vagina lips
American English Faggot Female Ass Grabber Grabbing On Tits
American English fatitude fat person with bad attitude
American English pizza face person with acne
American English mudflaps pussy lips
American English Muff pie Pussy
American English Furburger Pussy
American English Jerk Off Wanker
American English Pole dancer Derogatory name for a homosexual
American English Dick licker Derogatory name for a homosexual
American English Sturring the fudge anal sex
American English Muffin Vigina
American English Jacking off Male masturbation
American English Fist fucker Male masturbation
American English Fingering Female masterbation
American English Brick shithouse Beautiful woman
American English Nob Job Fellatio
American English mo fo muther fucka
American English Is it *that* time of month? are you on your period?
American English Durfee A person who is prone to epic fails
American English Brown Eye or Chocolate Starfish Anus
American English flo tard a retard woman on her flow
American English Milf Mother i'd like to fuck
American English cock block keep someone from getting sex
American English queef pussy fart
American English Cunt badger Someone that is a Badger of cunt
American English Kleng Fuck
American English fucken dickhead An extremly,stuuuuuuupiid person
American English Fuck me food i am hungry
American English Rooster Fish cock sucker
American English Gtfo Get The Fuck Out
American English Your a magikarp Your a useless piece of shit
American english butt hurt To sulk or be offended
American english Ass Pirate Derogatory name for a homosexual
American english fucking droopy ass bitch you have shit up your ass
American english Candyass Motherfucker Gay or Homosexual
American english MANWHORE A man who uses women only for sex
American english Bubblegum Dumdum lookin ass fucking twat Dumb fat pussy
American military Alpha Mike Foxtrot Adios mother fucker.
American military Whiskey Tango Foxtrot What The Fuck
American military Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo Yankee Oscar Uniform Fuck You
American military Snafu Situation normal ... all fucked up
American military Figmo Fuck it, I've Got My Orders
American military Charlie Foxtrot Cluster Fuck
American military Blue falcon buddy fucker
American military Wook/ Wookie female marine
American military Mary jane rotten crotch Some floozy with a smelly vagina
American sign language Hold your right hand open, with your fingers together and your thumb folded into your palm ("B"). Hold it to your chin with the side of your index finger touching your chin. Quickly move your hand forward away from your face with a sharp movement. Bitch
American sign language Make your right hand into a fist with your thumb sticking out and pointing upwards (as if giving someone a "thumbs up") Grab your thumb with your left hand, wraping your entire hand around it. Holding your left hand still, pull your right thumb down and o Shit
American sign language hold out your left hand away from your chest and skid your right hand over the left fuck off
American sign language Lift hand up and put all fingers down except your middle finger. Fuck you
American sign language Waving an open hand on the side of your chin front to back (fingers cupped in a C form but your thumb out). Your hand passes below and to the side of your chin twice (Second version since i did the first one wrong xD) Whore, slut or prostitute
American sign language Waving an open hand on the side of your chin front to back (fingers cupped in a C form but your thumb out). Your hand passes below and to the side of your chin twice Dick
American sign language Form a D handshape tapping your nose Dick
American sign language Form your hand like if you were holding a can of coca-cola. Look somebody in the eyes and shake the can upside down towards your mouth. Wanna blow me?
American sign language Form your hand like if you were holding a can of coca-cola. Look somebody in the eyes and shake the can up and down towards your mouth. Wanna blow me?
Amharic tebeda fuck you
Amharic enateh tebeda mother fucker
Amharic Bidatam Fucker
Amharic Kuletam fuck addicted
Amharic ye ahiya jela yigbabih get fucked by a donkey
Amharic tebeda ena mut get fucked and die
Amharic enatehin libdat let me fuck your mom!
Amharic Kitehen lebdaw Fuck your ass
Ammy kissimmee fuck your mother
Annoying cat Wheeow! Wheeow! Wheeow! Give me my fucking food!
Ape Ouu Aaah Haaa Aaaaaa! Shut the fuck up
Ape Nancy mother fucking whore
Arabic shlokeh a low life dirty whore
Arabic Kis em ick Go fuck your mom
Arabic ya ibn il daa'reh u son of a porn star
Arabic yel'aan naik emak fuck the fucking of your momma
Arabic Neek Hallak Go Fuck Yourself
Arabic faq'haa ass
Arabic Wald Dhroot (used in oman) Son of a fart
Arabic kos ahlak manayek fuck your whole family are gays
Arabic wald il dhuroot son of a shit
Arabic wald il qahbaa son of a bitch
Arabic wald il qawad son of pimp
Arabic sambool fi fqa'htak my penis in your ass
Arabic kes en neck eighty go fuck your mother
Arabic Bin'nt himaar Daughter of a donkey
Arabic manuke khara shit fucker
Arabic nayaak ghbar fucker
Arabic ibn il tinayich son of a fucker
Arabic gewad stupid lowlife pimp (iraqi slang)
Arabic kalet(prounounced Kahlet filthy street bastard(iraqi slang)
Arabic kalet(prounounced Kahlet) filthy street bastard(iraqi slang)
Arabic Ibn himar Son of a donkey
Arabic Ya weld elgahba Son of bitch(used in UAE)
Arabic sambooli maa indi ghairoo i am proud of my penis
Arabic coos okt al laglesh fuck all this shit
Arabic wald il 16 son of 16 bitches
Arabic wald il klaab son of dogs
Arabic kess emmak your mums pussy ( fuck your mum )
Arabic Ebn El Sharmoota! Son of a bitch!
Arabic Ayeree fee wij imaak My dick in your moms face
Arabic wald qahbat qureesh son of whore
Arabic ibin himaar son of a donkey
Arabic shakl il nahaan shit face
Arabic Nekni ana sharyaana fuck me I'm horny
Arabic hafyaan horny
Arabic wald il qaraqir son of balls
Arabic äíßäí ÍÈíÈí fuck me baby
Arabic airy qalbak fuck your heart
Arabic Neik Fuck
Arabic bde amroj fe 3enak jack off my dick in your eye
Arabic yalla maal saham a gay from saham
Arabic neekni wlaa tneek hargeti fuck me but dont fuck my words
Arabic neekni fuck me
Arabic neekni sahrawi fuck me in the ass
Arabic sir tkaoud go get fucked
Arabic hoi mouk fuck your mom
Arabic waa faqri damn
Arabic ghati il face oo doos il race cover the face and fuck the base
Arabic bah-shi rejlee fee teez imak(Palestinians slang) I put my leg in your mom's ass
Arabic bah-shi rejlee fee teezak(Palestinians slang) I put my leg in your ass
Arabic ya ibn el jahsh you son of a donkey
Arabic yelan abo taarees immak (Palestinian slang) damn the bitchiness of your mother
Arabic yelan fatsak swear your dead
Arabic Kus okhtish (for a girl Omani) Your sisters pussy
Arabic Neek nafsek Fuck yourself
Arabic qalab wighek fuck off
Arabic Airy Fic Fuck Off
Arabic aneek ummak i ll fuck your mom
Arabic nikkabuk fuck your father
Arabic baydati fik my balls in you
Arabic wald il hawyaa son of a bitch
Arabic Khaneeth Faggot
Arabic kes okhtik bi ayre fuck your sister/your sister
Arabic bedi nik kesik i wanna fuck your pussy
Arabic bedi nik bzez emak i wanna fuck your mom's tits
Arabic ntak get fucked
Arabic bedi fawit eyri bi tizik i wanna put my cock in your ass
Arabic bedi nikak i wanna fuck you
Arabic cos omak maafina Your mums pussy is dirty
Arabic nik jedak fuck your grandpa
Arabic beef strokie meat sucker
Arabic badi aneek kosik i want to fuck your pussy
Arabic nela aboka fuck your father
Arabic khajaf you are an embarresment
Arabic Ya Bint El-Khinzir! O thy daughter of pig!
Arabic Ya Bint El-Haram! O thy daughter of whore!
Arabic Qusamak I fucked you're mother asshole.
Arabic الله يلعنك Fuck you
Arabic Kaifa Haluka Fuck you
Arabic nock nullah father fucker
Arabic adreb pipa blow job for me
Arabic Hynityou Fuck You
Arabic khawal faggot
Arabic Kanker zemmer Cancer faggot
Arabic manyak faggot
Arabic (aleppo) Telhas Ras Airi lick the top of my dick
Arabic (aleppo) Iben El Mentakeh mother fucker
Arabic (aleppo) nyak al nana tab3ak your grand mom fucker
Arabic (aleppo) air b emmak el mfanda'a my dick in your hore mother
Arabic (aleppo) nfokho / dhasho shove it
Arabic (aleppo) ÇíÑ ÈÚíäß Fuck your eye
Arabic (lebanese) Akhou El Sharmoota Brother of a bitch
Arabic (lebanese) Ayri Belli Tara Ak Fuck Your Fucker
Arabic (lebanese) nfokho blow it
Arabic (lebanese) Bniik Boksh Tizzak I will fuck you asshole
Arabic (lebanese) Kiss ekhtak Fuck you sister s pussy
Arabic (lebanese) Kharaye feek Shit on you
Arabic (lebanese) Ibn el sharmouta son of a bitch
Arabic (lebanese) Hittou fi teesak Put it up your ass
Arabic (lebanese) Eyre fik Fuck you
Arabic (lebanese) bade naykak l fejle I will make you fuck the raddish
Arabic (lebanese) ayre belli bazzarak fuck your seeder
Arabic (lebanese) bade neek ra'ebtak I want to fuck your kneck
Arabic (lebanese) Eyre b Wejjak chou meref Fuck your face , it s so ugly
Arabic (lebanese) shlekke slang way of saying whore
Arabic (moroccan) Ntokbek I will fuck you deep
Arabic (moroccan) Njibo fik Cum in you
Arabic (moroccan) La Rovize Fucking
Arabic (moroccan) Bertouche Fucking Place
Arabic (moroccan) Hwini Fuck me
Arabic (moroccan) Kbirt lkhab The queen of all bitches
Arabic (moroccan) Khawwar karrak Finger your ass
Arabic (moroccan) Nkhshih fik bla dfal Will fuck you raw
Arabic (moroccan) Khchi sebaak f tremtek Go fuck yourself
Arabic (moroccan) Sir thawa Go fuck
Arabic (moroccan) Sir tkawed Get the fuck out of here
Arabic (moroccan) Yddek fi Zob Put your hand on my dick
Arabic (moroccan) hwi muk fuck your mother
Arabic (moroccan) Hmar kelb tfou Annoying idiot
Arabic (moroccan) kawed Fuck off !
Arabic (moroccan) mchi thawa Fuck you
Arabic (moroccan) tabon dyemak fuck ur mother's pussy
Arabic (moroccan) Kawwazi Put yourself in doggystyle
Arabic (moroccan) Lhwa dwa Fucking is a cure
Arabic (moroccan) Akbar zamel ala wajh alard The biggest fagget
Arabic (moroccan) Hway Zwamel Fucker of Gays
Arabic (moroccan) An Nhwik I will fuck you
Arabic (moroccan) Aji nahwik come to fuck
Arabic (moroccan) Bghitini nahwik Do you want me to fuck you?
Arabic (moroccan) M'zroob Fucked-up
Arabic (moroccan) Maabol del hla Fucked- up peasant
Arabic (moroccan) Sir t'hwi kahbat mok Go Fuck your mother the bitch
Arabic (moroccan) mkauda fucked
Arabic (moroccan) zamel bok your father is a gay
Arabic (moroccan) Seer Tkaffat Go masturbate/screw yourself
Arabic (moroccan) Sir taawad Go fuck yourself
Arabic (moroccan) Sir lanhwi lik Rabbak Fuck off or I will fuck your face
Arabic (moroccan) Din dialkom dial zwaml cult of faggets
Arabic (moroccan) Nahwi lik Titiza dialk I will fuck your girlfriend
Arabic (moroccan) Ana howa rab dialk you fed on garbage
Arabic (moroccan) Nahwik min lour I will fuck you from behind
Arabic (moroccan) nboul lik fi wajhek i'll piss over your face
Arabic (moroccan) nrsam lik tabone fwajhek i will draw a pussy on your face
Arabic (sudanese) Kulsoum Fuck you
Arabic (syrian) Rooh entak Fuck off
Arabic (syrian) Airi bshafrat kes emmak my dick in your moms pussy lips
Arabic (syrian) Airi feek my dick in you
Arabic (syrian) manyook fucked
Arabic (syrian) Ebn Al-manyooke Son of a fucked bitch
Arabic (syrian) Ebn Al-gahbe Son of a whore
Arabic (syrian) Nayek Emmak Fucked your mom
Arabic (syrian) Telhas ras airi Lick the head of my cock
Arabic (syrian) Ebn Al-Sharmoota Son of a bitch
Arabic (syrian) Nayek hareemek Fucked your women
Arabic (syrian) Nayek Ekhtak Fucked your sister
Arabic (syrian) yel'an ekht yali khalafak bi ayree akit manyookee fuck the person that brought u here
Arabic (syrian) eri be ketabak fuck your holy book
Arabic (syrian) Ibn Al Aahra Son of a bitch
Arabic (tunisian) baranek go fuck (yourself)
Arabic (tunisian) Emshi Nik Ommek Fuck your mum
Arabic (tunisian) Ya Kahba Fuck off Whore!
Arabic (tunisian) Ya Miboun Fuck off Gay!
Arabic (tunisian) niklik omik mother fucker
Arabic (tunisian) bara naik fuck you
Arabic (tunisian) would al kahba son of a bich
Arabic (tunisian) Hawi impotent, Jaffa, spermless
Arabic (tunisian) rouh nik omek go fuck your mom
Arabic (tunisian) naiek for fuck's sake
Arabic (tunisian) sayeb zebi leave me the fuck alone
Arabic (tunisian) engata'lek nountek I'll rip off your clit
Arabic (tunisian) shbi dirrabek ? what's wrong with your fucking God
Arabic (tunisian) niklek bzezlek i'm gonna fuck your boobs
Arabic - jordanian Kos ommak Fuck your mama
Arabic - jordanian ila an abu taaris ohtak screw your fathers sister
Arabic - jordanian ila an sharafak damn your honour
Arabic - jordanian dewangee cool guy or full of shit
Arabic - jordanian Khosh fi Teizi Fuck off (lit. Enter my Arse)
Arabic - jordanian doul fodjfoh fuck you
Arabic - jordanian Ba neekak I'll fuck you
Arabic - palestinian Kos omak ebn sharmota Fuck your mother son of a bitch
Arabic - palestinian Manek Your being fucked a lot
Arabic algerian rass el sh'ham fat head
Arabic algerian ruh tqawwad go get fucked in the ass
Arabic algerian Nik mok fuck your mum
Arabic algerian yedak fi zebi your hand in my dick
Arabic algerian fuck your mother's cunt nik souet mok
Arabic bahraini eer fe omok dick in your mom
Arabic bahraini Weld elgahba Son of a bitch
Arabic bahraini Raey Isbayan Boy Fucker
Arabic bahraini Wild El Gahba Son of a Bitch
Arabic bahraini Dayoos You pimp out your own family
Arabic bahraini Bin Gahba Son of a bitch
Arabic bahraini Kawad fucker
Arabic egyptian Zeb/ Zobr rude for Penis
Arabic egyptian Kos Omak Mother Fucker
Arabic egyptian Ibn El-Sharmoota Son of a Bitch
Arabic egyptian Ibn El-Kalb Son of a Dog
Arabic egyptian ibn el ahba son of a prostitute
Arabic egyptian Teezak maftouh Your bum is open
Arabic egyptian Ybn El-Mitneka Son of a Whore
Arabic egyptian Ya gizma Fucker(literally shoe)
Arabic egyptian Ommak Fasya Your mom farted
Arabic egyptian ya ebn el wskha son of bitch
Arabic egyptian metfarswaa' / metfarswa3 has a small dick and no balls
Arabic egyptian neik fucking
Arabic egyptian fashkh fucking
Arabic egyptian haneikak I will fuck you
Arabic egyptian Shufte Binta Show me the girl
Arabic egyptian Shufte Cos Show me the fanny
Arabic egyptian Hanekak I'll fuck you
Arabic egyptian da ana hanekak I will fuck you
Arabic egyptian ya ibn el labwa son of a lioness
Arabic egyptian faseel buzz killer
Arabic egyptian ya zebala you pile of garbadge!
Arabic egyptian zeby f bo'ak my dick in your mouth
Arabic egyptian zeby f tezak my dick in your ass
Arabic egyptian ya ibn el sarma your (mother/father) is an old shoe
Arabic egyptian baa'boos middle finger
Arabic egyptian metnaak fucked
Arabic egyptian Ya ebn el mara Son of a lady
Arabic egyptian Ebn El-mara son of bitch
Arabic egyptian zebi fek my dick is inside you
Arabic egyptian Ibn el caleb Son of a bitch
Arabic egyptian Shoof kalba tneekak Find yourself a bitch to fuck you
Arabic egyptian ya motakhalef you retarded
Arabic egyptian ya ibn elfashkha u son of a fucker
Arabic iraqi Ibn al khara Son of shit
Arabic iraqi Abu ayoura Father of dicks
Arabic iraqi ibn il sharmota son of a whore
Arabic iraqi koss omak fuck your mum
Arabic iraqi abn al kalaaab son of dog
Arabic iraqi Dakcdook Fat man
Arabic iraqi Dakcdookca Fat woman
Arabic iraqi Okht' El Teney-yich sister fucker
Arabic iraqi air ab wjhak dick in your face
Arabic iraqi frkh fag
Arabic iraqi anech akhtk fuck your sister
Arabic iraqi anech amk fuck your mom
Arabic iraqi ane chek fuck you
Arabic iraqi tfo ala kos omak a spit to your mothers pussy
Arabic iraqi alif er eb nos tezak a thousand dicks in your ass
Arabic iraqi abul eyora father of dicks
Arabic iraqi Kalb ibnal kalb Dog song of a dog
Arabic iraqi ibyn ballait el ere son of cock sucker
Arabic iraqi Khanneeth Faggot
Arabic iraqi Mennuke Faggot who takes it up the ass
Arabic iraqi Shloomfuss Bitch
Arabic iraqi Um El Eyura Mother of all Dick Lovers
Arabic iraqi mothaa suck of dick
Arabic iraqi ibn al ghahba son of bitch
Arabic iraqi eacha milf
Arabic iraqi ibin al yamani son of a flipflop
Arabic iraqi ibin al sayer naal son of a flipflop
Arabic iraqi mart al tkawid wife of a pimp
Arabic iraqi ibin al tarka son of a flipflop
Arabic iraqi okht al tkawid sister of a pimp
Arabic iraqi kis ardhich fuck your pussy
Arabic kuwait chub la anichick sut up or ill fuck you
Arabic kuwait Kiss Wayhek Pussy Face
Arabic kuwait Bin gahba Son of a whore
Arabic kuwait bou aswad son of a black
Arabic kuwait ana neek rasak i will fuck your head
Arabic kuwait ya walden kabah son of a pimp
Arabic kuwait Atsheer mukhik ill blow off your brains
Arabic kuwait neek rasi fuck my skull
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Bagri Sensei Of lower caste
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Bosnian Jebem ti kolac I fuck your cake
Bosnian Ko ti jebe mater. who is fucking your mom.
Bosnian Jebem ti Hljeb I fuck your bread
Bosnian Jebo te tikva Fuck your pumpkin
Bosnian Konju jedan You fucking horse
Bosnian Pederu jedan You fucking homo
Bosnian jebo ti pas mater dog fucks your mother
Bosnian Dabogda ti gavran odletio! May god give us your dick fell off!
Bosnian Jebem te u tu tvoju masnu guzicu! I fuck you in your greasy ass!
Botswana(setswana) Mother fucker English
Brazil Vai pro Inferno Go to hell
Brazil Filho(a) da Puta Son of a bitch
Brazil puta que pariu! fucking hell
Brazil canavial de rola em teu cu a shitload of cock up your ass
Brazil vai pro inferno go to hell
Brazilian portuguese Que porra é essa? What the fuck?
Brazilian portuguese CARALHO DICK / FUCK
Brazilian portuguese Vai Se Foder Fuck You
Brazilian portuguese Vai Tomar no Cu Fuck You
Brazilian portuguese Vai te fuder Go fuck yourself
Brazilian portuguese vai tomar no cu go fuck yourself in the ass
Brazilian portuguese Me enraba Fuck my ass
Brazilian portuguese biscate very easy girl / forward / slut
Brazilian portuguese Filha da puta Son of a bitch
Brazilian portuguese Vamos trepar? Let's fuck?
Brazilian portuguese Cafeto pimp
Breaking baddish Stay out of my territory Best get to steppin' and fuck off.
Breaking baddish I am the one who knocks I'm your worst fucking nightmare.
Breaking baddish Yo, Science! Fucking Awesome!
Breoon Kwatan de nur pissat moreono ta de Son of bitch
Breoon Jeca-Jeca Stupid whore mother fucker
Breton Mab ar c'hast You son of a bitch
Brit-military Pongocunt a soldier of low social standing
Brit-military SNAFU Situation normal all fucked up.
British Nonce Pedofile
British Fanny Pussy in U.S
British Tosser Wanker or Jack-off
British Bugger off Go away
British Piss off Go away
British Tart Promiscuous woman (less offensive)
British fucking cunt useless piece of shit
British fucktard fucking retard
British Poof/Pouf Gay man (not too offensive)
British bugger off fuck off
British shitfaced drunk
British As useful as tits on a bull Totally useless
British Did I fuck as like! I certainly did not!
British Play the five-fingered flute Wank
British Fuck me sideways! I am surprised!
British Toff Hoity toity person
British like fucking a dying man's handshake Fucking a really loose vagina
British Piss-Flaps Lips of the Vagina
British u fukin wanker you have done something wrong
Brony Flying feather! Flying fuck!
Brony Buck you Fuck you
Brony flank butt cheeks
Brony what entire nation what the fuck
Bulgarian Da eba / 'eba / Mamka mu' Fuck
Bulgarian Ebi se Fuck you
Bulgarian Shibai se Fuck yourself
Bulgarian Da ti go nachukam otpred i otzad I'll fuck you on both sides
Bulgarian Da te eba v guza Fuck you in the ass
Bulgarian Svirka whistle/ slang for blow job
Bulgarian maika ti da eba / da eba tvoita mama to fuck your mother
Bulgarian Da ti eba maikata I will Fuck your mother
Bulgarian ebi se v duza fuck your self in the ass
Bulgarian da ti eba maikata v ustata fuck your mother in the mouth
Bulgarian Shibaniak Fuckface
Bulgarian da ti eba maikata to fuck your mother
Bulgarian Da ti go nachookam v ustichkata I'll fuck you in your mouth
Bulgarian Koochi sin Son of a bitch
Bulgarian Ä Fuck your mother!
Bulgarian Da ti eba litseto I'll fuck your face
Bulgarian Zaebi Forget about it (vulgar)
Bulgarian shte ti go tura na babati im going to fuck your grandmother
Bulgarian Da te eba v ushite! Fuck you in your ears!
Bulgarian Rak da te iziade Die from cancer
Bulgarian shibaniak fucker
Bulgarian oligofren mentally disabled
Bulgarian Ebe li ti se? Wanna fuck?
Bulgarian Pederuga faggot
Bulgarian Yako me se ebe I feel like fucking a lot
Bulgarian Ebe mi se I feel like fucking
Bulgarian Ebach master of fucking
Bulgarian Yaka putka powerful pussy (gorgeous chick)
Bulgarian Pedal Faggot
Bulgarian na kutcheto v gaza in the dog's ass {far away}
Bulgarian da eba maikata fuck your mommy
Bulgarian Dolna kuchka! Fuckin' bitch
Bulgarian da ti eba putkata maichina fuck your mother's pussy
Bulgarian Ta iba v gaza grozen! I'll fuck you in your ugly ass!
Bulgarian Dirnik Fat ass
Bulgarian Sht'a iba kat' magare! I'll fuck you like a donkey!
Bulgarian Az moa li ti eba putkata maichina? Can I fuck your mother's pussy?
Bulgarian Shto li ti ne eba maikata? Why don't I fuck your momma?
Bulgarian Q hodi se ebi, be! Go fuck yourself!
Bulgarian Shiban pedal! Fucking gay!
Bulgarian Maika ti da eba Fuck you
Bulgarian mangal gypsy (offensive)
Bulgarian mainata ti fuck you
Bulgarian mamkamu! fuck!
Bulgarian [Whoi spless-can] Hui spleskan flattened dick
Bulgarian Da ti eba maikata v gaza I'll fuck your mom in the butt
Bulgarian Kon da te ebe Get fucked by a horse
Bulgarian Ciganin da te ebe Get fucked by a gipsy
Bulgarian Cheren pedal Black faggot
Bulgarian Umri ot spin Die from AIDS
Bunny *jumps on your face* Suck my balls/pussy
Bunny *soft bite* You taste good
Bunny *hard bite* Im gonna fucking eat you up !!!!
Bunny *scratches you* I told you to fuck off !!
Bunny *stomps* I fucking hate this !
Burmese na ma low sister fucker
Burmese Loo ma thar Son of a fucker
Burmese Sou Ko Ma Fucking bitch (female)
Burmese Sou Ko Fucking bitch (male)
Burmese Qui Ma Bitch (female)
Burmese Minn May Minn Lo' fuck ya own mother
Burmese Saut pat ka lar Fucking Indian
Burmese Phay loe ma thar Father fucker
Burmese ngar min may ko loe chin tal I wanna fuck your mother
Caddle Faduk yuu! (fah-dook yu) Fuck you!
Calabrese richione fag / homosexual male
Calabrese va piglalo in culo go fuck yourself
Calabrese Mannaia Damn/Fuck
Calabrese Ncul'a cu t'è vivu Fuck your self
Calabrese N' culu a mammata Fuck your mother
Call of duty FUCK YOU! Hello
Call of duty I fucked your mom I am a virgin
Cambodian Ah Joy Mrai You mother fucker
Cambodian Mee sa-pungh You (female) whore
Cambodian Ah jhouw ma-seit (see-it) You thieft,failure,etc
Canadian Dogger lazy fuckin worker
Canadian go fuck your hat. you are a cluster fuck of stupidity
Canadian wad or fuckwad. As in; he's a real wad/fuckwad/wad of shit, etc same meaning as as a fucktard
Canadian That guy is a waste of skin. Describing a useless idiot.
Canadian fuck you eh! fuck you
Canadian get stuffed go fuck yourself
Canadian you sheep fucker! (translation is literal)
Canadian take off eh! go fuck yourself
Canadian I laughed so hard I nearly shat myself! It was very funny!
Canadian Pepsi, Pepper French Canadian
Canadian fuckface idiot
Canadian dick fuck shit licker idiot
Canadian pissfuck poohead
Canadian god fucking dammit jioln,kj
Canadian Fall down fuck in the ass back stabber
Canadian fukeneh fucking awesome
Canadian I'll Fuckin' hammer ya I'm going to hit you
Canadian Yer Fuckin' a right I agree with you
Canadian shitpump Useless idiot, waste of rations
Canadian fuck head idiot
Canarian sarpica! get the fuck off!!
Canarian tira milla get the fuck off!!
Cantonese D'iu ne lo mo Fuck your mom
Cantonese D'iu ne lo mo Fuck your mom
Cantonese D'iu lay Fuck you
Cantonese diu lay lo mo fuck your old mother
Cantonese Diu Fuck
Cantonese Dil Lay Lo Mo Fuck your mother
Cantonese Ham Ka Chan Curse your family to death
Cantonese lau fom pei you old fart
Cantonese t'iu lei Fuck You
Cantonese Dieu Lei Lo Mo Go fuck your mother
Cantonese Nang Yeung Dick Face
Cantonese diu lei lau mau fuck your mom
Cantonese lun yeung dick face
Cantonese mun huw lay go ma!!! fuck your mother!!!
Cantonese fei hai fat cunt
Cantonese Ngong Kau Fucking Stupid
Cantonese Fai chaai Useless (son of a bitch)
Cantonese Gwan lei lun see ah None of your fucking business
Cantonese Sawt sawt dei; fat fat dei Mental, a nutter
Cantonese sei ham ga chan, sei puk gai fucking sons of a bitch
Cantonese sei law baak tau; sei ga jai fucking Jap
Cantonese bok lui fuck a girl
Cantonese Chee lun seen Your fucking crazy
Cantonese Diu lei tsuen ga Fuck your entire family
Cantonese Diu lei low mow goh tsau fa hai Fuck your mom in the rotting cunt
Cantonese Diu lei goh hai Fuck you in the cunt
Cantonese Fei gei cheung Flatso (flat chested chick)
Cantonese Hai yeung Cunt face
Cantonese Lun yeung Dick face
Cantonese Diew Lei Fuck You
Cantonese Jek chau Fight
Cantonese Sei yee m jai! Fucking traitor!
Cantonese Sei hoi! Fuck off!
Cantonese Diu lei low dau Fuck your dad
Cantonese Diu lei lo mo fuck your mother
Cantonese Diu Lei Lou Mou Hai Fuck Your Mom
Cantonese ding nei gaw fye fuck you!
Cantonese Ham Ka Ling Curse your whole family die.
Cantonese figh cai Pathetic shit
Cantonese dio leo sei lou mei haui fuck your dead mom your punk
Cantonese Cau fah hai Smelly disintegrated cunt
Cantonese Laan Hooi ! Fuck off !
Cantonese Ding Lei Gor See Fut Long Put A Finger In Your Asshole
Cantonese Sei ah nea dor puk gai! Die you fuckin bitch/bastard!
Cantonese Hoe sei ah nea gor bak chee! Go die you motherfucker!
Cantonese Kakha Ma Lo Se Ye, Eh Mai Gaid! Get the Fuck Out My Face, OHMYGOD!
Cantonese Nei go hai yan ho se ah Go die you fucking cunt
Cantonese Diu lay see f-ut Fuck your ass hole
Cantonese Hum ga ch-arm Screw your whole family
Cantonese Diu nei pook gai Fuck you bastard
Cantonese Nei fei yao chow You're fat and stinky
Cantonese Diu Kao Lei Geh Zhui Fuck Your Mouth
Cantonese Ding Lei Gor Fai Microwave your lungs
Cantonese lan yeung dickface
Cantonese PK fall down the street, you prick
Cantonese diu fuck
Cantonese Do lei lo mo chau hai Go fuck your mother's smelly cunt
Cantonese diu la sing fuck that star
Car Revving engine Fuck me
Cat Meow Fuck off
Cat Mew? WTF?
Cat Meow. Fuck you motherfucker!
Cat HISSSSS fuck you
Cat Pisses on your stuff Fuck you bitch!
Cat Ssssshhhh! Fuck of,
Cat Purr Fuck Yes
Cat Preow? WTFt?
Cat meOWW hiss hiss MEOW *claw* Leave my fucking food alone
Cat hiss claw piss off bitch
Cat Maw mew mow raw Fuck of you fucking ass dick
Cat Rrrrrawwwwwwrrrrrrrr Hssssssssh Fuck off
Cat meow MEOW hiss get your dick off here
Cat meuowww!! get the fuck out of my face!
Cat miaow miaow Miaow bring me food you titwanker
Cat Nya *stares at you with blank eyes* You are so fucking screwed
Catalan fill de puta son of a bitch
Catalan fote't fuck you
Catalan que et fotin go fuck yourself
Catalan fot el camp fuck off
Catalan Que et follin Go fuck yourself
Cebuano Kayatas Buang Fuck that Stupid
Cebuano Anak sa Kayat Child/Kid of Fuck
Chakma Ma Choda Mother fucker
Chakma Ler ha/ ler hech Go eat nasty stuff
Chakma Bagh choda! Tiger fucker!
Chakma Madari! Fuck your mother!
Chakma Sidire mu! Freak! (Disfigured face!)
Chakma Huguro saw! Son of a bitch!
Chaldean Si Masil Go Fuck Your Self
Chaldean Masilana Mother Fucker
Chaldean Erub Yuma Fuck Your Mom
Chaldean Erub Umtouh Fuck Your Aunt
Chaldean Erub Totouh Fuck Your Grandma
Chaldean Brit khapaa Son of a Bitch
Chaldean Erub Yumid Yumouh Fuck Your Mom's Mom
Chaldean Babouh elea masilana Your Dad Is A Mutha Fucker
Chaldean erub shirmatha fuck ass
Chaldean Kus arthoukh Fuck u
Chaldean Era Bikyo Fuck you
Chaldean Ufty Loser
Chamorro Kaduka (f) / Kaduku (m) Crazy
Chamorro ben lania hao go fuck yourself
Chamorro jablo fuck/fuck you
Chamorro sona ba bi tsi son of a bitch
Chamorro ta a'sirik lets fuck
Chamorro sirik fuck
Chamorro ta ma lania hit were all fucked
Chamorro da dale' educated in the art of fucking
Chamorro dale' Fuck
Chamorro hu dale' hao Im gonna fuck you
Chamorro hu dalen' maolek hao Im gonna fuck you good
Chamorro Sakin malania Fuckin thief
Chamorro pao lania hao you smell like you got fucked
Chamorro Polanio Fuck you
Chavacano (zamboanga, philippines) Conyo bos nana Genitalia of your mom
Chavacano (zamboanga, philippines) Chingga Fuck
Chavacano (zamboanga, philippines) Que tonto What a fool!
Chavacano (zamboanga, philippines) Que Razcon/a gat vos! What a bitche of you!
Chavacano (zamboanga, philippines) Chinga vos nana Motherfucker/Fuck your mother
Chavacano (zamboanga, philippines) Joder Fuck
Chi kin sit an lok khe Shit !! / Oh fuck !!
Chi kin sit Anlackheee Mother fucking Genius Son of luck
Chichewa bhoro ya taate waako your fathers prick
Chicken Cluck! Fuck!
Chicken Gobble Gobble Fight me, you pussy!
Chicken Cluck cluck cluck Fuck you cunt
Chicken Cooocck a doodle dooooo Who wants a fuck!
Chilean Pico Conchetumadre! Dick Motherfucker!
Chilean Andate a la Chucha!! Fuck off!
Chilean concha la wea fuck it
Chilean por la mierda for fuck sake
Chilean que chucha! what the fuck!
Chilean pico con la wea fuck it
Chilean ándate a la conchatumadre go fuck yourself
Chilean culiao fucked
Chilean Hijo de Perra Son of a bitch
Chilean Hijo de Puta Son of a bitch
Chilean correrse la paja jerk off!!
Chilean sapo culiao fucking cunt
Chilean andate a las rechucha! fuck off! (x2)
Chilean Culia Fucked (For girls)
Chilean Cachar Shag/Fuck
Chilean Afilar Shag/Fuck
Chinese cao ni ma fuck your mum
Chinese wo cao ni ma bi i fuck ur mom's cunt
Chinese g Fuck your mom
Chinese Ji bai,kanina Pussy fucker
Chinese 我肏你妈屄 wǒ c i fuck ur mom's cunt
Chinese fuck
Chinese Che Dan (³¶µ­) Fucking Nonsense
Chinese gun ni ma de dan Go fuck yourself!
Chinese wo cao Fuck! or Fuck you!
Chinese wo kao Fuck! or Fuck you!
Chinese wo ri Fuck! or Fuck you!
Chinese ma la ge bi Damn! Shit! Fuck!
Chinese ri ni ge xian ren ban ban Fuck your ancesters
Chinese »ëÇò£m dumb bastard, stupid piece of shit
Chinese cao fuck
Chinese kao yao WTF
Chinese 他妈的 ta1 ma1 de3 Fuck
Chinese go niang yang de son of a bitch
Chinese tsao dan de ball fucking
Chinese 日你妈 ri ni ma Fuck your mum
Chinese 干你娘的屁眼(gan ni niang de pi yan) Fuck your mother's asshole
Chinese 我操你妈逼 (wo sao ni ma be) I fuck your mom pussy
Chinese wo cao ni ma de pi guo i fucked your moms ass
Chinese Diu Nia Sing Fucker
Chinese 王八蛋 (wang bai dan) Son of a bitch
Chinese ‹ç“ú“I gou ri de Fucked by a dog, bustard/ deamed.
Chinese Diu Nei Lo Mo Fuck your mother
Chinese 操你妈 Fuck your mom
Chinese Ping ying: Chao Ni ma de Gi ba Fuck your moms dick
Chinese yu dam ful you dumb fool!
Chinese Ta ma de Fuck
Chinese Ong Qin Xiang fuck your mother
Chinese WQNMLGB (我去你妈了个逼) fuck your mother's pussy
Chinese chao di wang xau zu! put a fucking stick up your ass!
Chinese gan ni niang fuck your mum
Chinese gan fuck
Chinese diao fuck
Chinese ni mama gei ren diao your mother fuck by someone else
Chipian ahe fo me ito you monster!
Chopnese Chop chop WTF ARE YOU DOING PEWDIE?!
Christian kid (Forgive me, lord) Get the heck away from me you sinner! Get fucked, you cum stain.
Chuuk Firininom Fuck your mother
Chuukese Feinom Fuck Your Mom
Chuukese Chariei Fuck Your Mom
Chuukese Firin Inomw your mother's vagina
Chuukese Orom Fuck Fuck you
Cockney rhyming slang James Blunt (only first word used) Cunt
Cockney rhyming slang Jack n Danny Fanny /virgina
Colombian Setenta hijueputa Seventy times son of a bitch
Colombian Careverga Dick face
Colombian perro hijueputa cunt son of a bitch
Colombian caremondá dickface
Colombian carechimba Dick Face
Colombian esa gonorrea es una pecueca! tht piece of shit is a nobody
Colombian parcera friend
Colombian careculo Lit. assface
Colombian cacaln fag, gay, faggot
Colombian cacorro fag
Comorian (swahili dialect) na robe fuck
Comorian (swahili dialect) effendi gay man
Cook islands maori panepane to fuck
Cornish Kidge dhe vez fuck off
Costa rican Metase el dedo Go fuck yourself
Costa rican Hij'ue puta Son of a bitch
Costa rican Perra Female dog (bitch)
Costa rican Playo Fag/Gay
Costa rican Rabano Fag
Costa rican Pura mierda Full of shit
Costa rican Car'e picha Dick face
Costa rican Mongolo Fool
Costa rican Meter el pedazo To fuck
Costa rican Culear To fuck
Counter strike fire in the hole cum to the pussy
Counter strike Eco Spend all of your money
Counter strike omg fuck u afk kick this noob you should play in esea!
Cow moo fuck off
Cow Moo moo moo Fuck you bitch monkey whore
Cow Mooo Moo MOOO get your ass off my food
Cow Milking the bull You fuck your dad
Cow Moother Milker Mother fucker
Creole Amenn to manman mo coké Bring your mum, I'll fuck her
Creole to pe rode la gratelle dan to liki la you are looking for troubles
Creole braine lor to fron cum on ur forehead
Creole ale boire difout!!!! go drink cum
Creole baise to mama fuck your mum
Creole al fair bour toi!!! go get fucked!!!
Creole bouss liki shut the fuck up
Creole Salope chien lacou bitch dog from the street
Creole (Mauritian) gagne coute hayabuza dans la guele ur face is a wreck
Creole (Mauritian) Bousse impe to gran liki shut the fuck up
Creole (Mauritian) risser aller fuck off
Creole (Mauritian) ratte caca crase lisien drunk mother fucker
Creole (Mauritian) mone defoncer im absolutely fucked
Creole (Mauritian) pi sousoute foul smell of pussy
Creole (Mauritian) to liki batte fran your pussy's on fire
Creole (Mauritian) trou du pete fart hole
Creole (Mauritian) sous tiolo so trou fesse suck soz's ass
Creole (Mauritian) mone fleuri im stoned
Creole (Mauritian) passe emba la roue avion shit face
Creole (Mauritian) mo pou zigeler toi I will fuck you
Creole (Mauritian) Peter Fart
Creole (Mauritian) Falour tor ma Mother fucker
Creole (Mauritian) pitin Prostitute / fuck
Creole (Mauritian) la guel coq penis face
Creole (Mauritian) sousse likisorma la suck the motherfucker
Creole (Mauritian) sousoute fletri deflowered pussy
Creole (Mauritian) trou fess ass hole
Creole (Mauritian) mo frakk twa!!! i fuck you violently
Creole (Mauritian) sounepapi your father's balls
Creole (Mauritian) trou fess lichien dog anus
Creole (Mauritian) piti 2 papa son of two fathers
Creole (Mauritian) lagrain feletri withered balls
Creole (Mauritian) rode la gratelle dan liki looking for troubles
Creole (Mauritian) capote defoncer banged
Creole (Mauritian) falkoneti torti tortoise pussy
Creole (Mauritian) sousoute zoignon Foul onion smell of pussy
Creole (cape verdean) ba fude bu ma go fuck your mother
Creole (cape verdean) fiju di puta Son of a Bitch
Creole (cape verdean) Rostu ma pitada Pussy face
Creole (cape verdean) Ba muka bu mae Fuck your mum
Creole (mauritian) Faloo mama Your mom's pussy
Creole (mauritian) mo pu bour toi i will fuck you
Creole (mauritian) bousse to liki shut the fuck up
Creole (mauritian) ki languet mama what the fuck
Creole (mauritian) Trou fesse Asshole
Creole (mauritian) Fer bour toi Go get yourself fucked
Creole (mauritian) Lavra fart+hole
Creole (mauritian) Fer Bour twa (FBT) Fuck yourself!
Creole (mauritian) Defalouté kaput / fucked up
Creole (mauritian) bour sa pitin la fuck that bitch/whore
Creole (mauritian) guet liki trouve trou fess twisted eyes
Creole (mauritian) to sousoute kouma dire patin frein you're a bitch!
Creole (mauritian) Gogot nation Small foul smelling dick
Creole (mauritian) Langetliki torma The clit of your mother's pussy
Creole (mauritian) Jevin Animal fucker
Creole (mauritian) to fer fit dan baja you spoil everything!
Creole (mauritian) "Falour" mama swearing word (Your mum's cunt)
Creole (mauritian) Faloure or "Falour" mama swearing word (Your mum's cunt)
Creole (mauritian) Difoutte sperm (cum)
Creole (mauritian) Trou Fess ass hole
Creole (seychelles) trou fes sale salted ass
Creole (seychelles) kabo lelou wolf dick
Creole haitian Fout tonère! God damn it!
Creole haitian Guet maren ou Fuck you
Creole haitian Al fè rout ou Fuck off
Creole haitian Kou lan guet manman-ou Fuck you
Creole haitian jebo te onaj ko te napravio may the one who made you fuck you
Creole haitian mal pou di bouzin bitch without satisfaction
Creole haitian Ki kaka sa! What the fuck is that!
Creole haitian al konyen! Go fuck yourself!
Creole haitian besse mes fesse bouzin kiss my ass bitch
Creole haitian Fout Myed! Fuck you
Creole haitian mafu to dayo shut the fuck up
Creole mauritian to p piss difer you are revolting
Creole mauritian la grain balls of men
Creole mauritian Fer bour twa Look for someone to fuck u
Creole mauritian bouss to liki shut the fuck up!
Creole/kreole (belize) madaras fuck
Creole/kreole (belize) Battyman fag
Croatia Boli me kurac! I don't give a fuck!
Croatia Jebal te bik The bull will fuck you
Croatia Jebi si mater Fuck your mother
Croatian Jebem ti mater u usta I fuck your mother in her mouth
Croatian Jebem ti život. I fuck your life.
Croatian Kurvin sine! You son of a bitch!
Croatian Jebem ti mater! I fuck your mother!
Croatian Odjebi! Fuck off!
Croatian Jebi ga. Fuck it. (literally "Fuck him")
Croatian Jebem ti sreću. I fuck your luck.
Croatian Jebem ti oca! I fuck your father!
Croatian Jebem ti Boga. I fuck your God.
Croatian Jebo ti pas mater. Dog fucked your mother.
Croatian (Idi) u trie pičke materine! (Go) to three of your mother's cunts!
Croatian Jebo te patak. Duck fucked you.
Croatian Jebo ti vrag mater Devil fucked your mother.
Croatian Jebem mu miša. I fuck his mouse. (not very offensive)
Croatian Jebem te glupa. I fuck you stupid.
Croatian kurac od ovce dick of a sheep (useless, worthless)
Croatian jebi se go fuck yourself
Croatian Jebo ti ja mater glupu I fuck your stupid mother
Croatian Jebem te u dupe I fuck you in the ass
Croatian ma tko te jebe who gives a fuck about you
Croatian kurvin sine you son of whore
Croatian Zajebi to stari Fuck that man
Croatian Odjebi budaletino Fuck Off you Fool
Croatian Govno jedno piece of shit
Croatian Jebi se! Go fuck yourself!
Croatian jebena seljacina fucking hill-billy
Croatian jebeš me u zdrav mozak you fuck me in my healthy brain
Croatian jebem ti krvavo jaje i fuck your bloody egg
Croatian Jebo sliku svoju! Fuck your own picture!
Croatian sjebano fucked up
Croatian jebote oh fuck! (literally: fucked you!)
Croatian jebiga fuck it (literally: fuck him)
Croatian pièka ti se zgadila! may you find pussy repulsive
Croatian Jebo ti pas mater! Dog will fuck your mother!
Croatian Jebote led Ice fuck you
Croatian Ko te jebe glupane! Who fuck you so stupid!
Croatian Izrigat æu ti se u facu! I will vomit in your face!
Croatian jebi se pitcka go fuck yourself cunt
Croatian Jebo ti bog mater May the god fucks your mother
Croatian Jebem ti krv! I fuck your blood!
Croatian Jebem ti mliko materino! I fuck your mother's milk!
Croatian Jebem ti cicu materinu! I fuck your mother's tit!
Croatian Jebote onaj koji te napravio. Let fuck you who has make you.
Croatian Bog te jeb'o! God fucks you!
Croatian Jebem ti sve po spisku! Fuck everything on your list!
Croatian Dabog da ti se noge osuile! May your feet dry out!
Croatian jebo majku svoju u ćaćinom grobu fuck your mother in father's grave
Croatian jebem ti smrt do smrti pa ne mogu umrijeti fuck death to death but can not die
Croatian jebo te ja I fucked you
Croatian jebo te dedo your grandaddy fucked you
Croatian jebo te očinski otac your fatherly father has fucked you
Croatian jebem ti kruh/hljeb I'm fucking your bread
Croatian Jebem ti pleme I'm fucking your tribe
Croatian Jebeni seljak fucking peasant
Croatian kurbat turkish Imat muhe na duphje You have flies on your ass
Croatian, bosnian Jebao ga/te japanac! May a Japanese man fuck him/you!
Croatian, serbian Jebem li ti mamicu I fuck your mother
Cuban Hijo de puta Son of a whore
Cuban La resinga de tu madre Your fucked mother
Cuban Singao Fucker
Cuban Vete pa casa de la pinga Fuck off
Cuban mojaneta little piece of shit
Cypriot GAMO TIN MANA SU I fuck your mother
Cypriot pittako moutsoune face is being flat
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Cypriot roufo villi suck dick
Cypriot gaouro gami donkey fucker
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Cypriot gamiese you are being fuck
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Cypriot fae ti villa mou eat my dick
Cypriot gamiete i thkia sou your antie is being fucked
Cypriot mounno poutso gliftra cunt and dick licker
Cypriot Villo moutsune dickface
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Cypriot gamo ton shisto su fuck your cunt
Cypriot na fais skata eat shit
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Cypriot glifo munni cunt licking
Cypriot Piso glentis party from behind
Cypriot Gifto Tramp
Cypriot moro gamias pedofile
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Cypriot gie tis son of a bitch
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Cypriot gamo ton thkiaolo i fuck satan
Cypriot porno diastofike perv
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Cypriot Farmakas Gay Cocksucker
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Cypriot tanjisa ugly fat girl
Czech peehat the act of fucking
Czech vyser si voko go fuck yourself
Czech fuc ty fuck you
Czech show-staat fuck
Czech jdi do prdele (dee doh purr delleh) bugger off
Czech prt! fart!
Czech Zkurvysyn You son of a bitch!
Czech Zmrd Fucker+ cock, dick.
Czech Di do hajzlu Go fuck yourself
Czech šukat [shucut] to fuck
Czech Sraèka (srachka) soft wet shit
Czech Koomrd (koniomrd) a person who fucks horses
Czech Odprejskni Fuck off
Czech Di do piči! Fuck off
Czech Táhni/jdi do prdele! Fuck off
Daedrits jou fok jou suster!!!!!!! you fuck your sister!!!
Danish Tudefj's Crybaby
Danish Fj's Face
Danish Hold k'ft Shut up
Danish forpulede rovhul fucking asshole
Danish For helvede God damn it. (lit. to hell)
Danish Knep dig selv! Fuck you!
Danish Æd lort, fisse Eat shit, pussy
Danish Gå hjem og knep din mor Go home and fuck your mom
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Danish Fisse Pussy
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Danish Skrid med dig! Fuck off!
Danish Jeg knepper din mor! I´ll fuck your mother!
Danish Din fucking idiot You fucking asshole
Danish Er du fucking retarderet? Are you fucking retarded?
Danish Svans Faggot
Danish Din lille lort You little piece of shit
Danish Lad mig tygge i din fisse Let me munch on your pussy
Dari (Farsi) madar gai mother fucker
Dari (Farsi) chocheh sag child of a dog
Dari (Farsi) Kussi Whore (female)
Dari (Farsi) Aike thoo-ra kuss kanum i'll fuck your mum
Dari (farsi) Zaanet ta Gaayom will fuck your wife
Dari (farsi) Kuss Aja Grandma Fucker
Dari (farsi) Zaadem-et taa I fuck you
Dari (farsi) Khar Kuss Donkey Fucker
Dari (farsi) Kuss Modar Mother Fucker
Dari (farsi) ma mefomam kere mara mehoyi i knoww you want my dick
Dari (farsi) Kharkus Donkey Fucker
Dari (farsi) Kerim da kosi khuwarit I fuck you'r sister
Dari (farsi) Jendeh kaseef Dirty slut
Dari (farsi) Fahesha Whore
Deptic Guq Oafagle Pi Fiq Duzla vegruo I pissed in your milk bitch
Deusenese quatainch one quarter of an inch
Deusinese marredup slightly fucked up
Deusinese mucked up fucked up
Deusinese cock-eyed catty whompus completely fucked up
Dezfili Mazash Middle of my dick in your stomach
Dhivehi Findhu Cunt
Dhivehi Fui Cunt
Dhivehi fui vagina
Dhivehi Nagookendi pig (very offensive)
Dhivehi findu pussy
Dhivehi kaleyge vaa athu oshu ge kana aih faraai your left balls right side
Dhivehi fada boe drink cum
Dhivehi kae fuoh your balls
Dhivehi Kaley Amaa Fada boe suck ur mothers Vagaina
Dhivehi Fada Bo'e Fuck you
Dick language Squirt Squirt Suck my dick You Mother FUCKER
Dick language Flop That bitch is ugly
Disney princess mirror mirror on the wall fuck you! im the fucking hore
Disney princess to infinity, and beyond im gonna cum, in your vagia
Disney princess oh brother fuck me harder
Disney princess faith, trust and pixie dust sex,sex and more sex
Disney princess off with their heads fuck them all
Disney princess let it go leave me the fuck alone whore
Dog WOOF asshat
Dog Woof Bitch
Dog Pisses on your bed Fuck you.
Dog woof cunt
Dog WOOF WOOF Get lost anus licker
Dog Shits on your floor Jokes on you, Fucker
Dog Yipe (Frightened) Holy shit!
Dog Yipe (Suprise) Oh fuck
Dog Ruff Your mother likes it rough
Dog howl i'm horny for a bitch
Dog Wooo-oooof The hell you say!
Dog arf Dickface
Dog Arf Bastard
Dog aarf arf ass hole
Dog ruff son of a bitch
Dog humping your leg fuck me
Dog Woof-woof Back away before i bite yo ass
Dog Shits in your bed Fuck you AND your mother
Dog Growl I will fuck you up
Dog woof woof howl fuckin let me out you shitbag
Dog mouth-snap growl fuck you
Domari kurao tout Fuck you
Dominican tu maldita madre your fucking mother
Dominican coño fuck
Dominican singao fucker
Dominican Rapa tu mai. you fuck your mom
Dominican Hijo de la gran puta Son of a bitch
Dominican singa tu madre mama guevo fuck your mother, faget
Dominican cara e semilla pussy face
Dominican Me tienes la creta hirviendo (forma molesta) I have my pussy boiling (upset way)
Dominican Maldito cabron Fucking asshole
Dominican Cundango Faggot
Dominican Me jodí I'm fucked up
Dominican hija la creta daughter of a vagina
Dominican mama si haya suck if you find
Donkey hooo heee hoooo ahhhhh go fuck yourself
Donkey aaaahhhaoo hfoahf get lost fucking bitch
Donkey Wee Saaw Go fuck you self
Dota Potangina Mo Fuck your mother.
Dota 2 FrankerZ Puppey
Dragon ball z Kamehameha fuck her right in the pussy
Duck Quack Fuck off you shitty cunt
Duck Quack quack Fuck your mother, cunt
Duck qwack (bow head) fuck you ... wanker
Duck Quack Quack,Quackery Quack fuck you, mother fucker
Dusun logiut fucker
Dutch Vieze vuile gore smeerlap Filthy person
Dutch Kuthoer Fucking whore
Dutch Kutwijf! Bitch (literally cunt bitch)
Dutch Sterf aan kanker! Die to cancer
Dutch Vuile rot mof! Dirty German!
Dutch flikker op! Fuck off
Dutch Hufter "asshole"
Dutch Hoerenjong Son of a whore
Dutch rot op fuck off
Dutch kutwijf bitch
Dutch Vieze dikke pad Big fat toad
Dutch fatsig zwijn fat hog
Dutch Ga je hondje neuken. Go fuck your doggy.
Dutch vuile teringslijer fucking asshole
Dutch Lelijke dikke oma Ugly fat granny
Dutch apenkind child of a ape
Dutch Opzouten ! Fuck off !
Dutch ga naar je moer! Fuck off (lit. Go to your mother)
Dutch Bokkelul Dick of a ram
Dutch verrekte mongool fucking retard
Dutch verneukt fucked up
Dutch Flikker! Faggot!
Dutch Homofiele kut kanarie gay cunt canary
Dutch Kanker lijer Cancer sufferer
Dutch jij bent een vieze schapen neuker. You're a dirty sheep fucker.
Dutch muizefluit small penis ( 'mouse dick')
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) Kutding Fucking thing
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) Kutwijf Bitch
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) Flikker Homosexual
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) hoerenjong son of a bitch
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) I fuck your sisters ass Ik neuk je zusje d'r kontje
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) kanker nerd fucking geek
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) teef bitch
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) tyfusslet lit. "typhislut"
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) hoerenzoon son of a whore
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) Krijg de pleuris Fuck you (not lit.)
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) Kankerwijf Cancer bitch
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) Tyfushond Typhis dog
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) Hou je fokking bek! Shut the fuck up
Dutch (Holland/Belgium) Dikzak Fatass
Dutch (brabants) flikker gay
Dutch (brabants) Kutkop cunt face
Dutch (brabants) lilleke natnek fucking asshole
Dutch (brabants) Honde neuker Dog fucker
Dutch (haags) Wous Fool
Dutch (haags) Grafbakkus Fucked up face
Dutch (haags) Slappuh kenkerworst voor n gezicht limpy cancer sausage for a face
Dutch (holland/belgium) Rot op! Fuck off!
Dutch (holland/belgium) Krijg de tyfus, val toch dood! Get typhoid and drop dead!
Dutch (holland/belgium) Je kanker lelijk hoere moeder Your fucking ugly slutty mom
Dutch (holland/belgium) Frikandel Beardick
Dutch (holland/belgium) Tyfkanker een eind op Walk to hell
Dutch (holland/belgium) Stuk verdriet Piece of sadness
Dutch (holland/belgium) Opkankeren Fuck off
Dutch (holland/belgium) Houd je kanker bek Shut your fucking mouth
Dutch (holland/belgium) ik neuk u hond i fuck your dog
Dutch (street slang) Ben je kaulo dom? Are you fucking stupid?
Dutch (street slang) Tap je moffo Shut up
Dutch (street slang) Je dikke kanker moeder Your fat cancer momma
Dutch (street slang) Tap je kanker bek/moffo Shut your cancer mouth
Dutch (street slang) battie Faggot
Dutch (street slang) Je moeder haar poenie stink naar vis Your moms pussy stinks like fish
Dutch (street slang) Kanker flikker Cancer faggot
Dutch(limburgs) vieze hoereneuker desse bis dirty whorefucker you are
Dutch(limburgs) Kuttekop cuntface
Dutch(limburgs) Kutflikker Cuntfaggot
Dutch(limburgs) Beftekkel Pussy eater
Dutch, belgian dialect Oerepoeper Whore fucker
Dutch, belgian dialect kalf calf
Dzongkha jed dah fuck you
Eagolian Bius U gao gao Fuck u real good.
Eave (european-american vernacular english) Ru rikey? Fuck you, Asian person
Eave (european-american vernacular english) Feminist A woman who won't date me
Eave (european-american vernacular english) Wife Sister
Eave (european-american vernacular english) Fruity Gay, feminine male
Eave (european-american vernacular english) Suck and swallow Suck my dick, fuck you
Eave (european-american vernacular english) Your momma Fuck your mother, fuck you
Eave (european-american vernacular english) Spear chucker African person
Eave (european-american vernacular english) Muddin' Driving in mud for fun
Eave (european-american vernacular english) Heritage, not hate Heritage of hate
Eave (european-american vernacular english) Nig-Nog African American
Ebonics What's kickin' my chicken? How's it going, friend?
Ebonics I be ma fuckin pimpin an shit! I feel pretty good!
Ebonics Woday A friend
El salvadorian A la gran puta Son of a bitch
El salvadorian Cara de pija! penis face!
Emarati bin gahba son of a bitch
Emarati Khosh To fuck
England fuck slang for sex
England shirt lifter homosexual male
England shit for brains stupid
England fag cigarette
England milf mother id like to fuck
England Suck your mum Fuck your mother
English Jack Off Masturbate
English I want you to cum on my face
English Fuck me like a porn star
English I want to rub my pussy all over your face
English Fuck me hard...hurt me
English fuck me hard
English i wanna feel your hard dick inside me wet pussy
English Fuck! Fuck!
English FUCK MY PUSSY!!!!!!
English Fuck off Go away (vulgar)
English Fuck it Sod it. Forget it. Stuff it.
English teringteef tuberculosis bitch
English poesnaaier cunt fucker
English poesteef cunt bitch
English Wanker Jack off
English fuck you fuck you
English jebem ti mater i fuck your mother
English jebi me fuck me
English jebi to fuck that
English kir baba you father is a dickhead
English henwa de cockna you are a cock face
English sikmek to screw, to fuck
English sikis screwing, fucking
English sik fuck
English fuck me gently with a chainsaw exclamation of surprise
English No shit sherlock This is self evident
English Fairy A homosexual male
English Cuntface An unattractive person
English lets fuck
English Cum on your face Ejaculate on your face
English kit fit ass face
English kurijode daughter fucker
English flamer super gay man
English bovine feces bull shit
English muff diver lesbian
English muff vagina
English chutney ferret a homosexual man
English scribble face gang member with facial tattoos
English fuckwit an obnoxoius person
English coral stomper pacific islander
English bumfucka a homosexual man
English khareto gayidam I fucked your sister
English nosh me off blow job
English fuck your asshole fuck you
English fuck your mom's asshole fuck you
English spiceny fucking (adjective)
English vymrdany fucking (adjective)
English foah ball
English Tos (Pronounced : Toss) Wank off
English mentak fucked in the ass (for boys )
English i want to fuck the shit out of you creole
English Butter Face Everything but her face
English Wack Off Masturbate
English Finger Yourself Masturbate
English Reach Around Masturbate from behind
English shit on my chest you filthy fucking whore!
English Fudge packer Homosexual (male)
English wanker jerkoff
English blow me fuck off
English chimney sweeper a gay man that ass fucks
English can i fuck you from behind
English fruitcake homosexual male
English faggot homosexual male
English shit feces
English Rug Eater Homosexual Female
English fudgenuts i messed up
English dumf dumb fuck
English you fucking pisstaker your annoying
English Shit faced Completely drunk
English Shit flick aka any chick flick movie
English Cum Dumpster Say it to the slut of the group .
English Colder than a witches titty in a brass bra its freezing
English Shirt Lifter Homesexual Male
English sloshing the bedpost female masturbation
English palming the pearl female masturbation
English cuntlapper one who performs fellatio
English spin one off her chin ejaculate in a girls face
English Ne godha balishindi your buttocks have fattened
English Na gudda lo modda pettu fuck my back
English fucktwat Douchebag egotistical moron
English peach fish a smelly pussy.
English Purple-headed womb ferret Penis
English Froggy cunt French (man)
English Hairy armed Froggy cunt French (woman)
English Arrogant, Gum-chewing fat cunt American (man)
English Up ya Ronson! Bugger off!
English stuff all my holes fuck me in every hole
English shaatdapne father of pubic hair
English Cocklump Someone of no use or ornament.
English you weedle you weak piece of shit!!!
English Rump ranger Another name for a gay persom
English sumbitch son of a bitch
English shitfar wow; i'll be damned
English Fuckwit A fucking idiot
English WTF??? WHAT THE FUCK???
English feck you're a cunt, fuck off
English you wanna party YOU wanna fuck
English Derby County Fan perpetual loser
English Mohan lal Fat man
English Shitfuck Idiot, jerk
English Ee sat (directed at a woman) Fucking animal
English Ai sat (directed at a man) Fucking animal
English Zho bayek Fuck a lady
English Bok Naai Goat Fucker
English Shitfaced Getting drunk
English Cretinous cunting fuckhead A very bad person
English Richard fucker Dick fucker
English Richard face Dick face
English ek wil jou soos n hond naai en in jou poes kom I want to fuck you like a dog and cum inside your pussy
English Pandi unn kunji la addi Tamilan who fuck his mother
English Pandi Okka Tamil fucker
English Oh, fuck cunt. Totally useless
English Doublelift Trash
English You wonkerfuckerprickhead You dirty prickwonker
English You aren't even dank You kinda suck at life
English frocio faggot
English I want to fuck you all day
English Let your ding dong dangle deep down in my dookie dugout fuck me in the ass
English I want to fuck you I want to fuck you
English i want you to fuck me hard
English When are we going to fuck?
English Fuck me in the ass you motherfucking pussy. Suck my dick asshole.
Engrish You pussy of mom Your mom's pussy
Engrish Off you fuck Fuck off
Erician Falcik Dang!
Erman Gehts du fegle ein easel Go & fuck a donkey
Esperanto fek' shit
Esperanto fiulo pervert
Esperanto iru inferen go to hell
Esperanto Fiku vin Fuck you
Esperanto Fiulino Bitch
Estonian nussima,nikkuma (v) to fuck
Estonian mind ei koti i dont give a fuck
Estonian Kepi oma ema Fuck your mother
Estonian raibe fucker
Estonian keri persse! Fuck you
Estonian Mine ja keppi ennast go and fuck yourself
Estonian peksa pihku piss off
Estonian lita poeg son of a bitch
Estonian Tmba nahhui Fuck off / Get Lost
Estonian Mine putsi Fuck you (lit. go to pussy)
Estonian Mida vittu What the fuck
Estonian Bld Fuck
Estonian sittur someone who farts/shits alot
Estonian abordijaanus (aa with dots) abort leftover
Estonian kuradi jobikas fucking wanker
Estonian ime lahti suck off
Ew zealand Misses/mrs Girlfriend
Ewok achow!! fuck you
Eyrrn Trizelga Fucking bastard
Eyrrn Cräghynne múdælgin Fucking idiot
Fag-tok Uchona! (oo.choh'.nah) Cunt!/Fuckin cunt!
Fag-tok Bundero. (boon.deh'.roh) Ass fucker.
Fag-tok Chanwalera! (chahn.wah.leh'.rah) Monkey fucker!
Fag-tok a Bezhal ! Go to Hell! Fuck off!
Fanti (ghana) Fi jokoo Fuck off
Farci kile hyte fuck off
Faroese Mogg høvd Fuck head
Faroese Kraft idiot Fucking Idiot
Faroese Halt kjaft Shut up
Faroese Feita Reyvarhol Fat asshole
Faroese Skitni fæni Dirty basterd
Faroese fær av helviti til Fuck off
Faroese Helvitis reyvarhol Fucking asshole
Faroese Helvitis spassari Fucking moron
Faroese Fisa Cunt
Faroese Slikka mítt skitna reyvarhol Lick my filthy asshole
Faroese Heitasta hulasta helviti! hottest deepest pits of hell!
Faroese Fleyga tær go masturbate
Faroese Helvitis mogghøvd Fucking fuckhead
Faroese Pápi tín er pedofil Your dad is a pedophile
Faroese Mamma tín er ein helvitis hora Your mom is a fucking whore
Faroese Far til helvitis Go to hell
Faroese Fanin DAMN
Faroese fer nú og mogga ein get go now and fuck one goat
Faroese pínadoy painfull death
Farscape Frell Fuck
Farsi dahaneto migaam fuck your mouth
Farsi Madar Sag Son of a Bitch
Farsi Madar Ghahbe Mother Fucker
Farsi Madar Ghahbeh Son of a bitch, Slut Mom
Farsi Lashy Jurk, Piece of Shit
Farsi Harum zadeh Son of a Bitch, Asshole
Farsi Madar Jendeh Mother Fucker
Farsi kiram too koset fuck your pussy
Farsi khafe sho! shut up!
Farsi kosse amat!! you aunts cunt!(fuck your aunt!)
Farsi tofkar spits on ass when he fucks
Farsi kiram too bachegiyaat fuck your childhood
Farsi Kiram too un dahane sag gaaeedat fuk your dog raped mouth
Farsi kos naneh mother fucker
Farsi kir to char choobe koonet dick in to your frame of your ass
Farsi kir tu sooraakh por pashmo pinat dick in your fucking hairy hole
Farsi kos nane kherse ghotbi fuck the mother of polar bear
Farsi bibito gaeidam i fucked your grandma
Farsi ghoromsagh your wife is a bitch
Farsi antikke piece of shit
Farsi koon kesh pimp of gay prostitutes
Farsi Gooreto Gom Kon Fuck off, Piss off, Beat it
Farsi Koonie Faggot
Farsi Goozoo Fart head
Farsi Pofius Bad man
Farsi gaiidamet , ridam behet , laanat behet , kose nanat fuck you
Farso Son of a Bitch Dokhtare kossi
Feral cat MAOOWWRRRRR REEERRRRRRR Back the fuck up, you prick.
Fiji hindi Madhar chod Mother fucker
Fiji hindi teri maichod go fuk you're mother
Fiji hindi gand chod ass fucker
Fiji hindi Ghunt Fala Rubbish Guy
Fijian Caita Fuck
Fijian Magai Chinana mother fucker
Fijian kalavo Fucken Bitch
Fijian Maqai Tamamu Fuck your father
Fijian baku levu son of a bitch
Fijian caiti navi fuck my ass
Fijian caiti iko fuck you
Fijian caiti au fuck me
Fijian mata va sona Your face looks like an anal
Fijian Caiti tukamu Fuck your Grandpa
Fijian Caiti Bumu Fuck your Grandma
Fijian cati iko fuck you
Filipino kantot to fuck
Filipino hindut fuck
Filipino Kantotero Fucker
Filipino Putang ina mo! You son of a bitch!
Filipino Anak ka ng puta Son of a Bitch
Filipino anak ng puta son of a bitch
Filipino Ulol! fool
Filipino mag-kantutan tayo let's fuck
Filipino kantutan fucking
Filipino kantut fuck
Filipino Hindot ka fuck you
Filipino Tanga ng piraso ng tae Stupid piece of shit
Filipino Putang ina mo Mother fucker
Filipino Punyeta Dammit/fuck it
Filipino Tangina mo Mother Fucker
Filipino manyakol a person addicted to jerking off
Finnish vittu fuck(Lit. cunt)
Finnish Haista vittu! Fuck you! (Lit. Smell cunt!)
Finnish Vitun urpo Fucking idiot
Finnish Mä haluun panna sua kovaa perseeseen. I wanna fuck you hard in the ass.
Finnish vitun kusipää fucking pisshead
Finnish Painu vittuun! Fuck off!
Finnish Voi vittu! Oh fuck!
Finnish Vittu Saatana! Fuck, Satan (a popular combo)
Finnish Vitun mulkku! Fucking dickhead!
Finnish Paskanaama Shitface
Finnish Nussi mutsias! Fuck your mom!
Finnish Kullinaama Cockface
Finnish Painu vittuun täältä! Get the fuck out of here!
Finnish Haista paska! Fuck you! (lit. smell shit!)
Finnish Vedä vittu päähän Pull a fuck on your
Finnish No voi vittu! For fuck's sake!
Finnish Kilinvittu cunt of a goatling
Finnish Vitun kyrvän lutkuttaja Fucking cock sucker
Finnish Pallinaama Dickface
Finnish vitun kusimulkku fucking pissdick
Finnish Ime äitis nussimaa kyrpää Suck the dick that fucked mother
Finnish Me hasten Malitt soon nomeulus I throw cum on your face
Finnish Yebo Tim I throw cum on your face
Finnish Vedä käteen saatanan kassihiki Wank off you fucking ballsweat
Finnish Pasko kahvikuppiin Take a shit in a coffee cup
Finnish Vedä käteen Jack off
Finnish Voi turku Ou fuck
Finnish Turku Fuck
Finnish Mita vittua? What the fuck?(lit. Fucking what?)
Finnish toivottavasti itisi kuolee sypn i hope your mother dies of cancer
Firefly Rutting Fucking
Firefly Niou fun Cow poop
Firefly Tah mah duh hwoon dahn Mother humping son of a bitch
Firefly Ching-wah tsao duh liou mahng frog-humping son of a bitch
Firefly Nee mun doh shr sagwa Idiots. All of you.
Firefly Kwai chur hun-rien duh di fahng Go far away very fast
Firefly jien huo cheap floozy
Firefly Huh choo-shung tza-jiao duh tzang-huo! Filthy fornicators of livestock!
Firefly Fong luh Loopy in the head
Firefly Fei hua Nonsense
Firefly Fei-oo Junk
Firefly Fay-fay duh pee-yen a babboon's ass-crack
Firefly fahng-tzong fung-kwong duh jeh a knot of self indulgent lunacy
Firefly Boo hway-hun duh puo-foo Remorseless harridan
Firefly Bee-tzway. Wrong wuomun fah-tsai Shut up and make us wealthy
Firefly Bun tyen-shung duh ee-dway-Ro Stupid inbred stack of meat
Firefly BzzzBxxx Fuck
Fish Swswsw You fucking son of a bitch fuck you
Fish Bubble bubble bubble pop bubble bubble pop pop Twerk for me bitch
Fish Nugu Person with no face
Flemish (belgium) een vetzak a filthy person
Flemish (belgium) miljaar fuck
Flemish (belgium) seut nerd (mostly females)
Flemish (belgium) Uw bakkes shut the fuck up
Flemish (belgium) Bisexuele geitenneuker Bisexual goat fucker
Flemish (belgium) Kalf Idiot (lit. calf)
Flemish (belgium) gie gotverdomse geiteneuker you god danm goat fucker
Flemish (belgium) Dikke nek Fat neck
Flemish (belgium) Blaast mijne zak op Inflate my sack
Fnaf animatronic Peeks through for You're dead
Fnaf animatronic Stare Into The Camera I'm coming for you
Foochow Sa Ni Neh Fuck your mother
Football (american) Linebacker Gay Passive Football Player
Football (american) Queer Linebacker Gay Passive Football Player
Football (american) Gay Linebacker Gay Passive Football Player
Football (american) Gay Lineback Gay Passive Football Player
Football (american) Queer Lineback Gay Passive Football Player
Football (american) Queer Defensivebacker Gay Submissive Football Player
Football (american) Gay Defensivebacker Gay Submissive Football Player
Football (american) Hit The Shower Room Wash Your Gay Ass For Gay Sex
Football (american) Halftime Entertainment Gay Group Sex
Football (american) Halftime Show Gay Athlete Sex
Football (american) Football Post Football Players Penis
Football (american) Touchdown Post Football Players Penis
Football (american) Bench Time Show Gay Sex With Football Player
Football (american) Bench Time Entertainment Gay Sex With Football Player
Football (american) Bleacher Side Entertainment Gay Sex With Football Player
Football (american) Side Line Entertainment Gay Sex With Football Player
Football (american) Sideline Entertainment Gay Sex With Football Player
Football (american) Field Tackle Gay Public Sex With Male Athlete
Football (american) Field Tackling Gay Public Sex With Male Athlete
Football (american) Squeezing Out The Grapefruitade Athlete Pissing
Football (american) Squeezing Out The Grapefruit Juice Athlete Pissing
Football (american) Squeezing Out My Grapefruit Athlete Pissing
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Fowl Cluck off Fuck off
Fraerrsi Pukko Dib wano jigdase You Fucking Pussy
Francais (Quebec) osti de tapette fucking gay
Francais (Quebec) Enfant de chienne Son of a Bitch
Francais (Quebec) Criss de fif Damn homo
Francais (Quebec) osti d'kalisse de pourris rotten peice of fucking shit
Francais (quebec) va te faire enculer go fuck yourself up the ass
Francais (quebec) Crisse de cave fucking idiot
Francais (quebec) decaliss Get the fuck out
Francais (quebec) osti fils de putte son of a bitch
Francais (quebec) mangeux de couilles ball eater (faggot)
Francais (quebec) Ostie d'maillet ! You fucking dumb bell !
Francais (quebec) Fourrer Have sex
Francais (quebec) vas te faire cuire un eouf fils de pute go get an egg u son of a bitch
Francais (quebec) Tabarnak Fuck
Francais (quebec) Crisse de tabernak Fucking Asshole
Francais (quebec) Maudit chaudron! Fucking idiot!
Francais (quebec) Esti de cave! Fucking idiot!
Francais (quebec) Grosse noune Fat pussy
Francais (quebec) Esti d'laid Fucking ugly
Francais (quebec) Ostie de cave Fucking dummer
Francais (quebec) Ta ben pas d'amis. You have no friends.
Francais (quebec) Esti que t'es laid. You're fucking ugly.
Francais (quebec) Esti d'mal propre. Fucking Dirty
French baise fuck
French vas faire foutre a la vache go fuck a cow.
French vas te faire enculi fuck you
French tu m`emmerdes! Fuck yourself!
French C'est vraiment de ta faute! It is so your fault!
French "Va te faire foutre, trouduc" Fuck off, asshole
French Viens m'enculer Fuck me
French Va t'empaler encule Go fuck yourself
French Fils de salope Son of bitch
French Je vais te baiser. I'll fuck you
French Fils de pute Son of a bitch
French Fous le camp fuck off
French La putain de ta race Whore of your race
French baise toi fuck you
French va te faire foutre go fuck yourself
French Enculer une mouche go fuck a fly
French Casse toi! Piss Off
French Baise moi Fuck me
French prends moi par derrière take me from behind
French Ta mere suce des bites en enfer Your mother sucks cock in hell
French Va te faire enculer chez les Grecs Go get fucked in the ass by Greeks
French Brûle en enfer Burn in hell
French Casse-toi Fuck off
French Fous le camps Fuck off
French Va te faire enculer Fuck off
French Va te faire foutre, enculé Fuck you, bastard
French Va te faire mettre Go fuck yourself
French Vous sentez comme le boeuf et le fromage You smell like beef and cheese
French Je veux t'enculer I want to fuck you
French Je t'encule! Fuck you!
French J'ai baisé ta mère I just fucked your mother
French merde embulante walking piece of shit
French Lache-moi la grappe Get the fuck away from me
French bachie coupe fuck off
French fais chier shit
French Encule Fuck Off
French Va te faire foutre Go fuck yourself!
French baise moi mor "fuck me dead!"
French (ca fait)chier! (its)crap
French pédé faggot
French Casse-toi, idiot(e)! Piss off, idiot!
French Putain de merde! Fuck off! / Ah Fuck!
French allez, va t'en piss off
French Face de cul ! Butt face !
French C'est quoi ce bordel ? What the fuck ?
French Va te pendre ! Go hang yourself !
French Va te pendre avec ma bite ! Go hang yourself with my dick !
French Je te nique ta race ! I fuck your race !
French Ferme ta gueule/Ta gueule quand je parle ! Shut up when I speak !
French Va te faire voir ! Fuck off !
French Putain ! Fuck !
French Oh putain de merde ! Holy fucking shit !
French Putain t'es moche ! You're fucking ugly !
French Pédale va ! Faggot ! (lit. Faggot go !)
French Tarlouse va ! Faggot ! (lit. Faggot go !)
French Tu commence m'enmerder ! You're starting to piss me off !
French J'en ai rien foutre ! I don't give a fuck !
French J'en ai rien branler ! I don't give a fuck !
French ferme ta putain de gueule, connard shut the fuck up, bitch
French Petit tabernac Little fucker
French Framble(r) A annoying person(s)
French Je veux faire l'amour avec toi. I want to have sex with you.
French va te faire enculer par un ourse go get ass raped by a bear
French Forme woire ta geule Shut up
French Je me gode I fuck myself (with a dildo)
French Je vais niquer ta cerevelle. I'll fuck your brains out.
French Fais chier. Damn it.
French Je me fais chier. I'm bored shitless.
French Tu fais chier. You're breaking my balls.
French Je te nique ta race sale fils de chien Fuck you, you dog's son
French Sac a foutre Cum Bag
French gross cul fat ass
French ma couille my friend (litt: "my ball")
French enculé de mes deux bastard of my balls
French (sex) Defonce mo la snatch Deep fuck that pussy
French-acadian(chiac) Estie de conne(for female) or Estie de con(for male) Fuckin stupid
French-acadian(chiac) grosse crisse de vache big fat cow
French-acadian(chiac) C'est quoi ton ostie de problème What's your fucking problem?
French-acadian(chiac) Fripe moi l'chu lick my ass
French-acadian(chiac) Farme ta yeule Shut up
French-acadian(chiac) Mon tabarnak You fucker
French-acadian(chiac) Frippe mes balles Lick my balls
French-acadian(chiac) Face de t'chu Ass face
French-acadian(chiac) Tapette Faggot
French-acadian(chiac) Foure toi les dans l'chu Fuck yourself in the ass
French-acadian(chiac) Mon calisse de chavirer You crazy fucker
French-acadian(chiac) J'va te harrer la face I'm gonna fuck your face up
French-acadian(chiac) Mon maudit innocent You stupid fool
French-acadian(chiac) Mon fuckin de calisse de mangeu d'graine You fucking cock sucker
French-acadian(chiac) Mon fucking de calisse de mangeu d'graine You fucking faggot
French-acadian(chiac) J'foure ta mere I fuck your mother
Frog Croak ribbit ribbit Fuck off, prick
Frog REEEEEE I will fuck your mother.
Fudd fwuck you pwick fuck you prick
Fujianese sa nu ney fuck your mom
Fujianese suk nu fuck you
Ga Too fe Goat ship
Ga Too fee Bull shit
Ga Buulu fool
Gaelic buille an leathair to fuck
Gaelic Awa tae fu cunt Please leave my proximity you cunt.
Gaelic Fodder Fuck
Galician Caracona. Cunt-face.
Galician duemiengi floras dicklicking fucker
Galician fillo de puta son of a bitch
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Galician Vai cagar ostias becerro do carallo Go shit yourself you bloody moron
Gamer 1v1 IRL Brah Fight me in real life, Brah.
Gamer GL HF Good Luck Have Fun
Gamer Nerd Rage Bitch fit
Gamer Your mom could only afford to buy you a core 2 duo You poor fuckin bastard
Geek A gamhsou Fuck you
Geek Γαμώ τη μάνα σου I fuck your mother
Geek gamiseta fuck it all
Geek skata k'aposkata shit and of the shit's
Geek Γαμώτο (gamoto) Fuck
Geometry dash You're a Michigun! You have no life
Geometry dash Your mom gay I fucked your mum
Geometry dash Aurorus Fucking bitch boy
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Georgian Cadi Sheni Go Fuck Yourself
Georgian Ylis Suni Smell of Dick
Georgian bozis shvilo son of a whore
Georgian Nabozvaro Son of a Bitch
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Georgian Gaakwe Fart
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Georgian ro movjva shecham? if i'll shit, will u eat it?
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German Arschgesicht Assface (Butthead)
German Fick dich! fuck you
German du verdammter Arschficker you damn assfucker
German scheissekopf shithead
German Fick dich, Wichser. Fuck you, jerk-off.
German der Teufel the devil
German Wichser wanker (motherfucker)
German Ficker fucker
German die Fotze cunt
German Spritz deinen Saft über meine Titten. Spray your juice all over my tits
German Ich will deinen harten Schwanz in meiner feuchten Fotze fuehlen. i wanna feel your hard dick inside me wet pussy
German Ich will dass du mich hier anfasst... I want you to touch me here...
German Ich will dass du mir ins Gesicht spritzt. I want you to cum on my face
German Fick mich hart Fuck me hard
German Fick mich wie ein Pornostar Fuck me like a porn star
German Mutterficker Motherfucker
German ich will dich ficken I want to fuck you
German fahr zur holle go to hell
German verpiss dich fuck off
German der abschaum der menschlichen gesellschaft the scum of the earth
German Halt deine Fresse Shut up!
German Fick deine Mutter Fuck your mother
German Das ist mir furzegal! I don't give a fuck!
German Du arschgefickter Hurensohn! You ass-fucked son of a bitch!
German ich fick deine mutter i fuck ur mother
German du blöde stinkfotze you stupid stinking cunt
German Du Hurensohn You son of a bitch
German Fick dich Fuck you
German Fotze Cunt
German Ich will ficken I want to fuck
German Verpiss dich! Piss off / Fuck off
German Du kannst mich mal! Fuck you! (lit. You can do me.)
German der teufel wird los sein the shit's going to hit the fan
German verdammt du hurensohn dammit you son of a bitch
German Fick dich Arschloch fuck you asshole
German voegeln (vögeln), ficken to fuck
German Kackbratze Shithead (lit. Face full of Shit)
German Fick dich ins Knie. Go fuck yourself (knee).
German fick dich! fuck you!
German Zeig mir deine Pflaume! show me your pussy!
German bumsen to fuck
German Spritz mich voll Fill me up
German Ich will dich ficken!!!! I want to fuck you!!!!
German Schwuler Faggot
German Du Sackgesicht! you bag face!
German Geh zum Teufel Go to hell (Lit. Go to the devil)
German So ein Beschiß! What a crock (of shit)!
German Die Fregatte Fat old bitch (Lit: Frigate)
German Du Weichei! you sissy (lit. "soft egg")
German fickdich fuck you
German Pisser Fucker
German homofuerst duke of homosexuality
German links traeger you left carrier
German Dummkopf Stupid head
German Shishkoff Shitbird
German Das ist mir scheißegal I don't give a fuck
German Huhrensohn Son of a whore
German Arschfotze asscunt
German Muterfiker Mother Fucker
German Ich ficke deine Mutter I fuck your mother
German Geh Staub fressen Go eat dust
German duncauf idiot
German Dein Hund soll deinen Vater ficken Your dog must fuck your father
German Dein Hund soll deine Mutter ficken Your dog must fuck your mother
German steig auf diese Hoden! get on these nuts!
German Halt die Fresse Shut the fuck up
German Varpiss dich! Fuck off!
German Fettbacke Dirtbag
German Ficken Rossette Fucking Asshole
German Ich ficke deine Schwester I fuck your sister
German Wilde Tier Schwarze Affee Arschloch Wild Animal Black Monkey Asshole
German Unwaschen ficken Jude Dirty fucking Jew
German Schwuchtel faggot, homo
German Das war zu einfach! That was too easy!
German Saugen Sie eine Tte Schwnze Suck a bag of
German Halt de fick klappe Shut the fuck up
German Du Fickfehler You Retard (lit. You Fuckmistake)
German Du hässliger Ziegenficker You ugly goatfucker
German Ich ficke Katzen Your mom stinks like fish
German Fich dich Der arschfotze go sit on a pine cone
German Nuttensohn son of a whore
German Huan son son of a bitch
German Du musst selbstmord begehen! You must kill yourself!
German Hackfresse shitface
German Fickfresse fuckface
German Verficktes Arschloch! Fucking asshole!
German Tunte Faggot
German sie sind das essen und wir sind die jäger when you fight a bitch say this
German swiss - bern dialect Schafsecku sheep's testicle
German swiss - bern dialect Dumma Chaib Dumb, Idiot, Fool
Gharian Du Rah Khaf You Are Fat
Gharian Khufu'd Fuck You
Gilaki ker be tale' Cock in your fate (Fate fucked)
Gilaki ker gooz Dick Fart (Stubborn, thug)
Glee Move yuh selft move your self
Gnommish Keemstar Fucking Lying Degenerate
Goat (deep) Mmaaaaaeeaaaaaa Fuck off bitch before I kill you
Goat (with mouth closed) . bbbbaaae Lets fuck hoe
Goat (with mouth closed and slowly opening) Mmmmmuuueeeeeee ill bash your fucking head in mate
Goat (Half opened mouth) Muuuuuur I will rape your anus
Gorani ti jebem dada vo picka fuck your mother's pussy
Goth Flower Virginity
Goth Deflower Rape
Goth Trapped in my (ones) coffin In an awkward situation
Goth Like dark blood and fucking exciting
Grass Swishhh Fuck off you stanky ass hoe
Greek Ay gamisou go fuck off
Greek Fila mou to kolo kiss my ass
Greek Su gamo ti mana I fuck your mother
Greek skata na fas Eat Shit
Greek gamoto mouni tis laspis fucking dirty cunt
Greek kolodaktilo arse-finger.
Greek pootsomezes dick-food
Greek archimalakas chief of asholes
Greek tis thias sou! fuck your aunt's pussy!
Greek gamisa ti mana sou i fucked your mom
Greek gamo to kerato sou! fuck your horn!
Greek tha se gamisou ill fuck you
Greek bouxhesa fat bitch
Greek ayde hesou go shit on yourself
Greek to shisto sou (cyprus dialect) fuck your cunt
Greek ti mana sou (cyprus dialect) fuck your mother
Greek kotsiros (cyprus dialect) piece of shit
Greek na sou sheso sta moutra (cyprus dialect) i'll shit on your face
Greek pa na gamy-thees go fuck yourself
Greek tsa-tsa the chief of the bitches
Greek poutanas gie! or bastarde! son of a bitch!
Greek Gamo tin panagia sou literally : I fuck your virgin Mary
Greek kariola fucking bitch
Greek vilare metaftia dick with ears
Greek nafais to muni/villara eat cunt/dick
Greek Pidiksu Fuck you
Greek skata sta moutra sou shit in your face
Greek Ante gamisou go fuck yourself
Greek pane gamisou go fuck yourself
Greek Fae skata kai psofa re malaka Eat shit and die you wanker
Greek Olympiacos Club of wankers
Greek Panathinaikos (or Vazelos) Club of cunts
Greek gamo to mouni tis manas sou fuck your mothers pussy
Greek Gamw to mouni pou se petage I fuck the cunt that threw you
Greek Oipho (Ancient Greek) Fuck
Greek pana gamethie go fuck yourself
Greek ante gamisou paliopousta go fuck yourself you fucking gay
Greek nupidio tis kinonias wanker of the world
Greek γαμώτι πουτάνα σου (gamoti poutana sou) Fuck your bitch
Greek Σκατά στα μουτρα σου (Skata sta moutra sou) Shit in your face
Greek Na mou klaseis ta'rxidia May you fart on my balls
Greek Xi dixatera zou gamai katsoulia- Χη δυχατέρα ζου γαμάει κατσούλια (Maniot dialect - Μανιά& Your daughter fucks cats
Greek Tha zou gamizou me tin kathigkli (Mani dialect) I'm going to fuck you with a chair
Greek Gamozo-o Fucking animal
Greek Yamo to spiti su fuck your house
Greek Yamo to mouni pou se petage fuck your mother's pussy
Greek sou gamo to soy or gamo to soy sou I fuck you whole family
Greek Fae ena kouva skata Eat a bucket full of shit
Greek gamo to munie tis manas su (γαμω το μουνι της μανας σου) (I) Fuck your mother's pussy
Greek Skatofatsa Shit face
Greek Gamw ten psyche su I fuck your soul
Greek Poutanas Gios Son of a whore
Greek Lougra Faggot (coloquial)
Greek Pousti Faggot
Greek Bines Man who likes fucking men
Greek Skase prin ginoume kolo! Shut up before we fight roughly!
Greek O gamo ton Christo mu oh my fucking Christ
Greek mounoskilo pussy of a dog
Greek O re pousti Oh my faggot
Greek O re pousti mu Oh my idiot fagot
Greek Γαμώ τα πεθαμένα σου Fuck your Deads
Greek Ai gamisou Fuck you
Greek Γαμώ ότι έχεις και δέν έχεις! fuck every think you have got!
Greek Γαμώ το σπίτι σου! Fuck your home!
Greek Πουτάνας γιέ! Son of the bitch!
Greek Γαμώ την ψυχή σου! Fuck your soul!
Greek Tis manas sou ti mouni Fuck your mother's pussy
Greek Gamo tis thias sou ton bougadokofti Fuck your aunts laundry
Gronings/grunns (dutch/groningen, netherlands) 'k kees dien mamme. I fuck your mother.
Guarani ejapiro tuna ari go jerk off on a cactus
Guarani Yapiro Fuckyou
Guaraní Terehó na ejapiró túnare. Fuck you!
Gujarati Chodhru Fucker
Gujarati Madachod Mother Fucker
Gujarati Chodu Fucker
Gujarati Chod Fuck
Gujarati Bosrichord Pussy Fuck/Fucker
Gujarati bhosrini bitch face
Gujarati Benchod sister fucker
Gujarati maasi chodamno aunty fucker
Gujarati bein chod sister fuck
Gujarati sali fukin bitch
Gujarati pikina Son of a bitch
Gujarati Taro baap tane chadeche your dad fucks you
Gujarati Lund Bhagat Follower [as in religion] of penis
Gujarati Chutiya fucker
Gujarati suwwar jewu dachu face like a hog
Gujarati gaandina, gandina born from ass
Gujarati tere ma nu hinta kar get your mums fanni hair off
Gujarati Tutelli nirodh no aulad Son of a broken condom
Gujarati poom poom big fart
Gujarati pim pim little fart
Gujarati chafu gaan dirty asshole
Gujarati puchi chod pussy fucker
Gujarati Bhos marina Follower of a pussy
Gujarati Halki Raand na Son of a cheap prostitute
Gujarati maajaddha mother fucker
Gujarati gandi chodina mad fucker
Gujarati tari mani choot ma derka bole frog barking in ur mom pussy
Gujarati tari ma ne hadi kadhto hathi chode A running elephant fucks your mom
Gujarati taari bai no aghano your wife's ass
Gujarati tari gaand mare karya kutra balada pussy faggot
Gujarati Bhosad Pappu pussy faggot
Gujarati madachod mother fucker
Gujarati nago choido naked fuker
Gujarati Fattu Afraid
Gujarati Dheela Lund Ni Olaad Product of a loose penis
Gujarati bai no bhosdo wifes vagina
Gujarati gel ghagharina lover of skirt
Gujarati Tari maa ne chodu Will fuck you mother
Gujarati bhenchod sister fucker
Gujarati Maa ne ghat bhosdina Son of a prostitute/whore
Gujarati Bobla Vagarni Baydi Wife without Breasts
Gujarati mara man no lado my fucking wish
Gujarati Narender Modi Dick faced
Gujarati harshit stuped dumb fuk
Gypsy kudav ce di day im gonna fuck ur mother
Gypsy guav cho muy fuck your face
Gypsy guav cha dha fuck your mother (goo-av- cha daa)
Gypsy adja poo kar Fuck off
Gypsy Kamav tut te kurel andri mindj ! I want to fuck you into pussy !
Gypsy Te kurel Fuck
Gypsy Bengalo (masculine)/bengalia (feminine) Idiot
Gypsy has ki cafa! (xhas key chafa!) serbian gypsy eat your neck!
Haitian Creole guete Fuck
Haitian Creole femin duol ou shut up
Haitian Creole dwol kaka mouth full of shit
Haitian Creole malpwopte u dirty motherfucker
Haitian Creole Langet manman-w Mother fucker
Haitian Creole Koulangyet Manman'w Fuck You
Haitian creole Masisi sal Dirty faggot
Haitian creole La med Fuck you
Haitian creole Ghet Maron ou Fuck your godmother
Haitian creole Ghet Mamao Fuck your mother
Haitian creole guiet manmanw salope chien ou fuck your mom bitch ass dog
Hakka diao nia meh fuck your mom
Hakka diao nia ma fuck your mom
Hakka diao ni see woo fuck your ass
Hakka Foui Po/Lao Fat Lady/Man
Hakka Diao Nga Mi Tji Pet ! Fuck your mother cunt !
Halari chodvu fucking
Halari balad the son of cow
Halo Son of a Boltshot Son of a bitch
Harry potter I'd figured that much out for myself, thanks. Your input wasn't needed.
Haryanvi chudhu ke chodde Fuck buddy of low caste
Haryanvi Dhichod Daughter Fucker
Haryanvi Domesaks danso danlo motar! mother fucking pussy licker
Hausa Ka ci gusu uwarka Fuck your mother pussy
Hausa Ka ci uwarka Fuck your mother
Hausa Ubanka ya ci uwarsa Fuck your your father's mother
Hausa Bura ubanka Your father's dick
Hawaiian Kanapapiki Son Of A Bitch
Hawaiian Hupo Fool
Hawaiian ilio wahine female dog/bitch
Hawaiian Lolo Kanapapiki Stupid son of a bitch
Hawaiian heu fuzz, pubes
Hawaiian heu lalo fuzz, pubes
Hawaiian pikanini runt (from eng. "pickaninny")
Hawaiian mai'a! fuck you!
Hawaiian ahu ka 'ala'ala (you're) full of crap
Hebrew mitromem mizdayen batahat gay assfucker
Hebrew lech lehizdayen fuck off
Hebrew benzona son of a bitch
Hebrew lech tiezdayen fuck you
Hebrew ben sharmuta like son of a bitch
Hebrew Al ta'atzben otti! Don't piss me off
Hebrew nod fart
Hebrew Zevel Ofot Poultry Garbadge
Hebrew Tisaref B' Azazel Burn In Hell
Hebrew shmenah fat ass
Hebrew Ben Kelev Son of a dog
Hebrew Ben zona Son of a whore
Hebrew Dafuk barosh fucked up in the head
Hebrew Leh lehizdayen Fuck you (to a man)
Hebrew Lehi lehizdayen Fuck you (to a girl)
Hebrew Tamut (male) / Tamuti (female) Die
Hebrew Ben Zonah Son of a bitch/whore
Hebrew lekh tiz'da'yen Go fuck yourself (for men)
Hebrew lekh'i tiz'da'yni Go fuck yourself (for women)
Hebrew Fal-tzan fart (fartist)
Hebrew Ya ben shel kah-ba You son of a whore
Hebrew ya ben shel zona you son of a bitch
Hebrew zianti et ahotha i fuck you sister
Hebrew Ben Zona Son of a Whore
Hebrew charah be'leben a bad outcome or misfortune
Hebrew partzuf tahat ass-face
Hebrew Hatichat harah Piece of shit
Hebrew Lekh tezdayen Go Fuck Yourself
Hebrew hatichat hara mizdayen batachat assfucking piece of shit
Hebrew Lekh Tee'Zedayen Go fuck yourself
Hebrew cok-sinel faggot
Hebrew Lech Tizdayen! Go Fuck!
Hebrew Hatichat Hara! Piece of shit!
Hebrew lech hapes et haverim shelcha basivuv go and look for friends
Hebrew ma ata mefager what are you stupid
Hebrew lech hape's me yena'ana otcha Go look for someone to fuck you
Hebrew לך חפש מי ינענע אותך Go look for someone to fuck you
Hebrew ben elef zonot son of a thousand bitches
Hebrew ben Sharmoota son of a slut
Hebrew leh tezayen et aba shelha go and fuck your dad
Hebrew Ben kalbah son of a bitch
Hebrew S'Emek Fuck
Hebrew Savta shel-ha mefa-geret your grandma is retarded
Hebrew Ben Sharlila Son of a slut
Hebrew Koksinel Fagget
Hebrew Efes Loser, zero
Hebrew Zayan Fuck boy
Hebrew ahu sharmoota -as fuck
Hebrew Leh tezayen et ima shelcha Go fuck your mother
Hebrew Me'anyen li et ha zaiyn Don't give a fuck (about that)
Herpoonoz Fakk ju raibe Fuck you
Herøyværinsk Jævla fitte kuk Fucking cock pussy
Hessian Muschkopp; Futtkopp Cunthead
Hiligaynon lagari-on ko karon pitoy mo i'll chop off your dick
Hiligaynon uhaw sa boras thirsty for semen
Hiligaynon itota nanay mo go fuck your mom
Hiligaynon yudipota son of a bitch
Hindi mahder chod mother fucker
Hindi Bhen Chhod bhaynchod Sister Fucker
Hindi Bhai Chhod bhayee chod Brother Fucker
Hindi Chutiya chootia Fucker
Hindi rand ki moot piss of call girl
Hindi gaand maar bhen chod bang ure ass you sister fucker
Hindi Baap ke lavde Penis of father
Hindi bhosdee kay son of a whore
Hindi suwar ki aulad son of a hog
Hindi chod fuck
Hindi Mai Chod Mother Fucker
Hindi Madar Chod Mother Fucker!!
Hindi Chut ka maindak frog in a vagina
Hindi maa-cho mother fucker
Hindi Teri bhosri mein aag Fire in your cunt
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Hindi chod bhangra fuck disco
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Hindi Bakrichod Goat Fucker
Hindi suvar chod pig fucker
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Hindi bhadva chodika mother fucker admin
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Hindi Pannu frustrated
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Hmong txiag pim (chia pee) pussy fucker
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Hmong pog rog plab txaij fat stripes belly (female)
Hmong txiag koj niam fuck your mom
Hmong ntsej muag face
Hmong face ntsej muag
Hmong Ntsej Muag Face
Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Shut the Fuck Up!!!
Hokkien Ni Na Bu Your Fucking Mother
Hokkien Ka Ni Na Fuck Your mother
Hokkien Ka Ni Lao Beh Fuck Your Father
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Homian Tekra pervū Fuck off
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Human resources Not eligible for rehire (S)he fucked up BIG TIME on the job
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Hungarian Hígfos "Washed shit"
Hungarian Cicageci The sperm of the cat
Iban Butoh apai dik Your father dick
Ibo Nsori na-agum I feel like fucking
Icelandic F viti Idiot
Icelandic "Prump, Fret" Fart
Icelandic H lfviti Half-wit, idiot
Icelandic Farðu til Helvítis Go to Hell
Icelandic Farðu til Anskotans Go to the Devil
Icelandic Modur ridill Mother fucker
Icelandic Fokkadu ther Go fuck yourself
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Ido Yonathan Bassan Fuck It Im Done
Ilocano (philippines) Ukininam Fuck You
Ilocano (philippines) yot ni inam mother fucker
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Ilonggo itot ta ang putay ko fuck my pussy
Ilonggo itot ta ako fuck me
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Ilonggo (hiligaynon) Yo Ga! Very mild "Son of a bitch!"
Ilonggo (hiligaynon) Itot ta ang nanay mo! Fuck your mother!
Ilonggo (hiligaynon) Iyots! Fuck!
Ilonggo (hiligaynon) 'Yo de puta Son of a bitch!
Ilonggo (hiligaynon) Iyota mo da! Fuck you!
Ilonggo (hiligaynon) Yo de puter! Euphemised "Son of a bitch"
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India miyan rand whore from birth
India miyan child manufacturing machine
Indian Chordo Fuck
Indian Bun marra fuck off
Indian Chod Dunga Fuck You
Indian Chodna To Fuck
Indian Bhonsda Fucked and teared apart Pussy
Indian Madarchod Mother Fucker
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Indian , kannada Soole Maga Son of a whore
Indian , kannada Mukli muchkondu kutko Cover your ass and shut the fuck up
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Indonesian Ngentot lu Fuck you
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Indonesian jancok fuck/ dick
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Indonesian Terkutuklah engkau semua! Curse upon all of you!
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Indonesian Jayus lo! you're not funny!
Indonesian tiko lu you fucking animal
Indonesian Cokil Jerking off
Indonesian Ngentot! Fuck!
Indonesian Cuki Fuck
Indonesian Binor (Bini Orang) Somebody else's Wife
Indonesian Pukimai Fuck your mom
Indonesian Coli Want off with your own hands
Indonesian nyoli To jerk off
Indonesian Bedebah! Son of a Bitch!
Indonesian Ngentot Lu Bajingan Tolol Fuck You Bastard Bitch
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Iraqi ibn gahba son of a bitch
Iraqi okul khara ya ibn el kalb eat shit son of a bitch
Iraqi Awlad il kara Sons of shit
Iraqi arabic Jeefah stinkiness
Iraqi arabic koosich simeen your pussy is fat
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Iraqi arabic Baaboos middle finger
Ireland A wee faced jobe' shit
Irish téigh transa ort féin Go fuck yourself
Irish feis ort Fuck off
Irish Rafter Fuck you!
Irish Gobshyte Mouth of shit
Irish Go hifreann leat! Go to hell!
Irish Gaelic Foc il leat Fuck off
Irish Gaelic Crab suas Fuck Up!!!
Irish Gaelic Téigh trasna ort féin Go fuck your self
Irish english Fickin' Arse Fucking ass
Irish english Shagg To fuck,
Irish english fecking eegit stupid person
Irish gaelic Ifreann na Fola bloody hell
Irish gaelic Brísfaídh mé do magairlí I will break your balls
Irish gaelic Go h-ifreann leat (singular; to more than one person: Go h-ifreann libh) Go to hell
Irish gaelic Téigh trasna ort féin Go fuck yourself
Irish gaelic Focáil leat Fuck off
Irish gaelic Go hIfreann leat! Go to hell!
Irish gaelic mac soith son of a bitch
Irish gaelic cnapán asal you lump of a donkey
Irish gaelic gligín idiot (female/little girl)
Irish gaelic óinseach idiot (female)
Italian Vaffanculo fuck off
Italian Vaffan' Go fuck yourself
Italian porco cane pig dog / fucking guy
Italian Pezzo di merda Piece of shit
Italian figlio di puttana Son of a bitch
Italian Va fan Culo Go fuck yourself
Italian tua mamma bocchinara your mum's a fluffer
Italian Figlio di Troia Son of a Bitch
Italian leccami la figa lick my pussy
Italian Porca troia Fucking hell
Italian Figlio di puttanta Son of a whore
Italian fatti una pugnetta Have A Wank
Italian troia whore (feminine)
Italian fare una sega to jack off
Italian segarsi jerkoff
Italian fica stretta narrow pussy
Italian scopare to fuck
Italian vai a farti fottere go fuck yourself
Italian pezzo di merda piece of shit
Italian Brutto figlio di puttana bastardo ugly son of a bitch bastard
Italian cazzo di merda dickfaced piece of shit
Italian vaffanculo fuck off
Italian Vai all'inferno go to hell
Italian Cazzo! Fuck!
Italian Mi piace ciucciarti la figa I like to suck your pussy
Italian Ti voglio scopare duramente I wanna fuck you hard
Italian Che cazzo What the fuck
Italian vaffan culo! fuck off!
Italian Mortacci tua Your feable ancestors
Italian Ma' va te ne a fanculo Go fuck yourself
Italian Figa Cunt
Italian fongoul fuck you
Italian Figlio un cane Son of a bitch
Italian Fica cunt
Italian cazzo si fuck you
Italian ti corro in culo forget it ("I run into your ass")
Italian Sti cazza Fuck that
Italian Faccia a culo Assface
Italian Tu piezza di merda! you piece if shit!
Italian Vai a farti fottere, puttana! Go fuck yourself, whore!
Italian mafankulo mother fucker
Italian bafangu chooch fuck your self jackass
Italian A fanabla! Go to hell!
Italian Tottii frocio Totti likes cock
Italian nessuno mi unfungulo nobody fucks me in the ass
Italian Porco dio! Fuckin' god!
Italian Dio cane! Fuckin' god!
Italian cazzo Madre di Dio Fucking mother of god
Italian santo cazzo Madre di Cristo Holy fucking mother of Christ
Italian Posso leccare il tua figa? Can I lick your pussy
Italian sfacim e merde fucking shit
Italian Vai al inferno go to hell
Italian Figlio di puttana! Son of a bitch!
Jaia Hippo Fuck you you cunt
Jail house pump faking bluffing
Jamaican bloodclot slang. fuckin'/damn
Jamaican bumba ras clot/bumba ras claat ass wipe/dumb ass/fucker
Jamaican Yah Bambaclaat Batiman! Your Fucking Gay
Jamaican Batty Gal Homosexual Female
Jamaican tif tif boy gay boy or fag or homosexual
Jamaican Ediat Fool or idiot
Jamaican ah fish dat he's gay (gay man/gayboy)
Jamaican fyah fi u burn in hell
Jamaican gwey fuck off/go away
Jamaican move yuh bumbo stinking duty rass clat from outa mi face move your self from beside me
Jamaican Y yuh so bomboclaat daak Why are you so fucking stupid
Jaonimpfidrah cgWgHhGFtJ VejTXuEQb
Japanese Kuso Fuck or Shit
Japanese hafuna me suck me
Japanese kutabare f**k you
Japanese futota kuso fat shit
Japanese Fakku! Fuck!
Japanese Paizuri Breast Fucking (col, vulgar)
Japanese Kuso kurae Fuck off (lit. "eat shit")
Japanese manzuri female masturbation
Japanese chikusho shit, fuck
Japanese Shine (shi-nay) Die! (Equivalent to "Fuck you")
Japanese zakennayo! fuck off!
Japanese Neboken Ja-Neyo Get Your Head Out Off Your Ass
Japanese Kuso-Debu fat shit
Japanese Kutabare Fuck you! Shove it! Go
Japanese fuzakeruna (ふざけるな) fuck off!
Japanese Moka-moka Su-su "Go fuck yourself!"
Japanese chinkasu dick crap (refers to smegma)
Japanese gyuufun bullshit
Japanese kusoyaro fucking bastard
Japanese buk-korosu I'll fuck you up!
Japanese chan ba fuck off bitch
Japanese Nameruna Don't fuck with me
Japanese Usero yo Fuck off
Japanese Seikō (seikou)「性交」 Fuck/sexual intercourse
Japanese Itte yoshi Off you go
Japanese baka yala fuck u
Japanese chi ki sho (ch-k-sho) Fuck!
Japanese ki sa ma (k-sama) Mother Fucker!
Japanese Baishunfu Prostitute
Japanese Buchi Korosuzo Konoyaro! I'mma fuckin kill you asshole!
Japanese Kuso-tare yarou Fucking shit bastard
Japanese Ecchi Other word for sex or pervet
Japanese Baka Mono! Fool!
Javanese asu raimu dog face
Javanese Djancuk Fucking Dog
Javanese Sarengat! Fuck!
Javanese Jancok! Ayune arek iku! (for males) Damn! She is really pretty!
Javanese Jancok kon! (for males) Fuck you!
Javanese Asu bajingan koe! You, a fucker!
Javanese Dapuranmu You (rude form)
Javanese Ndasmu peyok Malfunction head
Javanese Ya awoh For god sake
Javanese Mbokne Ancok! MOTHER FUCKER!
Javanese telepong dung, shit, feces
Javanese kentu fuck, sexing
Javanese jangkrik corrupted from 'jancok', cricket
Javanese congormu mbacot opo? WTF are you saying?
Javanese Sukaporno Acronym for SUKArno PORNOgrafi
Jedi You're a weak old man fuck you
Jedi I am your father I fucked your mum
Jersey shore D.T.F Down To Fuck
Jersey shore Atomic Bomb Really Ugly Fat Girl
Jersey shore fuckin' A Indeed
Jersey shore T-shirt timmme! Get your fresh clubbin' shirt on
Jersey shore muff cabage you have cabage in you muff
Jersey shore Meatball LITTLE MOTHERFUCKER
Jersey shore Hey Fuck you
Jiggumsmash Something just fell out of that girl's pants Someone made a poop
Jinan Ni Ge Si Hai Zi Son of a bitch!
Jinan SiHaiZi Son of a bitch!
Jinan Si Hai Zi Son of a bitch
Jive bish yu ain gowt jive(?) thuh fug yu shei nuguh?
Juggalo fuck the world fuck it all and all you bitches
Kabuli Foysha (e Bitch
Kabuli Foysha Bitch
Kabyle Qewwed Get the fuck out of here
Kabyle Quyi Fuck Me
Kabyle Nik yemmakh fuck your mother
Kabyle Ruh atsefkedh Go fuck
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Kannada SuleMaga Son of Bitch
Kannada ninna amma na keya fuck your mother
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Kannada GT obba kall sooley maga GT is a bloody son of a bitch
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Kannada halkat soolimagane useless son of a bitch
Kannada hadsike fucktard
Kannada hadsu fuckable
Kannada raandike son of a bitch
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Kannada Nin yendru jaathi na keya Fuck your wife's family line
Kannada Nin thunne nine nekku you lick your dick yourself
Kannada Nin Ayyan Ur Father
Kannada Haivan Chubby Waste Fellow
Kannada Nin thayina keya Fuck your mom
Kannada Nin thayi thalmar na keya Fuck your mom's hierarchy
Kannada Nin Makaana Keyya Fuck Your Face
Kannada Mole madhya thunne kaisa fuck your dick between boobs
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Kapampangan (pampanga) Buyset ka! Fuck you!
Kapampangan (pampanga) alti ca fuck you
Kapampangan (pampanga) anac puta son of a bitch/ whore
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Karen weah Fuck
Karen Weah Ner Moh Lee Fuck Your MOther
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Kashmiri Lazmayi babbun I Fuck ur boobs
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Kashmiri Gooid prah Thirsty for sex
Kashmiri Ha kole madarchoda Hey you motherfucker
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Kashmiri khape chraethe to fucking
Kazakh Siktir Fuck you
Kazakh "Bar, sheshendi sik" Go fuck your mom
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Kazakh Koyanshyk Bastard, Sun of a bitch
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Kazakh(center) Ket shei kotakka fuck off you slut
Kazakh(center) Zaybal Fuck off
Kecporene (kasperian) X' COU INNMAK Fuck you/ fuck off
Kesporene (kasperian) YIHGIT ANAK Fat ass
Kesporene (kasperian) PYABOVAS FIHGIT C' LH Fuck you hard
Kesporene (kasperian) S'ITFIT OUNAN BOKTE Sit on my dick
Kesporene (kasperian) INKE V' MANE Shit face
Kesporene (kasperian) ITE JYEKNPYA FIHGIT PORANMNA I Fucked your mother
Kesporene (kasperian) X'GYA Y' QDAPMA YITE LT Back off or else
Kesporene (kasperian) Y' PIUTGIH / FRAIT Y' PIUTGIH Shut up! Shut the fuck up!
Kesporene (kasperian) PAKT ENEEN ILIASPRIDMNK Fuck your whole family
Kesporene (kasperian) AVAK YIT Fuck it
Kesporene (kasperian) PORMQDA MET OU' AIHV Fuck your ass
Kesporene (kasperian) NJAM YIHAV PAKTEIATMET IKNFRA Please take my virginity
Kesporene (kasperian) LHFITE Dumbass
Kesporene (kasperian) YITE A' LH FIT You're stupid
Khasi shah shih fucked
Khasi shih fuck
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Khasi Lah-bou You're fucked
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Khmer Choi K'Doi Anh Fuck my pussy
Khmer Choi Ch'kai Anh Go fuck a dog
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Khmer Ah Choi Mai You Motherfucker
Khmer Joy ka-nea te? Wanna fuck?
Kirundi swera nyoko fuck your mother
Kiswahili Kumamayo Mother fucker
Kiswahili Kumanina Stupid Fucker
Kiswahili Tomba fuck
Kiswahili Babako Your father
Kiswahili Ntakutomba I'll fuck you
Kiswahili Ntakufirwa I'll fuck you up the ass
Klingon hab sosli' Quch your mother has a smooth forehead
Klingon verengan Ha'DIbaH Ferengi dog
Klingon Do'Ha' Be unfortunate
Klingon qoH Fool
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Konkani Fodo vagina
Konkani Fuddri Vagina
Konkani Zonyachea Motherfucker
Konkani moshye fudd buffalos pussy
Konkani Fude Cunt
Konkani ganDi bot gaali put your finger in your ass
Konkani paadu fart
Konkani Bhikarchot penis of a beggar
Konkani Guru Fodo
Konkani rande puth son of a whore
Konkani Chedyecho Son of a Bitch
Konkani ubyani zhovta fucking while standing
Konkani Zov Bai Fuck Off
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Macedonian Yahya Kemal Mental health facility
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Mexican Boca de pedo Fart mouth
Mexican Cara de perro Face like a dog
Mexican Cara de Muerto Face of Death/The face of the dead
Mexican Cara de cucuy Monster Face/Face of a bogeyman
Mexican Cara de mierda Shit face
Mexican cabróna Fuck you (to female)
Mexican maldita sea fuck it or dam it!
Mexican Te quierro joder. I want to fuck you.
Mexican Singa la puta fuck a whore
Mexican Chupa verga un caballo! Go suck off a horse!
Mexican-spanish chinga tu madre, pendejo!!! fuck your mother, asshole!!
Mexican-spanish hijo/a de tu puta madre!! son/daughter of a bitch
Mexican-spanish culero ass fucker
Miabhai(urdu) tu tere maa ka gaand chord ta hai you fuck your mothers asshole
Mien chyea fai small penis
Minangnese Pantek amak ang Fuck your mom
Mine craft Creeper Fucking bitch
Mine craft Ender man I fucking hate you
Mine craft What is this Minecrap? A ugly building in Minecraft.
Minecraft Welcome to my mine, we are mining diamonds, play that note block nicely, we I wish you suffering
Mirpuri/pahari kashmiri Khotay da puthar Son of a donkey
Mirpuri/pahari kashmiri Hanzeer da puthar Son of a donkey
Mirpuri/pahari kashmiri Yadeenah Fucker
Mirpuri/pahari kashmiri May thara pudha marsah I'm gonna fuck your pussy
Mirpuri/pahari kashmiri Randi na puthar Son of a whore
Mirpuri/pahari kashmiri Kuttay na puthar Son of a dog
Mirpuri/pahari kashmiri Pahari ki aulad Sons of the mountains
Mirpuri/pahari kashmiri Lofar Street thug
Mirpuri/pahari kashmiri Jannay na puthar Son of a man
Mizo Hnapa Snot face
Mizo Hmelchhe phak you are fugly
Mizo záwnga! son of a bitch!
Mizo záwngsen! son of a bitch!
Mizo záwngtar! son of a bitch!
Mizo Kal mai teh fuck off
Mizo Hmél phak fuck face
Mizo Hmél âwn [you] tilted face
Mobile phone Fully charged that was a good fuck
Moldavian Du-te nahui! Fuck you!
Moldavian Du-te-n pulă! Fuck you!
Moldavian M-am zaibit! I'm fucking pissed!
Moldavian Dute-n Pula Fuck Off
Moldavian Sa te fut in cur I'll fuck you in the ass
Moldavian Blea Fuck
Moldavian so fut pe mata-n cur i'll fuck your mom in the ass
Moldavian cnd ț fut pa ibalu I'll puch you in your face
Mongolian Shaa Fuck You
Mongolian huts fuck off
Mongolian зайл zailth fuck off
Mongolian hulgaich you thief
Mongolian yavj boovoo saa go fuck yourself
Mongolian boovoo saa fuck ur self
Mongolian bosson Ur father fuck u
Mongolian etsegtei shaalga Ur father fuck u
Mongolian ehiig chn shaay Fuck your mother
Mongolian Hol ochij xuts Go fuck yourself
Monkey Oh oh ooooooohhhh Damn she's fine
Monkey ooo ooo oooh (two beats of your chest) i want your wet pussy
Montenegrin Ne prdi Dont fart
Montenegrin Jebise Fuck yourself
Montenegrin Jebi Ciganka picka Fuck a gypsy's pussy
Montenegrin Sramota jedna Shameful one
Montenegrin Jebi se u guzicu Go fuck yourself in the ass
Montenegrin Jebi se u šupak Go fuck yourself in the asshole
Moroccan Roh t'koed Go fuck with whores
Moroccan Zemel Bok Your father is a faggot
Moroccan Zemel Faggot
Moroccan Kahwoud! Fuck off!
Moroccan Seer Thwa ! Go fuck yourself !
Moroccan sir tkawwed ya weld l marja go fuck son of prostitute
Motu kiyo vairana cunt face
Motu sina gagai mother fucker
Ms-dos Bad command or file name You fucked up
Murmunian Bujva njefrizana You ungroomed cow
My little pony What the buck What the fuck
My little pony My flank My ass
My little pony Flying feather Flying fuck
Myanmar ko may ko loe mother fucker
Myanmar Min May Loe Fuck your mother
Myanmar Ngar lo ma daa Son of a whore
Myanmar Khwe ma daa Son of a bitch
Navajo £eechaa'itsa'ii biyaazh Son of a bitch (lit.)
Navajo Ch'iidii Fuck!/God Damn it!
Navajo 'Ak'eed Fuck/Sex
Neapolitan Chiavete a mammeta fuck your mother
Neapolitan fa fancul' a mamat' go fuck your mother
Neapolitan a fess' e mamat' your moms pussy
Neapolitan va fancul' a chi ta muort' Fuck you and your dead ones
Neapolitan va fancul' a te e sorot' Fuck you and your sister
Neapolitan va fancul' a te e freid' Fuck you and your brother
Neapolitan Puorco 'e mmerda Fucking pig
Neapolitan Va' a ffa mmocca Go do a blowjob
Neapolitan Int' a chella fessa 'e mammeta Your mother's cunt
Neapolitan 'stu ricuttaro 'e mmerda Fucking (male) prostitute
Neapolitan Fiet' 'e mmerda You smell like shit
Neapolitan Sij 'na bbellezza 'e ceramica, 'u cess You are as beatiful as a bathroom
Neapolitan Figlij 'e 'ntrocchia Cunning person
Neapolitan M'h fatto vene a guallara You're the reason of my hernia
Neapolitan Cafone Uneducated person
Neapolitan Loffa Fart
Neapolitan 'Ngul a mammeta In the ass of your mother
Neapolitan 'nd a chella fess e mammeta In the pussy of your mother
Nederlands (dutch) boerelul lit. farmers dick
Nederlands (dutch) hoerejong son of a whore/bitch
Nederlands (dutch) stronthoer (lit: shit whore) slut / worthless female person
Nederlands (dutch) hobbezak lausy, lazy, mostly fatty person
Nederlands (dutch) dikke zeug fat (female)pig
Nederlands (dutch) flikker op fuck off
Nederlands (dutch) krijg de tiefus get typhus
Nederlands (dutch) smerig zwijn filthy swine
Nederlands (dutch) kankerlijer (lit: someone suffering cancer) dickhead, mean and worthless person
Neopolitan Schiffa ti n goul Stick it in your ass
Nepali maa chikney! Motherfucker
Nepali randi ko choro son of bitch
Nepali bhalu ko poi husband of a whore
Nepali Chickne fuck
Nepali condo hannay Man and Man ass fuck
Nepali mero fushi kha Eat My Cum
Nepali fushi kha Eat Cum
Nepali kukur chikni Dog fucker
Nepali Chick-day Fuck-it
Nepali moreko of dead
Nepali moreko manchi (of) dead people
Nepali gand faat cha ass blasts
Nepali Randi ko baan son of the prostitute
Nepali randiko choro son of a bitch
Nepali murda dead fuck
Nepali maobadi born from a whore's ass
Nepali mandale born from a gay's ass
Nepali Maa chikni Mother fucker
Nepali Machikne Mother Fucker
Nepali Madhesi Sister fucker
Nepali pahadi family fucker
Nepali Chaman Gay ass fucker
Nepali Gidi Haps Frustrated, Irritated
Nepali Bhalu lai chik muji fuck that whore motherfucker
New zealand kurī uwha Bitch (Female Dog)
New zealand Fucktard Really useless person
New zealand Beef Curtains Female Vulva
New zealand Hairy Fern Hole Anus
New zealand Butter Hot Body, BUT HER face is ugly
New zealand Woodpecker female who enjoys sucking cock
New zealand emu shagger / snake sucker / abo fucker / petro sniffer australian
New zealand Im'a smoke a Fag Im going to smoke a cigarette
New zealand Fafa Gay person
New zealand Fuck knuckle Idiot / Dumbass
New zealand Fuck Whit Idiot
New zealand fuck off donkey get lost you idiot
New zealand Fulwit Idiot
New zealand Nek Minnit Fucktard
New zealand simon wu!!!! you fucking slutty ass bitch
Newfoundland Duff in da hole Kick your ass
Newfoundland Shagger Someone who fucks anyone
Newfoundland Piss-a-bed Local name for dandelion.
Nicaragua Hijueputa Son of bitch
Nicaragua Cara de pedo Fart face
Nicaragua Cara de puta Face like a bitch
Nicaragua culear Fuck
Nicaragua comemierda piece of shit
Nicaragua cara de bicho pussy face motherfucker
Nicaragua culo de tentacion y cara de pena butterface bitch
Nicaragua cara de mis huevos ugly motherfucker
Nicaragua la tuya hijoeputa fuck you motherfucker
Nicaragua pato faggot
Nicaragua A mi me vale verga I don't give a fuck
Nigeria,igbo mother fucken bitch english
Niuean Fuli Laho Wanker/ Go have a wank
Niuean kilu fege poke pussy
Niuean Fikogo (fee-ko-ngo) Bag of piss
Niuean mulu e ule/fule e laho have a wank
North norwegain Fett hore Cunt Whore
North norwegain Svart faen BLack Fuck
Northern irish Lick the sweat! Fuck off!
Northern irish Twat Female Idiot
Northern irish fudge nudger homosexual
Northern irish yer ma's flaps your mother's vagina
Northern irish bite my balls fuck off!
Northern irish fud vagina
Northern irish Mucker Friend
Northern irish Craic news, gossip, fun, entertainment
Northern italy V a d via el cu! fuck off!
Norwegian Utpulte slappfitte outfucked lazycunt
Norwegian soppspiste pitbulkukkforhud mushroom infected pit bull foreskin
Norwegian slingrefitte wobblepussy
Norwegian Fittetryne Cunt face
Norwegian Ronkefjes Wanker face
Norwegian Føkkings Fucking (something)
Norwegian J'vel Fucker
Norwegian J'vla hore Fucking whore
Norwegian J'vla bonde Fucking farmer
Norwegian J'vla hore Fucking bitch
Norwegian You fucking cockhead! Ditt jvla kukkhue!
Norwegian Gå å knull morra de go fuck your mother
Norwegian dumme faen (you)stupid fuck
Norwegian rævpuler assfucker
Norwegian skitliv shitlife
Norwegian Sodomerte ludder Anal fucked slut
Norwegian barometeret te'n far your fathers cock
Norwegian svela te mor e så frøktele stor my mothers cunt is so freakin big
Norwegian jævela fitte Fucking cunt
Norwegian pikkantilope og firkant raev Dick-antelope and square-ass
Norwegian Faen Fuck
Norwegian Jeg har runka bestefaren din I've jacked off your grandfather
Norwegian Fitte Pussy
Norwegian Jævla Idiot! Fucking idiot!
Norwegian Gå og pul deg selv Fo fuck yourself
Norwegian Helvetes hore Fucking bitch (lit. hells bitch)
Norwegian jævla hora fucking whore
Norwegian fattig! poor (economically)
Norwegian Manndige pikk med mye hår Man dick with a lots of pubic hair
Norwegian Faen ta deg Fuck you
Norwegian jævla pikkhue fucking dickhead
Norwegian fetta pussy
Norwegian Ditt eple You fucking shithead
Norwegian Dra til helvete Fuck off
Norwegian Kuktryne Dick face
Norwegian bretter deg folding you
Norwegian Puler deg herfra I will fuck you from here
Norwegian Jvla misfoster! Fucking freak!
Norwegian Hold for faen kjeft! Shut the fuck up!
Norwegian Jeg gir blanke faen I don't give a fuck
Norwegian Sug en sekk med kuker Suck a bag of dicks
Norwegian Breiddjame Son of a whore
Norwegian Fitte-faen Cunt-damn
Norwegian Jævla hore kuk Fucking whore dick
Norwegian Fittesnerk Literally ''pussy milk skin''
Octor who english Allons-y! Hurry the fuck up, bitch!
Octor who english Fantastic! You're a cunt!
Ojibwe Kah Just Fucked Up
Ojibwe Kaawiin Kiin Animush No You Fucking Idiot
Ojibwe Shaazhiibs The Nerve Of Her/Him
Ojibwe Hegiinuk Fucking Dumbshit
Ojibwe O'Wiinag Thats Stupid As Fuck
Ojibwe Maajiidook Fucking Bullshit
Ojibwe Hegii Thats Fucking Stupid
Ojibwe Wiinuk! Fuck
Ojibwe Wiisinin Boonoowug Eat Alot Of Shit
Omani Nekni ana hafyana fuck me I'm horney
Omani ta'al shumo come sniff it
Omani Ya hleilish You soft gay
Omani Anikak wala atsabah Fuck you so hard
Omani Khalleh Wanna fuck you
Omani Shay walla dubai Wanna fuck you
Omani Face walla rumais Wanna fuck you
Omani Qolba bi qolba Fuck each other
Omani Ifssom (boy) fissmi (girl) Fuck you doggy style
Omani Itgambah Fuck you doggy style
Omani Hafyaan Horny
Omani Ta'al adoqqak Fuck you so hard
Omani Ta'al ashrakhak Fuck you so hard/tear you up
Omani Ta'al ashahbak Fuck you so hard
Omani Anakhsak Finger up in your ass
Oriya Bada bou ghia aunty fucker
Oriya maagya mother fucker
Oriya Bedhei pua Son of Prostitute.
Oriya bia fata mada fucking till satisfaction
Oriya mankada giha monkey fucker
Oriya Ghoda Ghein Bedha Toke Horse Fucking prostitute girl
Oriya Mankada ghiya monkey Fucker
Oriya To bhauni bia re ghia Fuck in your sister's cunt
Oriya Mu tomo bhallo pauchu Guy means "I want to fuck u..eventually"
Oriya bhauni giha sister fucker
Oriya gehiba fucking
Oriya bedha bia fucking pussy
Oriya mo priya ra bia re lagichi nia!!!!! there is fire in my lovers vagina
Oriya To Maa Biya Re Ghen Fuck you mother's cunt
Oriya madarchaut mother fucker
Oriya To Maa Bia re ghein Fuck you in your mother's vagina
Oriya Bedha toka son of prostitute
Oriya Gandi Mara Sankara Ass fucker bastard
Oriya naani bia re ghian fuck your sister pussy
Oriya Tate Gehibi I will fuck you
Oriya To maa ku gihe I will fuck your mother
Oriya chodipua rascal fellow
Oriya Ghoda Gehin Pua Son of Horse Fucker
Oriya Banda mundi Tip of pennis
Oriya to maa ku kukur gaheun will fuck ur mother like dog
Oriya Mo Priya ra Gandi re Niya Fire in my lovers Ass
Oriya Maa ghia Mother fucker
Oriya Gandi gia Ass fucker
Oriya Pelei Puo Son of bitch
Oriya Hagura magia Coward mother fucker
Oriya Muuthi mara magia Masturbating motherfucker
Oriya Gayee de Fuck off
Oriya Ghusuri ghiaa Pig fucker
Oriya Nanna gia Father fucker
Oriya Laathi biya re kaathi Stick in girlfriends pussy
Oriya Pelei pua Son of fucker
Oriya gosti gian fucker family
Oriya fusa chata ass sucker
Oriya fusa kura ass itcher
Oriya bia ku darkar jaghanya gihan cunt need's very hard fucking
Oriya Maa bia ra pua Son of the mother's vagina
Oriya Maa gia Fuck your mother
Oriya To Gandire Ghien Fuck your Ass
Oriya To Maipa Biaare gihen Fuck your wife's Cunt
Oriya To Maipa Gandire gihen Fuck your wife's Ass
Oriya To Maipa Gandi maribi Shall fuck your wife's Ass
Oriya To Maipa Biaare Gihen Shall Fuck in your wife's cunt
Oromo Haadha rawu Mother fucker
Oromo Salamaa/salamtuu (m/f) Fucked
Osu! You son of Peppy! Son of a bitch!
Otjiherero kaiho korutjengo your father's dick
Pacman Dow-wud Fuck you
Pacman Wada wada wada I'm coming for you, bitch!
Pakistan Behanchood Sister Fucker
Pakistan Kuss Marani Ka One Who gets his ass fucked
Pakistan Their Lei Ma Ge Puddi Fuck your mom
Pakistan Gaand tere maran I'll fuck your ass
Pakistan maayawnda suck your family
Palau oltu er a delal fucking your mother
Palestinian slang Ya akho el sharmouta! you brother of a whore/bitch!
Pamiri tu nan gavum fuck your mother
Pamiri Jushbuts Son of a Dick
Pamirian murd fark nist i dont care
Pangalatok Bauninam Fuck you
Panjabi Haram Jaada Annoying Fuck
Panjabi Kuthe Kambakhte Fucking Dog
Panjabi Fudu Dick
Panjabi bhen chod fuck your sister
Panjabi Pan chod Sister fucker
Panjabi kuri yawa daughter fucker
Panjabi kudi chod daughter fucker
Panjabi peyu di gand vich ungal finger in father ass
Papiamento (aruba/ curacao/ bonaire) Koño bo mama Fuck your mama
Papiamento (aruba/ curacao/ bonaire) Bai den koño Fuck you!!
Papiamento (aruba/ curacao/ bonaire) Pendew Dumb fuck!!/ Dick!!
Papiamento (aruba/ curacao/ bonaire) Bai hunga pakul Go get assfucked
Papiamento (aruba/ curacao/ bonaire) Bai bati puñete Go Jackoff
Papiamento (aruba/ curacao/ bonaire) Mariku stinki Dirty homo/ fucking homo
Papiamento (aruba/ curacao/ bonaire) Ju ku di puta shushi Dirty son of a bitch
Papiamento (aruba/ curacao/ bonaire) Ba hode!! You're fucked
Papiamento (aruba/ curacao/ bonaire) Ta ki koño/ lolo anto? WTF? What the Fuck
Papiamento (aruba/ curacao/ bonaire) Bai chinga bo mama!!! Go fuck your mother! (Very dirty)
Papiamento (aruba/ curacao/ bonaire) bo smoel pendew shut your mouth fucker
Papiamentu Bai den conjo di bo mama Go inside the cunt of your mother
Papua new guinea (motu) Sina gagai!! Fuck your mother!!
Papua new guinea (motu) Udum ba gagaimu I fuck your mouth
Papua new guinea (motu) Kunum ba gagaimu I fuck your ass
Papua new guinea (motu) Ba gagaimu I will fuck you
Papua new guinea (motu) Lau naurum oi baine gagaimu I really want to fuck you
Paripi4 Ebola be gruk mu Ebola for you
Paripi4 eva fuck
Paripi4 4okai si vrata Fuck your brother
Pashto Taderaspey Child of dog
Patois dam ediot fool/ jackass
Paupa new guinea Kuapim yu yet Fuck yourself
Paupa new guinea Hul het Ass face
Paupa new guinea khan yu fuck you
Paupa new guinea kuapim mi fuck me
Paupa new guinea kuapim mi strong fuck me hard
Paupa new guinea yumi kuap lets fuck
Paupa new guinea kapsaitim kok wara lo pes blo mi I want you to cum on my face
Paupa new guinea kuapim khan blo mi Fuck my pussy
Paupa new guinea kuap fuck
Pedian Tikhri o piravu Fuck off
Pedian Feromki Pussy
Persian Madar-e-to Gayidam I fucked/blew your mom
Persian kiram to dahane arabe koskesh my dick in fucking arab
Persian Kose nanat Fuck your mom
Persian haroum zaade son of a bitch
Persian (Farsi) bokon fuck (do)
Persian (Farsi) arabe kassif dirty arab
Persian (Farsi) ahai duffy-ie sexy hey sexy chick [hottie]
Persian (Farsi) beriz roo sooratam cum on my face
Persian (Farsi) bia mano bokon come fuck me
Persian (Farsi) neghal more than 1 father
Persian (Farsi) Pedarsag son of a bitch
Persian (Farsi) Khodeto Bokun Go Fuck Yourself
Persian (farsi) mameet kerakoor ee ners jaj ktam i will jizz in your mothers food
Persian (farsi) khwar o madari ta gaiam fuck your sister and mother
Persian (farsi) Irani kosforosh Fuck off
Persian (farsi) avazi ashghale bishoore kesafat mother fuckin bitch
Persian (farsi) Atabaki Funny mustache
Persian (farsi) be roohe pedaret miridam I shit on your father's soul
Persian (farsi) Valade zenaa Bastard, Son of a bitch
Persian (farsi) Kireto mikhoram im gonna bite your penis off
Persian (farsi) khaar kosde sister fucker
Persian(farsi) gaeedamet fuck you
Persian(farsi) Shaholahi Mother fucker
Peruvian Reconche tu mare weon! Mother Fucker Asshole !
Peruvian Huevon (it depends) dude (friendly), retard (strong)
Peruvian ¡Ándate a la mierda! Fuck off! (Go away)
Peruvian maricon de mierda fucking gay
Peruvian hijo de perra son of a bitch
Peruvian Carajo! Fuck!
Pewdish Hake Fish!
Philipino Hoon dat mob Fuck you
Philipino Gago (male)/ gaga (female) Moron/ stupid
Philipino Anak ng puta Son of a bitch.
Philipino Puke ng nanay mo Pussy of your mother
Philipino Puke ng ina mo Pussy of your mother
Philipino Putang Ina mo Son of a bitch (equivalent)
Phone piip piip piiiiiiiiip fuck your mother
Pidgin Mi laik kuapim yu I want to fuck you
Pidgin Faka! Fucker!
Piemontese Vatlu pie' ant'el cul go fuck yourself
Piemontese salopa female pig
Pig Oink oink oiiiiiiiiiiiiiink Son of a hot dog
Pig latin Uckfay Fuck
Pig latin uckfay ouyay fuck you
Pig latin uckfa ouryay amilyfay. Fuck your family.
Pig latin Uck-Fay Ou-Yay Fuck You
Pig latin eatay ymay eftlay utnay eat my left nut
Pig latin uckfay ouyay itchbay ! fuck you bitch
Pig latin Fakalete + ewa elsma ikla oopa U fafa + u smell like poo
Pikachu Pi Fuck; to fuck
Pikachu Pika to fuck hard
Pikachu Pika Pika to fuck violently
Pikachu Pika-chu to fuck a bitch
Pikachu pikachu fucking bitches like a pro
Pikachu Pika Pi Fucking fuck
Pikachu Pi Pika Pi Go fuck your Pokéball
Pikachu pika pika ka pika Francesco sucks Dick
Pilipino tang ina mo pussy of your mum
Pilipino utot fart
Plattdeutsch verpflucht der Larsche damn your ass!
Pnar Dahbei Mother Fucker
Pohnpeian pese key reom ol fuck yo brotha
Pohnpeian pasa key num fuck your motha
Pohnpeian pwisikihnomw (pwi see ki nohm) fuck you
Pokemon You Mr. Mime You ugly mother fucker (to males)
Pokemon Your a crazy Jigglypuff You cunt
Pokemon I'll fireblast you with my Charizard I'll shit on your face
Pokemon Your a Grimer & ditto Trainer You sadistic sick fuck
Pokemon You grimer Sick Fuck
Pokemon You ditto You shit face mother fucker ass bag
Pokemon you Voltorb geek Shit face
Pokemon I'll thundershock you with my Raichu I'll fart in your face
Pokemon Hey Officer Jenny Hot bitch
Pokemon You jiggleypuff You bitch
Pokemon I'll waterblast you with my blastoise I'm cum on your face with my dick
Pokemon You have a Cubone You ass with an erectile disfuntion
Pokemon Son of a bidoof Son of a bitch
Pokemon jigglypuffs tits
Pokemon I love my charizard I love my fat ass hole
Pokemon hey mr. oak go fuck yourself
Pokemon gotta catch`em all time to fuck all the bitches
Pokemon You just fainted after a battle I killed you after i raped you
Pokemon That really puffles my jigglies. That really rustles my jimmies.
Pokemon Picachu I choose you!!! Fuck you, you muther
Police You have the right to remain silent Shut the fuck up!
Polish zajebiste fucking awesome
Polish Pierdol sie Fuck off / Get fucked
Polish Skurwysyn Son of a bitch / Motherfucker
Polish Wypierdalaj Fuck off
Polish Spierdalaj Fuck off
Polish matkojebca motherfucker
Polish szmata | lafirynda | latawica slut, skenk
Polish alfons pimp
Polish wkurwiasz mnie you are pissing me off
Polish jebak fucker
Polish cholera, kurwa damn it, fuck
Polish co kurwa, do kurwy nędzy ! what the fuck
Polish Kurwa fuck
Polish Spieprzaj Piss off
Polish Jebałem twoja matka I fucked your mother
Polish Jebac To fuck
Polish Odpierdol Sie Piss Off
Polish Spierdalaj ty glupia pizda Fuck you, you stupid cunt
Polish jebany chuj fucking dick
Polish ja pierdole fuck!
Polish odpierdol sie fuck off
Polish pierdol sie go fuck yourself
Polish przejebaæ, przepierdoliæ loose, waste money, fail
Polish kozojeb goatfucker
Polish mamy przejebane/przekurwione we are fucked
Polish rozpierdol fucking mess
Polish Wypierdalaj st±d Get the fuck out of here
Polish chika fuck
Polish Jebałem twoja matke I fucked your mother
Polish Sukinsyn Son of a bitch
Polish Dupa / dupeczka Ass, beautiful girl
Polish Idz pierdol matke twojego kumpla go and fuck your friends mother
Polish Ja Jebie Fuck it
Polish Ssij mi fiuta Suck my dick
Polish Ja pierdole... Oh fuck...
Polish Wypierdalaj stad Get the fuck out
Polish Kurwa! Fuck!
Polish Chce cie jebac analnie I want to fuck you analy
Polish Chuj ci na ryj Dick on your face
Polish pierdolę cię fuck you
Polish pierdol j mocno fuck her powerfully
Polish do kurwy ndzy fuck sake
Polish pierdolony kutasiarzu you fucking dickhead
Porn Keep that chin up. Get your head up while i fuck you.
Porn Shut the fuck up thomas Fuck me harder
Portuguese foda se fuck (figurative)
Portuguese Va' se foder! Go fuck yourself!
Portuguese Vai tomar no cu fuck you
Portuguese Vai se fuder! Fuck you!
Portuguese Foda-se Fuck
Portuguese Punheta Jack off
Portuguese Faz-me um broche Blow me
Portuguese Filho da puta Son of a bitch
Portuguese va ao inferno go to hell
Portuguese Vai po caralho Go fuck yourself
Portuguese Vai te foder Go fuck yourself
Portuguese Fodasse Fuck
Portuguese Fode-te Fuck you
Portuguese Vai pa puta! Fuck off! (Lit.: Go to the whore)
Portuguese Ta tudo fodido... Everything's fucked up...
Portuguese Burro de merda!, Burro do caralho! Fucking idiot!
Portuguese Puta que pariu esta merda! Fuck this shit!
Portuguese Cala-te, cabrao do caralho! Shut the fuck up you bastard!
Portuguese fufa dyke
Portuguese minete swear word for oral sex on a woman
Portuguese Enrabar to fuck in the ass
Portuguese Vai bater punhetas! go jerk off!
Portuguese Safada Naughty
Portuguese Foder Fuck
Portuguese Vai por os colhoes de molho! Go fuck yourself!
Portuguese Os cornos do teu pai your father's horns
Portuguese Monte de merda Pile of shit
Portuguese Cabrao (lit. male goat) Fucker, bastard
Portuguese Peido Fart
Portuguese Porra! Fuck! (lit. cum)
Portuguese filha da puta son of a bitch
Portuguese peixota little fish(lit.) - prick (slang)
Portuguese carai! fuck (short form of caralho)
Portuguese Vai de fudder teu mai go fuck your mother
Portuguese Fudas caralho! Fucking dick
Portuguese paneleiro faggot
Portuguese Drogado de merda! Fuckin' junkie!
Portuguese Chupa-me o forro aos colhões! Suck my nuts insides!
Portuguese Béfe Ass
Portuguese Choncho Stupid, Foolish
Portuguese Filho de mil putas Son of a thousand whores
Portuguese Filho de trinta putas Son of thirty whores
Portuguese (brazil) fudeu caralho!! everything is fucked up
Portuguese (brazil) veado fag
Portuguese (brazil) vai peidar! go fart!
Portuguese (brazil) me come! fuck me!
Portuguese (brazil) foda-se screw you!
Portuguese (brazil) pau shaft
Portuguese (brazil) fazer um boquete do a blowjob
Portuguese (brazil) Vai te fuder! Fuck yourself!
Portuguese (brazil) cara de melão! melon face!
Portuguese (brazil) Filho da puta! Son of a bitch!
Portuguese (brazil) Seu cara de merda! You Shit face!
Portuguese (brazil) Vai pro inferno Go to hell
Portuguese (brazil) puta merda damn fuck
Portuguese (brazil) Foda! Fuck!
Portuguese (brazil) Voce esta fudido You are fucked
Portuguese (brazil) Cale a porra da boca Shut the fuck up
Portuguese (brazil) Vai se foder! Fuck you!
Portuguese (brazil) Vá se foder Go fuck yourself
Portuguese (brazil) Siririca Female masturbation
Portuguese (brazil) Fi de rapariga!! Son of a bitch!!
Portuguese (brazil) Fi duma égua!! Son of a bitch!!
Portuguese (brazil) Enraba-me/ Me enraba Fuck me in the ass
Portuguese (brazil) Borrar-se To shit oneself
Portuguese (brazil) V pro quinto dos Infernos!!! Go to the worse hells corner
Posh english. Take your leave you ninny-hammer. Fuck off you simpleton.
Potwari khotay ni puttri son of donkey
Preppy bitches Stnky Stink You Wear Cheap Perfume
Preppy bitches F Mayor Smelly Fart
Project runway Your out. Fuck you.
Puerto rican Cara de culo Butt face
Puerto rican Hijo e puta Son of a bitch (whore)
Puerto rican puñeta jerk off
Puerto rican kabron mother fucker
Puerto rican Huele Polla Dick Sniffer
Punanis Poom You Sad Fucks
Punjabi pad mar do a fart
Punjabi fudi pussy
Punjabi maa-jhouda motherfucker
Punjabi ma di podi mums fanny
Punjabi Kuthi Female Dog
Punjabi Kanjari Female Whore
Punjabi Bhen Da Yaar Sister's Boy Friend
Punjabi Bhenchod Sister Fucker
Punjabi Maan Da Yaar Mother's Boy Friend
Punjabi MaanChod Mother Fucker
Punjabi Tu Bhen Da Yaar You are your sister's boyfriend
Punjabi Tu Maan Da Yaar You are your mother's boyfriend
Punjabi Teri Maan Dee Fuddi Mari I'll fuck your mother
Punjabi Teri Bhen Dee Fuddi Mari I'll fuck your sister
Punjabi Bund Mara Get ass fucked
Punjabi haram da son of a bastard
Punjabi kuthay da puthar son of a dog
Punjabi Teri bund marni aa I wanna fuck your ass
Punjabi teri maa da fudda your's mother big vagina
Punjabi Teri ma the fudi Your mom's pussy
Punjabi Teri paan di fudi parrne im goin to rip your sister pussy
Punjabi Teri maa di gandi phuddi Your mums dirty fanny
Punjabi Bewakoof Stupid
Punjabi tu vich leni daa. u fucked in womb.
Punjabi Ma chod Mother fucker
Punjabi fuddi hayon da pussy sucker
Punjabi Bibi di fudi Grandmothers pussy
Punjabi kuti female dog, bitch
Punjabi Fudi da tataa Testies of vagina
Punjabi phen chodtha sister fuck
Punjabi chuttiya shifty cunt
Punjabi teri bund ch lakad fuck ur ass
Punjabi matarchod fuck ur mother
Punjabi harami saale son of bitch
Punjabi bund de let me fuck your ass
Punjabi Jaa apne braah nu chod laa Go fuck your brother
Punjabi fudi hyounda pussy lips
Punjabi terri ma di fuid parne i am gonna rip your mom's pussy
Punjabi Topa te beja Sat on the top of my cock
Punjabi fudi fry karna making out
Punjabi Panchod salaa Fucking Bastard
Punjabi Bhenchode Sister Fucker
Punjabi Meh tera tueh vich aangliyan devan Im gonna finger ur ass
Punjabi Menu zor nal lan mar Fuck me hard
Punjabi Mera lun choos ta aangly mar Suck my dick and finger me
Punjabi Pud Fart
Punjabi teri fudi wich lul marya i want to fuck you
Punjabi Kenjer Fucker
Pushto Kona di ughaim (I'm going to) Fuck you in the ass
Pushto Kuss di ughaim (I'm going to) Fuck you (in the vagina)
Pushto Hanzeer Bacha Son of a Pig/ Swine
Pushto Moor Kwas Mother Focker
Pushto Kona Ka Dzha Fuck off!!
Pushto prikha poza de roka ne sha get lost you flat nose
Pushto puskie silent fart
Pushto goezaka a person who farts alot
Pushto goez fart
Pushto chungay asian[in an offensive way]
Pushto spi lurr daughter of a bitch
Pushto spi zoe son of a bitch
Pushto gat quass fat ass
Pushto moor de ghayema fuck your mom
Pushto wa de ghaim fuck you
Pushto Spay Bachai / Spee Bachee Son of a bitch/ Sons of bitches
Pushto mur de waghai fuck your mom
Putonghua Biao tsz Fucking Bitch
Putonghua Ri nee lao poh Fuck Your Wife
Putonghua Cao nee ge see pee yan Fuck Your Ass Hole
Putonghua Ri nee lao mu Fuck Your Mother
Quebec (sex) Fait moi venir Make me cum
Quebec (sex) Pas d'panique tabarnak No stress, calm the fuck down.
Quebec (sex) Gros criss de tas de marde. Big piece of shit
Quebec (sex) Fait pas ta farouche, met la dans ta bouche Don't be shy, deepthroat it.
Quebec (sex) carte tes cuisses que j'te fourre. Get ready to get fuck.
Quebec (sex) Crosse to Jerk off
Quebec (sex) Criss moi a dans l'cul pas d'bave ! Fuck me in the ass, not even wet !
Quebec (sex) Se faire fourrer comme une chienne Getting fuck in doggystyle
Quebecois Tabarnak! Fuck (interjection)
Quebecois Criss Fuck (interjection)
Quebecois Osit/'sti Fuck (interjection)
Quebecois Fait chier Pisses me off
Quebecois Va jouer dans le traffic Fo play in traffic (fuck off)
Quebecois P'tite vie Life sucks
Quebecois Ta Gueule (or Ta 'Yeule) Shut the fuck up
Quebecois Esti d'tapette de calisse Fucking homo
Quebecois Enfant d'chienne! Son of a bitch
Quebecois Tabarnak de plotte sale Dirty fucking cunt
Quebecois Mange mon pet eat my fart
Quebecois t'ant pis por toi tough shit for you
Quebecois Crosseur/ crosseuse(F) Wanker
Quebecois maudit sans-dessein fucking idiot
Quemble F'tyu'ma kt'ro se akumo, genit's'f len'tho fuck yourelf, you bloody dickhead
Rachet black Bruh I is fug you up I am going to fuck you up.
Randi ki oulad Khankir Chele Son of A Whore
Red dwarf smegging fucking
Redneck Yerr Dum Arse Piece of Dung You Dumb Ass Piece of Shit
Redneck GIT GTFO
Redneck Sumbitch Son of a bitch
Redneck Go back to [location that isn't in the South] Fuck off
Rhaeto-Romanic Holli Shittye fatte cuntbitch
Rick and morty I'M PICKLE RIIIIIICK!!!!!!!! Fuck therapy
Rick and morty I'M TINY RIIIIIICK!!!!!!!! Fuck being an adult
Road man Eh fam, move from me fuck off
Robot beep fuck off
Robot Bzzzzz Sherrr Fuck you say
Robot Beeiiiop boop Kill yourself.
Rocket league Down Left Who put this noob on my team?
Rocket league Down Right FUCKING LAG!
Rocket league Left Left Sorry for stealing your goal.
Rocket league Up Down Yours, don't fuck up.
Rocket league Left Up Nice shot, dickweed.
Romagnolo At incul la fameja I fuck your family
Romagnolo Fam un buch Suck my dick
Romagnolo Vat a f incul Go to fuck off
Romana Bagami-as pula in mortii matii Fuck your mother's dead relatives
Romana o benga les koro may the devil fuck it
Romana Futu-ti Soarele ma-tii! Fuck your mother's Sun!
Romana Sa mori infipt in pula de cal sculata Die impaled by an erect horse dick
Romana, moldavian Du-te in pizda matii Go to the pussy of your mother
Romanian Futu-i! Fuck!
Romanian go fuck yourself futa-te
Romanian fofoloanca pussy
Romanian sfarcuri nipples
Romanian sa-mi tarai coaiele pe fatza ta drag my balls on your face
Romanian Baga-mi-as pula in ma-ta Fuck your mother
Romanian futu-ţi morţii mă-tii fuck your mother's dead people
Romanian futu-ţi gâţii mă-tii fuck your mother's neck(s)
Romanian futu-ţi Cristoşii mă-tii fuck your mother's Christs
Romanian fută-tie dumniezo may God fuck you
Romanian Du-te frate si impusca-te! Bro' , go shoot yourself!
Romanian Bagami-as pula in mata fuck your mother
Romanian Tarfa whore
Romanian Futu-te! Fuck yourself!
Romanian Bagami-as pula in fata ta! I stick my cock in your face!
Romanian Sa-mi fut una Fuck me one
Romanian Sa-mi lingi cacatu din cur Lick my shit from my ass
Romanian ti=o dau la buci i will fuck your ass
Romanian sa te fut la ochiu maro fuck you in the brown eye
Romanian Futu-ti ceapa matii! fuck ur mother's onion
Romanian Futu-ti gura matii fuck urs mother mouth
Romanian esti o laba trista you're a sad jerk off
Romanian stati-ar flocii ma-tii-n gat! choke on your mother's pubic hair
Romanian Slobozite-ar lumea in fata May the people cum on your face
Romanian Pula calului in virful dealului Horse's dick on top of the hill
Romanian Futu-ti soarele matii ! Fuck your mother`s Sun !
Romanian Sa te pis in freza ! I'll pee on your head
Romanian Sloboziti-as fata I'll cum on your face
Romanian Sa iti dau la muie I'll fuck your face
Romanian Rapanosule You do not like to wash yourself
Romanian Fututi rasa matii Fuck your mothers rase
Romanian Mars in pula mea Fuck off
Romanian Futu-ti mortii ma-tii Fuck your mama's dead relatives
Romanian Mori in cancer Die of cancer
Romanian să-ţi trag la muie I would fuck your face/mouth
Romanian Futa-te cangurii You be fucked by kangoroos
Romanian Tu-ti ceaiul matii Fuck your mother's tea
Romanian Futu-ti crucea matii! Fuck your mother's cross!
Romanian Futu-ti biserica matii! Fuck your mother's church!
Romanian Futu-ti Pastele matii! Fuck your mother's Easter!
Romanian Luati-as neamu-n pula ! Take your family in my dick !
Romanian Las copacii sa te futa I let the trees fuk you
Romanian frisca cum
Romanian Dai dracu Fuck you
Romanian Futu-ti mortii matii Fuck your mothers dead relatives
Romanian Futu-ti coliva matii Fuck your mother's funeral meal
Romanian avorta-la-i pe frate-tu may you miscariage your brother
Romanian Fu-tu-ti sicriu' ma-tii! Fuck your mother's coffin!
Romanian Futu-ti mortii matii! Fuck your mother's dead!
Romanian Futu-ti Cristosu' matii! Fuck your mother's Christ!
Romanian Futu-te-n gura! Fuck your mouth!
Romanian Futu-ti dumnezeii matii! Fuck your mother's gods!
Romanian Futu-te-n gură Fuck your mouth
Romanian Pulă bleagă soft (unworking) dick
Romanian Futu-le muma-n cur Fuck their mother in the ass
Romulan fvai worm
Romulan hnaev offal, crap
Romulan Faelirh ch'susse-thrai S.O.B
Romulan fvadt Damn (interjection)
Romulan faelirh ih'wort nnea mogain bastard son of a mogai
Russian yebatsya to fuck
Russian omped owned fucker
Russian yebanutaya suka fucked whore
Russian yob tvoyu mat' fuck your mother
Russian Perdet' Fart
Russian Poshyol ty' Fuck you
Russian Perhot' podzalupnaya Pee hole dandruff
Russian Otebis' Fuck off
Russian Zatknis' na hui Shut the fuck up
Russian Tebe Pizd'ets You are fucked.
Russian S'ebis' Get the fuck out
Russian Drochit' To Jerk off
Russian Dolboeb fuckhead
Russian Zavali yebalo Shut the fuck up!
Russian Chto za huy What the fuck
Russian Yeto maloebuchi faktor It is not important
Russian sooka ebnataya fucked whore
Russian sosi ebanataya suka! suck it you fucking whore
Russian ebanatyi pidaraz fucking motherfucker
Russian Idi na xuy husesos fuck off cocksucker
Russian Tolstak fatass
Russian sookin syn son of a bitch
Russian Oyobuk Fucking retard
Russian Yob tvoyiu mat! Fuck your mother
Russian Mne pohui I dont give a fuck
Russian Ee-dee nah hooy Fuck you!
Russian yob tvou mat' go fuck your mother
Russian oslayob donkey fucker
Russian Polnyi pizdets FUBAR (Fucked Up Beyond All Repair)
Russian Morgaly vikalyu, padla (моргала выколю, падла) I'll poke your eyes out, fucker.
Russian poshol ti nahoo go fuck yourself
Russian yob tuvoyu mat go fuck your mother
Russian ya tivayou mait yeball i fuck ur mom
Russian Dolbo yeb Dumb Fuck
Russian Заткнись, иди на хуй (Zat-knees, ee-dee na khuy) Shut up and fuck you
Russian Ebat' To fuck
Russian Ebat' (ебать) to fuck
Russian yob fuck
Russian pidaryuga fucking gay
Russian охуеть (ohooiet') holy fuck!!!
Russian Poshol Na Hui Fuck off! (Go to the dick!)
Russian Na hooyá? What for?(rude)
Russian Malafyá Sperm (derog.)
Russian Hooyeélo Fool (rude
Russian Yob tebye suka fuck you bitch
Russian Yob Twy eh Mach Fuck you
Russian ma'mkoo tvoyu' yeba'l i've fucked your mother
Russian suka poshel nakhuy uyebok Fuck you bitch motherfucker
Russian твою мать (tvoyu mat') fuck your mother
Russian Пиздаеб (Pizdayob) Cunt fucker
Russian Cyka blyat fucking whore
Russian Debil Yobani Fucking idiot
Salsadala Salad Dressing It's when you mix your cum with spices and Japanese leaf salad then give it to someone as a joke and say "Happy Salsadala Day" and their face is priceless as they eat your cum
Samarkand Chapayurosta kada gom Fuck with turning around
Samarkand Haromi son of bitch
Samarkand Biyeta gom Fuck your mother
Sambalpuri Gihal Po Fuckers Son
Sami cinna female sexual organ
Sami mana fal helvehii go to hell
Sami helveha birrut devil's of hell
Sami biru jalla fucking idiot
Samoa polo fulufulua a lou tama your dads ball with hairs
Samoa Alu fufu lou kiga Go wank your mom
Samoa ai kaepu eat fart
Samoa Gefe Fuck
Samoa laku po oe i e kio ill slap da shit out of you..
Samoa kelefua naked
Samoa kefe Aikea Fuck eat shit
Samoan Muli Lapo'a Fat Ass
Samoan Ufa Fuck You!!
Samoan ufa alu fuck off!
Samoan le kipi foreskin/ hasnt cut
Samoan kipi lou pau cut your skin (foreskin)
Samoan Kefe Bitch
Samoan kefe fuck
Samoan kefe alu ese! (kefe ese) fuck off!
Samoan kaepu elo stinky fart
Samoan Ufa Kefe Fuck you bitch!
Sanskrit yabhama let's fuck
Sanskrit tvam yiyapsami i'd like to fuck you
Sardinian Su cunnu 'e mama rua bagassa "the cunt of your bitch mother"
Sardinian Su Cunnu ki ti nd'at bogau Son of a bitch
Sardinian Porca bagasa! fucking slut!
Sardinian Arrogh'e merda Piece of shit
Sardo Raju ti nde falede hope thunder strikes you
Sardo Mortu t' acattene May somebody find you dead
Sardo A Casinu! the fuck i will do that!
Sardo Bae e iscolladi Go and throw your self off a cliff
Sardo Diaulos de sas catenas Demons of the chains (may bind you)
Scanian Fubbick Dumbass
Scottish gawn giese fuckin peace please be quiet
Scottish get tae fuck fuck off
Scottish Fanny Baws Pussy Balls
Scottish Go take a running fuck at a rolling doughnut I'm not persuaded of your argument
Scottish geez a gobble felate me
Scottish Fud Vagina
Scottish Geeze a humph! how about a fuck?
Scottish own yi go ride thu brron floom Go have sex with bumhole
Scottish Fuck up I didn't find that very funny
Scottish Up yer erse wi' it Feel free to shove it up your arse
Scottish Away an Boil yer heed Fuck off
Scottish Get it up ye Fuck off
Scottish Get it right up ye Fuck right off
Scottish where the fuck you at? where you at
Scottish Fuck ye dain? What the fuck are you doing?
Scottish Away an raffle yersel Milder form of Piss off.
Scottish piss up my killt fuck off, move away
Scottish git tae fuck! get to fuck
Scottish Your A Fanny You are a vagina
Scottish Gaelic Tha thu 'nad fhaighean You're a cunt
Scottish Gaelic S e faighean a th'annad You're a cunt
Scottish gaelic Rach thu agus a' sgaoil am leathar de bhur paithar Go and fuck your sister
Scottish gaelic taigh nam gasta ort! Fuck off
Scrael Sohn uffen um Bezisch Fuck you
Scrael Vrusselaft Asshole
Scrael Jus ar um frichen dlein You are a fucking dickhead
Serbian Jebem te u glavu Å¡untavu Fuck you in the stupid head
Serbian Bog te jebo! May God fuck you!
Serbian Govno yedno You piece of shit.
Serbian Yebachu te! I'll fuck you.
Serbian prdneš mi na kurac (prdneh-sh me nah koorac) you fart on my cock
Serbian jebem ti lebac i fuck your bread
Serbian Jebem ti sve živo i mrtvo i fuck all of your alive and dead
Serbian U bulju ti ga zaboravim I forget my dick in your ass
Serbian Jebaću ti milosnu mater! I'll fuck ur dear mom!
Serbian Yebie se! Fuck You!
Serbian Jebem ti majku I fuck your mother
Serbian Jebo ti ja pas mater! I fuck your mother as a dog!
Serbian Jebem ti dete neokupano. I fuck your unbathed child.
Serbian Jebem ti Mater I'll fuck your mum
Serbian Furundžija Passive gay guy
Serbian Jeb'o ti pas mater! (Yeh-boh te pahs mah-tehr) May a dog fuck your mother!
Serbian pickin dim smoke of the pussy
Serbian Jebem te u usta I Fuck You In Your Mouth (sleng)
Serbian Jebem ti zivot Fuck my life
Serbian Jebi Se Fuck yourself
Serbian Jebem ti seme i pleme! Fuck your seed and your tribe!
Serbian Jebacu te loshe I'll fuck you bad
Serbian U dupe te jebem Into the ass i fuck you
Serbian jebo ti svoga mali fuck yuor wholle familly kid
Serbian dete ti jebem I*ll fuck your child
Serbian oca ti jebem u dupe I*ll fuck your father into ass
Serbian Dete ti jebem I fucking your child
Serbian Jebem ti majku krvavu! I fuck your blody mother!
Serbian Jebo te ko te poslo May the one who sent you fuck you
Serbian jebem ti sunce kalajisano I fuck your tin sun
Serbian Jebem ti krvavu majku fuck your bloody mother
Serbian Jebo te otac May your father fuck you
Serbian Jebo mater svoju May he fuck his mother
Serbian nanu ti jebem fuck your grandmother
Serbian Odjebi Fuck Off
Serbian Jebo te onaj sto te gleda Fuck you that one who looks you
Serbian jebem ti tecu u dlakavu nosinu I fuck your uncle in hery big nose
Serbian Jebem ti nerodjeno dete I fuck your unborn child
Serbian Mame ti ga iznabutam I will stuff your mom
Serbian Najebo si ! You're fucked ! (threat)
Serbian raspala droljo you fallen-apart slot
Serbian Krv ti majcinu jebem I fuck your mother's blood
Serbian Jebem li ti sunce zarko! I will fuck your sunny sun!
Serbian Mrtvu ti majku jebem. Im fucking your dead mother.
Serbian Picku ti mater! (pich-ku te ma-ter) fuck u/ motha fucka
Serbian Jebem te usta! I'll fuck you in the mouth!
Serbian Tuchkash li ga? Are you jacking off?
Serbian jebem ti majku pizdalizec i fuck your mother pussy licker
Serbian Jebo ti nos govno! May your nose fuck the shit!
Serbian jebo si jeza u ledja you fucked a hamster into his back
Serbian Yebeni kuchkin sin!!! Fucking Son of a Bitch!
Serbian Jebem te u usta grbava I fuck your bumpy mouth
Serbian Jebem ti drsku od tave! Fuck the frying pan handle!
Serbian Jebem ti sestru u picku Fuck your sister in a pussy
Serbian Jebi ga Fuck it
Serbian Jebem ti oca u pičku materinu. I fuck your father in mothers cunt
Serbian Posaftash mi dzamutku Suck my big dick
Serbian Jebem ti majku kurvu prostitutku I fuck your mother bitch prostitute
Serbian jebem ti suu fuck drought
Serbian jebem mu mia fuck mouse
Serbian jebem ti familiju fuck your family
Serbian jebo te otac ludi may your crazy father fuck you
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Serbian jebem ti usta fuck you in your mouth
Serbian jebem ti sto majki fuck hundred of your mothers
Serbian mamu ti jebem your fucking mother
Serbian Да Бог добио гљивице на јајима/Da Bog dobio gljivice na jajima I hope you get fungus on your balls
Serbian Jebem ti lebac krvavi Fuck your bloody bread
Serbian Jebote u kurac fuck into your dick
Serbian Jebacu ti sunce iz neba I will fuck the sun out of your sky
Serbian Jebo te onaj ko te napravio Your father fucks you
Serbian Samo smrt spasava srbiju I'll fuck you forever
Serbian Jebem te u mozak I fuck you in the brain.
Serbian Jebem ti detetovo dete! I fucked your child's child.
Serbian Jebo siljat kolac fuck spiky pole
Serbian Jebem ti kucni prag! I fuck your doorstep!
Serbian Grob te jebo! Grave fucked you!
Serbian Krv ti jebem! I fuck your blood!
Serbian Jebem ti zoru! i fuck your dawn!
Serbian Jebem ti nebo! I fuck your sky!
Serbian Jebo si jeza u ledja! You fucked hedgehod in his back!
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Serbian Jebem ti decu retardiranu Fuck your retarded kids
Serbian Otac ti je debilcina bolesna Your father is sick idiot
Serbian Jebem te u dzepove krvave Fuck you in your bloody pockets
Serbian Dabogda ti majka prdnula na roditeljskom I hope your mother fart on parental
Serbian Jebem ti jetru krvavu I fuck your bloody liver
Serbian Jebem ti mater nenormalnu Fuck your crazy mother
Serbian jebem te u kurac i fuck you in your dic
Serbian Kurac od ovce Dick of a sheep
Serbian Jedi govna od ovna Eat sheets of a ram
Serbian romani (gipsy) Kuraf'te mulo kokalo Fuck your dead bones
Serbian romani (gipsy) Kuraf'te Dija Fuck your mother
Serbian romani (gipsy) Kurafte ming I'll fuck your sister!
Serbian romani (gipsy) Jando kar Fuck you!
Setswana O tla nnyela you'll shit youself
Setswana Sefebe Bitch
Setswana dithala tsa ntatago your father's testicles
Setswana chechela small dried fiecie piece
Sexting DTF Down To Fuck
Sexting GYPO Get Your Pants Off
Sexting K4Y Kiss For You
Sexting LMIRL Let's Meet In Real Life
Sexting MOOS Member Of The Opposite Sex
Sexting MOSS Member Of The Same Sex
Sexting NALOPKT Not A Lot Of People Know That
Sexting TMALC Text Me After Last Call
Sexting DTYF Don't Tell Your Friends
Sexting AFALT Already Finished After Last Text
Sexting INGIYHFA It's Not Gay if You High Five After
Sexting GYPO Get Your Pants Off
Sexting K4Y Kiss For You
Sexting LMIRL Let's Meet In Real Life
Sexting MOOS Member Of The Opposite Sex
Sexting MOSS Member Of The Same Sex
Sexting NALOPKT Not A Lot Of People Know That
Sexting FICO Fine, I'll Come Over
Sexting TMALC Text Me After Last Call
Sexting DTYF Don't Tell Your Friends
Sexting AFALT Already Finished After Last Text
Sexting INGIYHFA It's Not Gay if You High Five After
Sexting "Find Me And Finish It" Come here i need a boner
Shakespearian Thou fobbing rump fed moldwarp Through the rectal passage.
Shanghai wu cao na ma e bi I fuck your mum's cunt
Shanghai Ce na Fuck you
Shanghai bi yang bastard, son of a bitch
Shanxi zen nee ma bi le Fucking A!
Shardyyyy I'm good for it honestly bro I'm never gonna pay for this..:)
Shardyyyy Wanna come have a puff with me??? Do u Fancy letting me fuck ya????
Shardyyyy He's pretty hot I think he's got a bag of gear
Shardyyyy I'm giving it to u at cost I'm only making 2k out of this
Sheep Baaaaa Fucccccccck
Shona (zimbabwe) svira have sex/fuck
Shona (zimbabwe) futseke fuck off
Shona (zimbabwe) tsete small piece of shit
Shona (zimbabwe) gadadzva floating shit
Shona (zimbabwe) zirema good for nothing. idiot
Shona (zimbabwe) mamisa fuck you up
Shrek It's all ogre mate Ill fuck you mate.
Shrek What are you doing in my swamp?! GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!
Sichuanese (chinese) gua mi gua yan stupid faced
Sichuanese (chinese) ri ni ma le go pi fuck your mom's cunt
Sichuanese (chinese) ri ni ma pi fuck your mom's cunt
Sichuanese (chinese) pi (anyword) stupid/fucking (...)
Sichuanese (chinese) ri ni xianren banban fuck your ancestor's tablet
Sichuanese (chinese) ngo ri fuck!
Sichuanese (chinese) ri! fuck!
Sichuanese (chinese) fang naoko cube head!
Sicilian fidusa dirty
Siciliano Facci i minchia Dick head
Siciliano Figghi i pulla Son of a Cop
Siciliano Figghi i buttana Son of a bitch
Siciliano Pezzi i Medda Piece of Shit
Sign language middle finger fuck you
Sikim bajıyın ciyarın bajı syş Fuck your sister lung
Sindarin elvish Antolle ulua sulrim Much wind pours fromyour mouth
Sindarin elvish Utinu en lokirim Son of snakes (dishonest person)
Sindarin elvish Amin feuya ten lle You disgust me
Sindhi Jadija Fucker
Sindhi Kutey ja putta Son of a dog
Sindhi Ranayadha Son of a whore
Sindhi Marhen khe yahan fuck your mother
Sindhi ran yadho wife fucked
Sindhi behenien khe yahan fuck your sister
Sindhi Chora / Chori Male/Female Bastard, Street Urchin
Sindhi Pirhain ji yaar your father's girlfriend/paramour
Sindhi Pirhain ji yaar (adding "Jo" will make the Paramour masculine) your father's girlfriend/paramour
Sindhi Marhain jo yaar your mother's boyfriend/paramour
Sindhi Bhairain jo yaar your sister's boyfriend/paramour
Sindhi Pirhain khe to your father
Sindhi Maa ja chud vagina of his own mother
Sindhi Randi jo putr sone of a whore
Sindhi Madar chot mother fucker
Sindhi Chud Budhi jo son of a dick and pussy
Sindhi Budhi muhandro Genital-like facial features
Sindhi Lun muhandro Dick-like facial features
Sindhi Chud muhandro Vagina like facial features
Sinhala hutthi gay putha Son of a bitch/son of a pussy
Sinhala Hukanawa Fucking
Sinhala Ammata hukapan Go fuck your mother
Sinhala Puke Arinawa Fuck you in ass
Sinhala hukanne nathuwa palayan Fuck OFF
Sinhala ammata hukapan hutta fuck your mom,
Sinhala Kari kota small fucker
Sinhala arapan puke fuck to my ass
Sinhala Vesige putha son of a whore
Sinhala huththige putha son of a whore
Sinhala ballige putha son of a bitch
Sinhala hukahan go fuck / fuck you
Sinhala hukahang thoge ammawa fuck your mother
Sinhala Hukapan Fuck You
Sinhala Wesige Putha Son of a whore.
Sinhala puka deepan/ pooka deepan give your ass to fuck
Sinhala hutigay putha son of a whore
Sinhala pissu paka crazy fucker
Sinhala ponna hukanna gay fucker
Sinhala keri huttha fucking pussy
Sinhalese belli ge puthaa Sont of a bitch
Sinhalese ammata hukapan fuck your mother
Sinhalese Hukkanna Fucker
Skyrim FUS RO DAH Fuck off
Skyrim I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I took an arrow to the knee Kill yourself
Slam metal Fuckin' brutal Fucking awesome
Slang dirty cow promiscious female
Slang yer aff yer heed mentally challenged
Slang poofy bastard gay guy
Slang yer a fanny you are stupid
Slang go fuck yer dug go and have sex with your dog
Slang fuck aff ya smelly cunt go away you smell
Slavic languages Otats tee pehdehr Your father is gay
Slavic languages Krehsnem tee mahmoo! i Fucking your mom
Slavic languages Krahlyh Pehderstvah King of Gayness!
Slavic languages Yahkoh meh seh ehbeh I feel i am fucking so hard
Slavic languages Ehbahch Fucker
Slavic languages Yehbahch Fucker
Slovak Jebem vam ho tam az po koren! I fuck you all the way to the hilt!
Slovak Ty suka vyjebana! You fucked bitch!
Slovak ty sedlak you farmer (strong insult of a man)
Slovak Pojeb sa! go fuck yourself
Slovak vyhon si! jerk off!
Slovak potrat miscarriage (extremely offensive)
Slovak ty vyskrab ! miscarriage (extremely offensive)
Slovak Jebem ta ty chuj! Fuck you, you idiot!
Slovak z kurvy syn Mother fucker
Slovak vyjebany fucking (adjective)
Slovak pojebany fucking (adjective)
Slovak skurveny fucking (adjective)
Slovak vytrtkany fucking (adjective)
Slovak zapiceny fucking (adjective)
Slovak skokoteny fucking (adjective)
Slovak vykokoteny fucking (adjective)
Slovak Ty pica vyjebana ! You fucking cunt !
Slovak vyjebanec fucker
Slovak jebat to fuck (extremely offensive)
Slovak Ty kurva skurvena pojebana ! You fucking cunting slut!
Slovak buk faggot
Slovak ritopich faggot
Slovak zajebana kurva fucking whore
Slovak Jebem ta do papule! I fuck you into your gob (mouth)!
Slovak Jebem ta do huby! I fuck you into your gob (mouth)!
Slovak Jebem ti (svatu) Mariu Kurvu ! I fuck your (holy) Mary, the whore
Slovak Jebem ti picu ! I fuck your cunt !
Slovak Jebem ti mater ! I fuck your mother!
Slovak Jebem ti hrob ! I fuck your grave !
Slovak kurva! 1. whore 2. Fuck ! (strong oath)
Slovak ani kokot fuck-all (nothing)
Slovak ani pica fuck-all (nothing)
Slovak po pici fucking brilliant
Slovak Jebem ti otca! I fuck your father ! (strong curse)
Slovak jebo fucking moron (offensive)
Slovak bukvica faggot
Slovak buzna faggot
Slovak bukvicak faggot
Slovak buzerant faggot
Slovak frcina prick, cock
Slovak ale kokot! fucking no! (literally - but prick)
Slovak uplna jeba fucking brilliant
Slovak jebnuty fucking crazy (extremely offensive)
Slovak prijebany fucking crazy (extremely offensive)
Slovak pripiceny fucking crazy (extremely offensive)
Slovak kokotko little motherfucker (strong insult)
Slovak ropucha toad (strong insult of a woman)
Slovak ojeb fraud, lie (very vulgar)
Slovak degen strong insult of a man
Slovak objebavac fuck, male sexual partner
Slovak jebacka hot stuff (vulgar)
Slovak jebe ti na gebulu? are you fucking nuts?
Slovak Jebem ti picu materinu ! I fuck your mother´s cunt
Slovak do pice vyjebanej skurvenej ! into the cunting fucking cunt !
Slovak Jebe ti ? are you fucking crazy?
Slovak Co ti jebe? Are you fucking nuts?
Slovak Jebem ti kurvu ! I fuck your whore ( strong curse)
Slovak nedomrdok extremely offensive insult
Slovak Jebal ta potkan ! A rat fucked you ! (insult)
Slovak Jebal to pes ! A dog fucked it (strong oath)
Slovak vysuchat zenu to fuck a woman
Slovak Jebal potkan tvoju mater A rat fucked your mother
Slovak Jebal ti pes mater ! A dog fucked your mother
Slovak Jebal ta pes ! A dog fucked you !
Slovak Drz picu ! Shut the fuck up !
Slovak robit chujoviny to fuck around (act foolishly)
Slovak robit picoviny to fuck around (act foolishly)
Slovak robit kokotiny to fuck around (act foolishly)
Slovak pokokot lots of (very vulgar)
Slovak flandra whore, slut
Slovak smrad stench (strong insult of a man)
Slovak plna pica a lot of (literally full cunt)
Slovak jak najebanych lots of ( very vulgar)
Slovak patchor pseudo-fitch (strong insult
Slovak potkan rat (very strong insult of a man)
Slovak krysa rat (strong insult for both sexes)
Slovak picovsky stupid ( very vulgar and offensive)
Slovak kokotsky stupid ( very vulgar and offensive)
Slovak jeblina crazy person (very offensive)
Slovak prdiet to fart
Slovak prejebat to fuck away (to waste)
Slovak ty kokot nakazeny you infected motherfucker
Slovak nakazeny fucking (literally : infected)
Slovak pirdolic to fuck (used in eastern Slovakia)
Slovak ty zebrak beggar, a strong insult of a man
Slovak buzik faggot
Slovak moj ty kokot ! oh my fucking God !
Slovak mat popici to have a fucking problem
Slovak Pojeb sa do papule Go fuck yourself into your gob
Slovak picifuz cunthair (strong insult of a man)
Slovak prijebanec crazy person (very offensive)
Slovak pichat to fuck, to screw
Slovak Pojeb sa do huby Go fuck yourself into your gob
Slovak Slak to trafil ! oh shit !
Slovak jebivo women desired for sex (offensive)
Slovak dojebat to fuck up
Slovak frcguma condom (vulgar)
Slovak Pojeb si mater ! Go fuck your mother!
Slovak popicovka fucking kickass thing
Slovak do boha ! Fuck ! (strong oath)
Slovak Tvoja skurvena mater je prostitutka Your fucking mother is whore
Slovak drbacka fucking (sexual intercourse)
Slovak skurvit to fuck up
Slovak byt v pici to be fucked
Slovak lestit si bambus to jerk off
Slovak hodit si dlanovku to jack off
Slovak fajka blowjob
Slovak hulit (cicinu, frcinu, chuja, kokota, vtaka, curaka) to give a blowjob (vulgar)
Slovak mrdna hot stuff (rude)
Slovak vydrnkat si to jerk off
Slovak fajcit (cicinu, frcinu, chuja, kokota, vtaka, curaka) to give a blowjob (vulgar)
Slovak idz/chod materi do pice ! fuck off !
Slovak idz/chod do matere ! fuck off !
Slovak boha jeho ! oh fuck !
Slovak papluh inferior person (usually a child)
Slovak co ti jebe? a rude expression of amazement
Slovak Jebem picu tvojej matere ! I fuck your mothers cunt !
Slovak Krista ! Oh fuck !
Slovak pal do riti go fuck yourself
Slovak Jebem boha ! I fuck God ! (very strong oath)
Slovak prasivy fucking (lit. mangy, scabby)
Slovak Boha vyjebaneho ! Fucking God ! (oath)
Slovak filcka slut
Slovak zjebat sa to fall down (vulgar)
Slovak vykokotit sa to fall down (vulgar)
Slovak popici front fucking awesome
Slovak odrb lie, fraud, scam (vulgar)
Slovak vykurveny fucking (adjective)
Slovak Jebem ti andela ! I am fucking your angel ! (oath)
Slovak Stratíš ľudstvo You waste of humanity
Slovak Oslica kurva You waste of humanity
Slovak Ty kurva ohavnosť You fucking abomination
Slovak Zabitseba Kill yourself
Slovak Fena Bitch
Slovak Teploš Faggot
Slovak Spomait Faggot
Slovak Suložit Fuck
Slovak (cisty) jebot Fucking brilliant
Slovenian u rt se kausn bite urself in ass
Slovenian jebote, jebi se fuck u
Slovenian kmetavzar farmer
Slovenian kmet zarukan stupid farmer
Slovenian peder zafukan fucking homosexual
Slovenian jeba fucker
Slovenian Mamu ti nabijem I will beat(fuck)your mother
Slovenian Jebem ti mater I will fuck your mother
Slovenian jebem ti mamu I fuck your mother
Slovenian Jebena Pièka Fucked pussy
Slovenian pizda si prifuknjen fuck, you're stupid!
Slovenian prasec / prasica swine (m/f)
Slovenian fuki se u rt fuck yourself in the ass
Slovenian jebi si mater fuck your mother
Slovenian spizdi get the fuck out of here
Slovenian fuki se (fukaj se) Fuck you
Slovenian odjebi Fuck off
Slovenian Jebo ti pas mater A dog fucked your mother
Slovenian Prasec! Son of a bitch!
Slovenian Kurbin sin! Son of a bitch!
Slovenian tih bod pa fafi shut up and blow me
Slovenian fafko smrdič smelly blowheader
Slovenian koji kurac wtf (lit. what
Slovenian Jebela cesta fucking road
Somali dufarr pig
Somali abahad wasse fuck your dad
Somali hooyadaa was! fuck your mother!
Somali aabahaa was! fuck your father!
Somali hooyadiis/aabahiis wase mother/father fucker (male)
Somali hooyadeed/aabaheed wasto mother/father fucker (female)
Somali calooleey fatso
Somali ma ku wasaa!! Can i fuck you?!!
Somali Ku Fariiso Sit on it(dick)
Somali nigga amos shut the fuck up
Somali sharmuutaa ku dhashay son of bitch
Somali Aamus nacasyahow foosha xun shut up you foolish and ugly
Somali futaada u sheeg tell your butt
Somali Aabahaa was fuck your dad
Somali aamus qaniisyahow shut up faggot
Somali anaa ku waso qaniisyahow i fuck you faggot
Somali war bax u leef sharmuutada go lick her pussy
Somali daanyeer foosha xun Ugly monkey
Somali fota iga leefe abayo lick my ass sister
Somali aayad female dog
Somalian wase fuck
Somalian habartaa wase fuck your mother
Somalian waa kuu wasa i will fuck you
Somalian lef dhillo Go lick a slut
Somalian Hooyaddaa wass Fuck your mother
Somalian walaashaa wass Fuck your sister
Somalian Aabahaa wass Fuck your father
Somalian Eeddodaa wass Fuck your auntie
Somalian Dhoofaar Pig
Somalian Nacalaa Aabahaa ku yaal! Curse be upon your father!
Somalian Anaa ku wasso I fuck you
Somalian Maskaxdaa ka wassantahay You're fucked in the mind
Somoan ufa fuck
Somoan Ga'o Oil (it's reallly offensive)
Somoan oofa kai fuck you
Sonic the hedgehog Gotta go fast Gotta fuck fast
Sotho Masende kababa wako Your fathers balls
Sotho Mmaho ke sefebe!! your mother is a bitch
Southern italy v 'a fa tua madre go do your mom
Spanish Chingas tu madre Fuck your mom
Spanish chingar to fuck
Spanish pinche fucking (sp)
Spanish hacete cojer go and get fucked
Spanish hijo de puta son of a bitch
Spanish ladron de mierda muthafucking thief
Spanish la cage I fucked up
Spanish No me jodas! Don't fuck with me!
Spanish forro/a (Argentina) asshole, dickhead
Spanish cara de culo ass face
Spanish Hijo de puta! You son of a bitch!
Spanish conchetumare Motherfucker
Spanish pinche puta Fuckin whore
Spanish cojer fuck
Spanish Joder! fuck!
Spanish puta madre mother fucker
Spanish cara de cona cunt face
Spanish Chinga Tu Madre Fuck your mother
Spanish cochina disgusting person (f)
Spanish cuanto por las nalgas how much for your ass
Spanish chinga tu madre y muerte puto/puta! fuck your mother and die bitch!
Spanish forro de mierda asshole
Spanish vete ala puta verga! go fuck yourself!
Spanish A Que chirlo Fuck men!!!
Spanish pinche punetas fuckin pussy!
Spanish chinga tu madre puta fuck your mom bitch
Spanish Ambia Close Friend
Spanish me valle verga i dont give a fuck
Spanish chingate! fuck you!
Spanish Vete a chingar a tu madre Go fuck your mother
Spanish Pudrete, pinche cerda asquerosa (female) Rot, you fucking disgusting pig
Spanish pinche pendejo fucking dickhead
Spanish cara de verga dick face
Spanish Carajo Fuck! Shit! Damn it! (Peru)
Spanish Vete a la chingada Go fuck yourself
Spanish va chingate! go fuck yourself!
Spanish Mecagüen tu puta madre I shit on your fucking mother
Spanish Hostia! Fuck!
Spanish Que te den por el culo! May you be fucked up the ass!
Spanish Que te folle un pez May a fish fuck you
Spanish Manda huevos! Fuck in hell!
Spanish hijo de mil cojeros son of a thousand fuckers
Spanish hijo de la verga! Son of A bitch!
Spanish vete para la verga fuck off
Spanish Callate el osico gordota Shut your snout fatty
Spanish Hijo de tu puta madre Son of a Bitch
Spanish No me jodas Don't fuck with me
Spanish Pinche puta Fucking bitch
Spanish Pudrete en el infierno Rot in Hell
Spanish Tirate a un poso Throw yourself in a hole
Spanish Tu madre es muy gorda y fea Your mother is very fat and ugly
Spanish Tu madre es una puta fea Your mother is an ugly bitch
Spanish Vete a la verga ruco/ruca Fuck you senor/senorita
Spanish Vete al infierno Go to hell
Spanish Yo chingé a tu madre I fucked your mother
Spanish Anda que te coja un burro Go get fucked by a donkey
Spanish Que te Follen! Fuck You
Spanish ¡Vete al infierno! Go to hell!
Spanish Hijo de las gran mil putas Son of the 1000 great whores
Spanish Tu puta madre! your whore of a mother
Spanish pero que coño what the fuck
Spanish punetero (punyetero) fister, masturbater, faggot
Spanish Hijo de mil putas son of a thousand bitches
Spanish ce pasa ce cono what the fuck!?
Spanish Puta Madre Motherfuck
Spanish mama si higa go suck dick if u find
Spanish marica fag/faggot
Spanish chingalo fuck you
Spanish care crika pussy face
Spanish Raspate pal carajo Get the fuck out of here
Spanish fea/o pendeja/o Ugly asshole/jerk
Spanish Te queiro cojer I want to fuck you
Spanish tu crees que no puedo? garifuna
Spanish sin mo nef co pef fuck you dickhead
Spanish cono' su' madre go fuck your mother
Spanish Fucking dumbass Pinche pendejo/a
Spanish punta pincha bitch fuck
Spanish Jódete Fuck Yourself
Spanish Pintche de madre Mother fucker
Spanish Comeme el puto culo Eat my fucking ass
Spanish Cara de pipe Face pipe
Spanish un pedo viejo an old fart
Spanish tiraste un pedo you farted
Spanish un pedo a fart
Spanish que te jodas go fuck yourself
Spanish vete al infierno go to Hell
Spanish véte al infierno go to Hell
Spanish Hijo de puta cabron mother fucking bitch
Spanish Pinche iriota culo bastardo chinga tu Fuckin idiot ass bastared fuck you
Spanish Hijo de su pinche madre son of a bitch
Spanish Maldito puto cono! You motherfucking cunt!
Spanish Voy a follar tus tetas, perra I'm gonna fuck your tits bitch
Spanish (central america) Topar Fuck
Spanish (central america) Culiar To fuck
Spanish (central america) Chimbar To fuck
Spanish (central america) Pisar To fuck
Spanish (chile) Conchetumadre Mother Fucker
Spanish (chile) Me cago en la puta Fucking shit
Spanish (chile) Hijo de la gran Punta Son of a great bitch
Spanish (chile) Anda a la chucha Fuck Off
Spanish (chile) Palinga Fucking asshole
Spanish (chile) Chupa el pico, maricn culiao Suck my dick, fucking faggot
Spanish (cuban) chucha tu madre fuck your mother
Spanish (cuban) Maricona Homosexual - Female
Spanish (cuban) dale puneta jerk off
Spanish (cuban) hijo de la gran puta son of a whore/bitch
Spanish (cuban) me lo paso por la cabeza de la pinga i dont give a fuck
Spanish (guatemala) Chimar to Fuck
Spanish (guatemala) sho pizado shut the fuck up
Spanish (mexico) Cojeme duro Fuck me hard
Spanish (mexico) Pinche marica come mierda Fucking pussy shit eater
Spanish (mexico) Pinche pendejo Fucking asshole
Spanish (mexico) Me vale verga. I don't give a fuck.
Spanish (mexico) Pedazo de mierda You piece of shit
Spanish (mexico) Pinche baboso You fucking idiot
Spanish (mexico) chinga tu madre fuck you motherfucker
Spanish (mexico) Chingate guey Fuck yourself, asshole
Spanish (mexico) Pinch mamon! fucking dick sucker!
Spanish (mexico) Hijo de la chingada madre Son of a fucken bitch
Spanish (mexico) Cogete un burro go fuck a donkey
Spanish (mexico) Pinche culero! Fucking asshole!
Spanish (mexico) cojes delfinos you fuck dolphins
Spanish (mexico) cara de burro donkey face
Spanish (mexico) pedaso de mierda piece of shit
Spanish (mexico) quiero cojer i wanna fuck
Spanish (mexico) pinche puerco fucking pig
Spanish (mexico) esa me la cojo i'll fuck her
Spanish (mexico) bueno pa nada good for nothing
Spanish (mexico) Pinche cada de mecos Fucking sperm face
Spanish (mexico) pudro pata con fat jack ass
Spanish (mexico) fierro dick
Spanish (mexico) Pinche Puerco echado Fucken Laying PIG
Spanish (mexico) butt fucker Spanish
Spanish (mexico) Pinche Puta Fucking whore
Spanish (mexico) Pinche cara de mecos Fucking sperm face
Spanish (mexico) quiero cojer tu panocha i want to fuck your pussy
Spanish (mexico) Cllate a tu pinch madre Shut the fuck up motherfucker
Spanish (peru) Que te cache un burro fuck with a donkey
Spanish (puerto rico) Hijo de la gran puta! Son of a bitch
Spanish (puerto rico) Puñeta, Me voy hacer la Puñeta Fuck, I'm going to Masturbate
Spanish (puerto rico) Huele Bicho Dick Sniffer
Spanish (puerto rico) Wele melo Smell it for me.
Spanish (puerto rico) Mama melo Suck it for me.
Spanish (puerto rico) Maricn Faggot
Spanish (puerto rico) coo Fuck (literal translation: cunt)
Spanish (puerto rico) Cagate en tu puta madre I shit on your fucking mother
Spanish (spain) Jodete Fuck you
Spanish (spain) Que te jodas Go fuck yourself
Spanish (spain) Gilipollas Fucking Idiot
Spanish (spain) De culo contra el viento From bad to worse
Spanish (spain) vete a l'infierno shut the fuck up
Spanish (spain) vete a chingarte go fuck yourself
Spanish (spain) Que te den! Fuck you!
Spanish (spain) Fuck Joder
Spanish (spain) Que te jodan! Fuck you!
Spanish (spain) Hijo de la grandísima puta Son of the greatest bitch
Spanish (spain) Me cago en tu puta madre I shit on your fucking mother
Spanish (spain) Vete a tomar por culo Fuck off
Spanish (spain) Cllate la boca (kayate la boka) Shut the fuck up
Spanish (uruguay) Cara cagada Shit face
Spanish (uruguay) Bufarrón Gay fucker
Spanish (uruguay) Bolsillo de Coños Pocket of Cunts
Spanish (venezuela) Arrecho Awesome or Difficult (context)
Spanish (venezuela) Hijo e' puta Son of a Bitch
Spanish (venezuela) Coño Fuck
Spanish (venezuela) Cabrón Fucker
Spanish - all Coño su madre Go fuck your mother!
Spanish - all Pudrete Fuck off!!
Spanish el salvador Te Voy A pisar en asalto de tigre I'm going to fuck you doggy style
Spanish(spain) Que te den por culo! Go get your ass fucked!
Spanish(spain) Hijo de la gran Puta Son of the big Bitch
Spanish(spain) Bastardo de mierda Bastard of shit
Spanish(spain) Que te jodan Get fucked
Spanish(spain) Me la trae floja I don't give a damn
Spanish(spain) Que te den por culo Get your ass fucked
Spanish(spain) Qu coo te pasa What the fuck is wrong with you
Spanish(spain) Que te follen Get fucked
Spanish(spain) cmeme el cipote, cabrn eat my dick, fucker
Spongebob Barnacle brain dumb fuck
Spongebob Ah, barnacles FUCK
St.lucian Fockup Fucked Up
St.lucian bull to fuck man or woman ass
St.lucian Fan chou i'll kick your ass
Stereotypical chinese CHIIIIIIIING!! CHOOOOOOOOONG!! Fuck off
Stoner Fuck you bitches! I love you guys!
Stoner Vibing Feeling good from a high
Strine (aussie slang) Ya pharken coont You are a fucking cunt
Strine (aussie slang) How's about a stoink you little stoinker How about a fuck you little fucker
Strine (aussie slang) She's got a filthy smoke hole She has a beautiful vulva
Strine (aussie slang) Pharken wanna eat the arse outa a friggin ragdoll I'm hungry
Sudanese shamborti fi teezak my dick in your ass
Sudanese Ibn kalb Son of a dog
Sudanese Jabal khara a mountain of shit
Sundanese Wed al-sharmouta Son of a whore
Sundanese Ewe Fuck!
Sundanese kodok bool fingering ass
Sundanese kacrut failure/piece of shit
Sundanese kodok momok fingering cunts
Sundanese alay son of a bitch
Sundanese ngehe fuck
Suriname(sranang) pangpang fé-si ! shit face !
Suriname(sranang) bu le (boelé ) assfucker
Suriname(sranang) naai yu ssa ! fuck your sister !
Suriname(sranang) Naai yu sefri ! Fuck yourself !
Suriname(sranang) takroe fe-si ! ugly face !
Suriname(sranang) takroe fé-si ! ugly face !
Suriname(sranang) Ka Ka fesi shit face
Suriname(sranang) Yu pangpang ede/ fesi ! your fuck head / face !
Suriname(sranang) Tap yu ka moffo shut your shit mouth
Swahili kumandizi pussy of a banana
Swahili Kuma Mamako! Fuck your mother!
Swahili Nenda kajitombe Go fuck yourself
Swahili unatiwa you are getting fucked
Swahili unatombwa na farasi you are been fucked by a horse
Swahili Unafirwa You are getting butt fucked
Swahili kuma la babako your fathers pussy
Swahili nada ka chyi the ja the doko go stick fingers up your vagaina
Swahili kuma nina mother fucker
Swahili Basha Fucker
Swahili kafirwe salama get ass fucked peacefully
Swahili Fala Idiot or Stupid
Swahili Chomeka vidole kwenye kuma yako Go stick fingers up ur vigina
Swedish fitta cunt
Swedish fan damn
Swedish mammaknullare motherfucker
Swedish knullare fucker
Swedish Dumfan Dumbfuck
Swedish Fjolla Nancy boy
Swedish Sarre slang for sperm
Swedish Din fula fan You ugly devil
Swedish Jävla svenne jävlar! Fucking swedes!
Swedish Fan ta dig Fuck off
Swedish Fitta Pussy
Swedish Fittjävel Cunt
Swedish Vad fan What the hell
Swedish Ät skit och dö din jävla fitta! Eat shit and die you fucking cunt!
Swedish Horunge! Son of a bitch!
Swedish Dumjävel Stupid fucker
Swedish hor unge son of a whore
Swedish Jag knullar ditt bröd I fuck your bread
Swedish Din mammas äckliga fittkuk Your mother's disgusting pussycock
Swedish Jag knullar din mamma I fuck your mum
Swedish Tratthora! Funnel whore!
Swedish röding leftist
Swedish förböveln damn
Swedish jävla, djävla, jäkla fucking..
Swedish Sug en grodkuk! Suck a frogdick!
Swedish Jävla fan Fucking hell
Swedish Jag ska knulla din morsa I will fuck your mother
Swedish Knulla din mamma i fittan Fuck your mum's pussy
Swedish Horunge Son of a bitch
Swedish Pajas Fool
Swedish jävla pajas fucking clown/
Swedish Fittnylle Pussyface
Swedish Jävla aina Fucking cop
Swedish Miffo retard
Swedish Javla Helveta Fucking hell!
Swedish Jag vill knulla med dig I want to fuck with you
Swedish Sandknulla Sand fuck
Swedish Din Mamma r En Jvla Fitta Your mother is a fucking pussy
Swedish knulla din mamma fuck your momma
Swedish ollon head of penis
Swedish knulla fuck
Swedish horunge prostitute's offspring
Swedish fr i helvete fucking hell
Swedish fita pussy
Swedish Heliga jvla krtelfrs! Holy fucking gland mince!
Swedish Din variga grisfitta You ulcerous pigs cunt
Swedish Jarvla fuck
Swedish Jvla Fucking
Swedish Din lilla jvla bg You little fucking faggot
Swedish Brstvrtesugande horunge Nipple sucking son of a bitch
Swedish Tjocka jvla bondjvel Fat fucking farmer fuck
Swedish Helvete jävlas fan! Fuck, fuCK, FUCK!!!
Swedish Döda dig själv! Kill yourself!
Swedish Jag hoppas att du knullas av Satan. I hope you get fucked by Satan.
Swedish Jävel Son of a bitch!
Swedish Fan! Damn! / Fuck!
Swedish Knulla mig Fuck me
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Us marine corps swearwords Squid Pejorative for sailor.
Us marine corps swearwords FUBAR Fucked Up Beyond All Repair
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Vietnamese đụ fuck
Vietnamese địt cái lồn mẹ m fuck your mom's pussy
Vietnamese địt mẹ m fuck your mother
Vietnamese đụ má m fuck your mother
Vietnamese du me may fuck your mom
Vietnamese Đụ Fuck
Vietnamese Deet miee maii !! Fuck your mom
Vietnamese m y chết đi Go fucking die
Vietnamese Door An Nyu Cuit Cho-Or Your food is like dog shit
Vietnamese du má, gi vịt your motherfucking old duck
Vietnamese cái tháng chó đẻ son of a bitch/dog
Vietnamese mẹ đồ ngu Mother Fucker
Vietnamese Biến đi Fuck Off
Vietnamese Du ma may con di ngua Fuck you prostitute
Vietnamese địt mẹ nh m fuck the mother of yours
Vietnamese địt con đĩ mẹ m fuck your slutty mother
Vietnamese địt cả lũ nh m fuck your entire family free
Vietnamese Trich khong? You wanna fuck/have sex?
Vietnamese Du mot minh Fuck alone
Vietnamese cảm thấy ham đụ Feeling horny
Vietnamese đéo biết I fuckin don't know
Vietnamese địt mẹ motherfucker/fuck your mother
Vietnamese Lam Ye Mo Ye Curse your family a million times
Vietnamese Đụ m my con ch Fuck you, what a dog
Vietnamese Du ma may Fuck your mom
Vietnamese Du ma Mother Fucker
Vietnamese Biến mẹ my đi. Fuck Off.
Vietnamese Địt cụ mày Fuck your great grandfather
Vietnamese may dep trai fuck you bitch
Vietnamese Lon ba gia may lam long Your mother pussy is fucking hairy
Vietnamese bu buoi bo may di Suck my fucking dick
Voltron quiznak fuck
Vulcan Ditsla comal datsunan Go fuck yourself
Wallisian Ulu'i pali Face of pussy
Wallisian fo'i Huhu Boobies
Wallisian Mata siko Face of shit
Wanker-ese Suck my cum-stained gusset you cunt! Fuck off
Welsh drewgi siffilitig syphilitic stink-dog
Welsh ffwrch pussy
Welsh Cer i grafu! Go and scratch!
Welsh Basdun Bastard. More commonly used for one person.
Welsh Cachau bant Fuck off
Welsh Fwcar Fucker
Welsh Dos i chwara dy Nain Go finger your granny
Welsh Fwcia Bant Fuck off
Welsh pen pudun you fanny
Welsh y flewch you fanny
Welsh mynd i ffwcio chi eich hun go and fuck yourself
West assyrian Nakno Emokh! I will fuck you mother!
West crimean gothic Tzo telich stap you foolish goat
West-vlams je moeje muul oen gie shut your face
West-vlams jeanette faggot
West-vlams eje e ruf geloatn? did you fart?
West-vlams kzoen wel e ki je kelder wiln witn I would like to fuck you
West-vlams boorn to fuck
West-vlams poepn to fuck
West-vlams rukn to jerk off
West-vlams dikke koente fat ass
West-vlams schurft scabies
West-vlams kgan je in je gat boorn I'm gonna fuck you in the ass
Western lombard ciula' to fuck
Western lombard va a ciapala in d'ul cu go get fucked up the arse
White girl Your hair looks great! Back the fuck off my man, bitch.
White girl You are a flipping Richard! You are a fucking dick!
White girl My boyfriend My brother
Wolf Owwww'ww Mother fucker
Wolof dina le nokh imma fuck you up
Wolof katam sa ndeye fuck your mom x4
Wolof kat sa ndeye fuck your mom
Wookie RWA RAFF! Piss Off!
Wookiee Vhuouurraaouiohuuaa maauounuuuoao. Go suck off a nerf.
Wookiee Rwiouu Fuck (verb)
Xhosa Hamba uyo bepha inja Go and fuck a dog!
Xhosa Masende kayihlo Your father's balls
Yapese original Fake diginom Son of a Bitch
Yapese original lemrom med fuck you whole family
Yapese original Fake Kus Son of a Bitch
Yapese original faka aliliy fuckin stupid
Ybanag, northern philippines fukinenam your mom's pussy
Ybanag, northern philippines ayyo fuck
Ybanag, northern philippines fuki vagina
Ybanag, northern philippines ayyo ta lets fuck
Ybanag, northern philippines kinenam fuck you
Yemeni Kos Ommo Cunt of mama
Yemeni Ana nik .. I fuck..
Yemeni ana anik omak fuck ur momma
Yiddish Ayin Kafin Yan Go shit in the ocean
Yiddish Gai kukken afen yam Go shit in the ocean
Yiddish kafin kup Shit head
Yiddish Fagala Homosexual (Gay)
Yiddish Ku Fartzer cunt eater
Yiddish Kuhni Lemmel Faggot; weak pushover
Yiddish Kacken zee ahf deh levanah Go take a shit on the moon
Yiddish Fakakta fucking (adjective)
Yiddish Shtik drek piece of shit
Yoda Take a shit, i must I GOTTA FUCKING SHIT
Yoda up the shut fuck you must shut the fuck up
Yoda Your mother, I had sexy time I FUCKED YOUR MOTHER!!!
Yorkshire Chuffin Heck Fucking Hell
Yorkshire Let me gravy on your Yorkie Puds Let me spaff on your tits
Yorkshire Starfish Trooper HOMO!
Yorkshire Chocolate starfish Asshole
Yoruba Ode Oshi Stupid fuck
Yoruba Ode buruku bloody fool
Yoruba Asiere Lowlife
Yoruba Ashiere Lowlife
Yoruba didirin fool
Yoruba alailopolo senseless fool
Yoruba Ko ni dafun iya e It will not get better for your mum
Yoruba Do mi Fuck me
Zambia (nyanja) Fuseki Go away!
Zambia (nyanja) Fyono Castrated dick!
Zambia (nyanja) Chikamba Foreskin
Zambia (nyanja) Ku Ponyola Jerking off
Zombie *Zombie Fart* Your mom was good last night
Zombie Uahhhhh ugghharuuu I'm going to fucking eat you
Zombie *Rubs himself/herself* Wants to get legit
Zombie guuhhh I wanna fuck your grandma
Zombie ROGGG BLESSSGG! Go fuck a tree
Zombie brains uh huh uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu im gonna fucken eat you
Zomi kon lu deh i will fuck u
Zomi zang kili your fucking dick
Zomi Na lu belbal! You fucking big head!!
Zomi Kawl hai! you fucking stupid Bamar
Zomi Uital you fucking dog
Zomi na su hi vem your fucking pussy (female)
Zomi nataw luuk hi ven your fucking asshole
Zou su thau fat pussy
Zou na mel ka to mul bang your face looks like my butt hair
Zou na mel su bang your face looks like a pussy
Zou ki lu de lets fuck
Zou SU ki chai loose pussy, fuck up pussy
Zou Pot khea oh get the fuck out
Zou kang jeal deh i'l fuck you, i'l screw you
Zulu hlaba fuck (have sex)
Zulu febeh bitch
Zulu Tsa mor kaka an eefa go eat shit and die
Zulu Ingquza yakho inuka njengo fishi your pussy smells like fish
Zulu uzog Bhebha wena i will fuck(screw) you
Zulu Masende kababa wakho Your father's balls
Zulu sfebhe Bitch
Zulu wena ma-inja you are a filthy dog
Zulu hlaba wa igolo fuck my pussy
Zulu Ek's n dom Kaffer I will break your tits
Zulu Kaffir Black person (racial)

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